Apple has been a pioneer for some of the greatest technological marvels that the world has been witness to, especially in this particular millennium. Its strong growth and brand awareness has made the Apple brand the most valuable company on the planet. It was also the very first company whose revenue exceeded that of $700 billion. With all the history, lawsuits, copyright infringements and more; many unique Apple facts are still unknown even to the most loyal of customers. Following are some of the unique Apple facts.

Unique Apple Facts – Interesting

11. How about a Quick Take?

List of Top 15 Unique Apple Facts You Didn’t Know about

Most of you probably may not know about this, but it probably won’t come as that big of a shock. It launched the very first digital camera in the market in 1994. Quick Take 100 was the name of the device, and it had a resolution of fewer than 1 megapixels. Moreover, it could only take 8 pictures before the device memory was at capacity.

10. Richer by the Minute

List of Top Ten Unique Apple Facts You Didn’t Know about

With such a huge market and sales, it is expected that It will make hundreds of millions USD every year. So, when the rate of Apple’s earning by the minute is broken down, it is just over $300,000 per minute.

9. Samsung, the maker of iPhone Processors

Top Ten Unique Apple Facts You Didn’t Know about

Remember that fast A8 processor in you iPhone that you brag about to your friends who carry a Samsung product. It will feel quite stupid to know that Samsung is the very company that made the processor that you were raving about the other night.

8. The Most Expensive Computer

Top Ten Apple Facts You Didn’t Know about

One of the most expensive original computers till date has been sold by none other than Apple. In 2013, It sold a computer for a mammoth $387,000. Certainly one of unique Apple facts.

7. Missed Fortune

Top 10 Unique Apple Facts You Didn’t Know about

Steve Jobs is widely known as the founder of the company Apple. Jobs, however, had a partner who co-founded the company with him named Ronald Wayne. He sold the 10% of the company that he owned for a measly $800. Those shares are equivalent to $35 billion now.

6. The famous Retina Display

List of Top 10 Unique Apple Facts You Didn’t Know about

As mentioned before, despite many of the disputes and lawsuits that Apple and Samsung have been involved in, they remain business partners that depend on each other; Apple more so than Samsung. Samsung is also responsible for manufacturing the famous Retina Display for Apple. It’s a technology that distinguishes It from the rest.

5. Apple can be its own country

Top Five Unique Apple Facts You Didn’t Know about

The amount of revenue that It generates every year dwarfs the GDP of hundreds of countries including Ecuador, Serbia, Pakistan, Portugal et al. It’s good to be a part of That Inc. in any form.

4. The Amazing iPhone

Top 5 Unique Apple Facts You Didn’t Know about

The sales of iPhone alone are enough to thwart the sales of the whole itinerary of products made by other Fortune 500 companies. For example, the sales of every single product of Microsoft combined – the third most valuable brand in the world – is still less than the sale of their one product; the iPhone.

3. Bigger than the Russian Stock Market and US Treasury

Top Three Unique Apple Facts You Didn’t Know about

The resounding success of Apple Inc. can be measured by the fact that it is worth more than the entire Russian stock market put together. Another one of Unique Apple facts is that Apple’s operating cash is more than the US Treasury itself.

2. The Immaculate Structure

Unique Apple Facts

It has made its fortune through the impeccable design and usability of its products. Did you know that the battery of an Apple MacBook is bulletproof? Who needs a bulletproof vest when you can just put a MacBook under your sweater? Steve Jobs dumped the first ever iPod prototype in water to prove that it can be made smaller by pointing out the air bubbles that it was producing.

1. The failed clothing line

Unique Apple Facts You Didn’t Know about

It is credited with a clothing line that was introduced in 1986. With its oversized sweatshirts, windbreakers and hideous style, it was a no-brainer that the brand named ‘The Apple Collection’ was dropped a year later.

There is still a lot that you may want to find out about Apple. However, these are the top unique Apple facts that you will ever discover.


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