Yams are a form of a root vegetable that resembles a potato in composition but is sweeter and creamier in nature. Yams are often confused with sweet potatoes, and it is alright; because they both taste quite similar and have almost the same nutrition facts and benefits. They might look the same and even taste familiar, but they cannot be more on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Scientifically speaking, They have one embryonic leaf while sweet potatoes have two. We are going to focus on yams benefits and facts because ignorance is not always bliss.

Yams Benefits and Facts – Interesting

7. Good Vitamin A source

Top Ten Yams Benefits You Should Know About

Although Vitamin A in sweet potatoes is a lot more potent, the yams version – albeit in lesser beta-carotene quantity – aids in vital functions of the body in a different way. The Vitamin A in yams helps in keeping a healthy skin and keeping fine mucous membranes all over the body. It also has anti-carcinogenic properties, and it improves lung function significantly; thus being very good for the respiratory system.

6. Anti-oxidant properties

Top 10 Yams Facts You Should Know About

The anti-oxidants converted from the Vitamin A is responsible for improving sight, and it also helps in growth and skeletal development. The anti-oxidants along with the complex structure of several different B Vitamins also help in reducing PMS symptoms and is also good nutrition source for pregnant women.

5. Vitamin C and B6

Top Five Yams Facts You Should Know About

Yams have a lot of vitamins that help in many bodily functions, as told before while discussing yams benefits and facts. The vitamin C in yams has anti-aging and body strengthening properties. It helps close up wounds faster and boosts up the immunity factor by improving blood circulation. In turn, the stronger immune system makes the body impervious to several irritable colds and flu.

4. Oriental Medicine

Yams Benefits and Facts

In Chinese, Japanese and Korean cultures, they are often used as a form of medicinal food intake. Apart from that, several medicines also incorporate yams in them as a healing agent. It improves the healing processes of boils and abscesses when it is applied to them as a poultice.

3. Rich in Fiber

Amazing Three Yams Benefits You Should Know About

That is one of the most significant yams benefits and facts. Fiber is an essential component of daily food intake as it smoothens the digestive tract and helps in proper bowel movement. One serving of yams fulfills around one-sixth of the daily recommended fiber intake. Fiber helps in preventing heart diseases by decreasing blood cholesterol, and it is also very potent against certain types of cancers. You are far less likely to develop colon cancer in your lifetime if you maintain regular fiber intake.

2. Good Source of Potassium

Amazing 3 Yams Facts You Should Know About

One serving of yams can also provide one-fifth of the daily recommended potassium intake of 4,700 mg. Potassium is vital for muscle growth, and it is also needed for proper heart function. Think of daily potassium intake as an oil change for your heart as it keeps the heart beating properly.

1. It’s very tasty

Yams Benefits and Facts

People often neglect eating yams because they feel it is a supplier of carbs. Although having a healthy amount of carbs, yams have it in a very complex ratio which doesn’t get in the way of proper metabolism. They have a great taste and can be a staple snack in your daily fruit intake. Just mix it with some lemon and black pepper and you could have a divine experience. So, because of the numerous yams benefits and facts regarding nutrition, it is impudent that you arrange regular intake of these delicious tuberous roots.


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