Abbasids ruled in the period of 749-1258, but they were neither recognized in Spain nor of Egypt. Under the rule of the Umayyad caliphs, Abbasids lived quietly until they were involved in many of disputes of the society. After that, Abbasids joined the opponents of the Umayyad and in the era of 747, they shifted towards the group of Abu Muslim. They join with many the opponents of Umayyad to revolt against the Umayyad Empire. The head of the family of Abbasid became the Caliph named as Abu-al-Abbas-as-Saffah in 749. When the downfall of the Umayyad family started when the last Caliph of the Umayyad family was killed Marwan he was also defeated in a war. One of the members of the Umayyad family fled to Spain where they started ruling. Under the rule of the second caliph, the capital of the country was moved from Damascus to Baghdad. The early years of the rule of Abbasids were amazing in Spain. After the rule of hundred years, the dawn fall of the Abbasids started. After that disturbance was started in the country and the rule of Abbasids ended. That some of the general discussion about the Abbasids but now we are going to discuss some of the fascinating facts about the Abbasids.

Fascinating Facts about the Abbasids – Interesting

10. Abbasids Dynasty:

Top Ten Fascinating Facts about the Abbasids

The Dynasty of the Abbasids was formed after they were defeated in the wars. Abbasids considered themselves as the caliphs. The Dynasty ruled in the Islamic history till 1258 AD. They were defeated by the army, and they thought to make themselves strong. Abbasids are having a prominent name in the Islamic history as they ruled for the lying span of time.

9. Baghdad:

Interesting Facts about the Abbasids

Baghdad was the new capital of Spain by the order of the Abbas. When they entered in the Spain after getting defeated, they firstly changed the capital of the country. Baghdad was one of the richest cities at that time. After Baghdad had become capital city the city became the center of finance and economy in the region. The population of the city was about 1 million. 1 million people were living and working in the capital city.

8. The Abbasid Caliphate:

Most Interesting Facts about the Abbasids

The third Islamic caliphate was succeeded by the descendent of Muhammad (SAW). It was known to be as the Abbasid Caliphate. Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib was the uncle of Muhammad (SAW). He was the one who descended the Abbasid dynasty. This family ruled for the several years, so the name of the family in the Islamic history is famous or we could say the Islamic history is incomplete without the name of Abbasids.

7. Kufa:

Amazing Facts about the Abbasids

Kufa was used as the center of the government ruled by the Abbasids. After that it was moved to Baghdad as at that time Baghdad was considered to be one of the richest cities of that time. Baghdad became the capital of the region in 762 by Al-Mansur. The basic reason for making Baghdad as a capital city was that it was located in a strategic position.

6. The Political Power:

Most Amazing Facts about the Abbasids

Abbasid got very famous just because of their power. They ruled over the large span of time and became very famous. They were having a strong political career and most important thing was that they having the abilities to rule. When the Buyids, Selijuq and Turks started to raise the political powers of the Abbasids came to the end. It is the rule of the nature that for every ride there is a fall.

5. Baghdad:

Surprising Facts about the Abbasids

Baghdad is the famous city and was made the capital of the region. It was included in one of the richest cities at that time. The most interesting thing is that the establishment of the city of Baghdad was very important at that time just because Baghdad was the centre of Philosophy, culture, science and invention in the golden age of Islam. Baghdad was considered to be the centre of Islam at that time. Most of the Muslim leaders came to Baghdad for preaching Islam.

4. Islamic Golden Age:

Facts about the Abbasids

The golden age of Islam started with the establishment of Abbasid Dynasty. The city of Baghdad as discussed above was the center of Islam. Baghdad was conquered by the Mongol leaders. Abbasids age was considered to be the golden age of Islam. Islam was much spread in the age of Abbasids. This is the reason that this age of Islam is considered to be the Golden age in the history.

3. The book of one thousand and one Nights:

Abbasids Facts

The book of one thousand and one Nights is one of the most popular books of fiction in the Islamic world. This book got very famous in that era. The concept of this book was derived from the Persian prototype. Persian was the very famous language at that time. Islam spread a lot in that age.

2. All Arabian Fantasy Tales:

Abbasids Interesting Facts

At that time also Arabian tales got very famous. All the Arabian tales at that time were called the Arabian nights. They got very famous in that era. This was age of Islam but few tales and stories got famous to entertain children. Many of the tales written in the era of Abbasids are used as the story in the English movies.

1. Limitations:

Abbasids Most Interesting Facts

There were many of the limitation created in the Arabian nights. Islam is a broad religion and Islamic leaders give base of the many of the sciences. To write tales is also an art. Islamic leaders also wrote many of the tales and stories. It also influenced the west stories. West also wrote the stories on the basis of Islamic nights.

We have discussed almost ten most interesting facts about the Abbasids. Abbasid period of time is considered to be the golden period of Islam. Without the name of Abbasids the Islamic history is incomplete. Abbasids ruled in a marvelous way that their name is on the top in Islamic history.


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