Abbotsford is the city located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia. The population of the city is estimated to be 133497 according to the census of 2011. It is considered to be the largest number of people living in the city. Abbotsford has a fifth-largest population in the world. The top three occupations of the city are 1) industrial, electrical and construction trades 2) transport and heavy equipment operation and related maintenance occupation 3) service support and other service occupation. Within the few years 1891, the Canadian government established a railway system at Abbotsford. The lines of the train were in between Mission and Sumas in Washington State. When the railway system was established, the area was producing crops of tobacco, farm produce and dairy products. The city of Abbotsford is also famous for the sports. It also produces the best equipment for sports. it is the very famous city of its population and industry. This city is an industrial city because most of the people run their circle of living through industry. It was some of the general discussion about the city of Abbotsford. Now we are going to discuss some of the most interesting facts about the city.
List of top ten most interesting facts about the Abbotsford:

Interesting Facts about Abbotsford – Amazing

10. Population:

Most Interesting Facts about Abbotsford

It is the third most populated city in the world. The population of the city is about 4.6 million. More than half of the residents of the city don’t have English as their first language. Chinese is the basic language of the people living in the city of Abbotsford. The southern part of the city holds the second concentration of the people. Hence, a city is considered to be the most populated city in the world.

9. The politics:

Interesting Facts about Abbotsford

The provincial flag of the Abbotsford is based on the coat of arms and have the Royal Union. The flag is marked by the crown on the top half and sitting sun of the lower half of the flag. There are blue and white lines in between the sun which represents the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. It has a lot of provincial animals. One of the most famous animals of the area is Spirit Bear.

8. The places:

Amazing Facts about Abbotsford

There are many of the famous places of the areas. One of a most famous place is Whistler Blackcomb. It is the resort in North America for skiing and snowboarding. Two peaks are connected by a gondola. There are longest unsupported cable cars in the world. The city has many of the paces which attract different people of the world.

7. The past:

Most Amazing Facts about Abbotsford

The first residents of the city were Tlingit, Sekani, Haida, Chilcotin and the Shuwap. They used to live along the cost of the city to take the advantage of the resources provided by the ocean to the city. The coastline of the ocean is decorated with the spiritual images and hand-dug canoes. The first nation is still represented in the province and it is considered to be the valuable part of the culture.

6. The Parks:

Fascinating Facts about Abbotsford

Many of entertainment places are being built in the city. People from different areas of the world go to enjoy the places of the city. There are many famous parks in the city. The city has almost 1030 parks. The most famous park is Prince Edward Island.

5. The play:

Surprising Facts about Abbotsford

Plays carry the great importance in the society. To fresh the minds of the people from their hectic routine plays are made. In 2010, Vancouver and Whistler hosted one of the largest sports games of the city. In winters Olympics and Paralympics is the famous game of the city. The Canucks work with the local hockey organization to promote the amateur hockey game.

4. The future:

Facts about Abbotsford

Like all the cities and countries of the world Abbotsford is looking forward for it bright future. It has some of the lowest power of cost in North America to produce the third largest hydro electricity power. The province is also famous for the largest producer of the natural gas. Many the people of the city use their own hydro generators and solar winds to generate their own power.

3. Fraser River:

Abbotsford Facts

Fraser River is considered to be the longest river in the province. River flows 13,75 km to the empty into the Georgia Strait near Vancouver. The River serves a lot to the city. Electricity is produced by using the river. Many of the people live on the coast of the river and get the benefits of the products being produced by the river.

2. Home of the Canucks:

Abbotsford Interesting Facts

The game is very important to make the man fresh. There is a famous saying of English that “all work and no play will make Jack a dull boy”. Similarly, a city is doing its level best to promote the game in the city. Canucks is a team working with an organization of the hockey to promote the hockey game in the city. It encourages the young people to play this game. The game is played in Roger Arena where the game of ice hockey is being played.

1. Vineyards in the city:

Abbotsford Amazing Facts

There are many of the Vineyards available in the city. People enjoy drinking in their free time. The city provides the full-time entertainment to the people. There are many Vine yards in the city which produces the world class Wines. 70% of the people of the province are Vine growers. The biggest wine production region of the city is Okanagan Valley, Similkameen Valley and Fraser Valley.

We have discussed the top ten most interesting fact about the Abbotsford. It is considered to be the world’s third most populated city in the world. That is a very beautiful city many of the people come to visit the place. The city is famous for the industry and considered to be the developed city of the world.


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