KFC has consolidated itself over the past three scores as overwhelming favorites when it comes to people eating fried chicken. Their business is now spread in over a 100 different countries and even though 2015 has been an overall bust KFC, it seems that they would turn it around in past brief periods that they struggled. Their fried chicken is legendary, and their burgers were the first to override the gumption that used to surround hamburgers in America. Its headquarters is located in the Kentucky state, where it all started. KFC is the second-biggest fast food chain, if you discount Subway as a fast food chain, and there are still many interesting KFC facts that even the diehard chicken lovers know very little about.

Little Known Interesting KFC Facts – Interesting

6. Lay off the Google Translate KFC!

 Interesting Facts About KFC

Even the biggest of franchised food brands are prone to mistakes. One such incident happened in 2011 when in a bid to promote KFC in Mandarin, a huge blunder ensued. It just goes to show one of the many examples where Google Translate can be misleading as hell. Just saying that if they had gone with professional English to Mandarin translator, the debacle of ‘Eat your fingers off’ could have easily been avoiding.

5. KFC is not owned by Pepsi

Surprising Facts About KFC

One of very interesting this food brand facts is that it is not owned by PepsiCo as many people misleadingly believe. PepsiCo has not owned the KFC brand for almost two decades; 18 years and counting to be exact. In 1997, PepsiCo made a huge divestment where some of their biggest brands were spun-off into a separate company, Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc., now known as Yum. PepsiCo now focuses on their main business core – beverages and packaged foods – although they are still in partnership with Yum brands to provide beverages for their restaurant chains.

4. KFC stands for…

Surprising KFC Facts

There has been a widely spread incorrect fact about KFC that it stands for ‘Kids Fattening Center’. The name became popular in the 80s and 90s because of the fried food menu. That was the main reason that KFC rebranded itself in the 90s as KFC. The owners were worried that ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ had a bad ring to it because it reminds people that their food is fried. It seems that if you don’t talk about the calorie monsters that you are eating, you won’t particularly worry. Next time I eat a zinger burger, I will call it ‘health buns’.

3. KFC’s Chamber of Secret

Interesting KFC Facts

KFC’s whole business standpoint is the secret recipe which is kept…well a secret. It is a blend of 11 different herbs and spices which are kept secret in a safe in Illinois State. It has divulged a handful of those, like salt and pepper, to keep the people interested and more than half are still unknown. Many people and food enthusiasts have tried to reverse engineer the secret sauce but to no avail. One of the most interesting KFC facts is that they have been using the same recipe for their chicken since 1940. Only the oil has changed over the years to provide a more healthy option.

2. The KFC Christmas

KFC Facts

As Christmas wasn’t an official holiday in Japan during the 70s, and foreigners ate chicken instead of turkey. In 1974, It started a campaign called ‘Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!’ which translates to Kentucky for Christmas. That ignited a nationwide tradition where Japanese families now order their meals over a month in advance to avoid waiting for the delicious KFC chicken for hours.

1. The KFC Pressure-Fry

Very Little Known Interesting KFC Facts

It paved the way for other fast food restaurants to adopt a different method than deep frying to retain the quality of the chicken. Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, detested the deep fry method because it ruined quality but his production was hampered by the pan-fry method as it took 35 minutes to cook a single chicken. When the pressure cooker was invented in 1939, Sanders improvised and customized the pressure cooker to pressure-fry to retain the quality of chicken and cut on the production time. One of the most interesting this food brand facts is that to this date, over 18,000 franchisees of this food brand use the same method of cooking chicken.

KFC has been a staple cuisine for a middle class in every country because of its cheaper cost and delicious taste. It is poised to remain that way for years to come.


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