Mango is regarded as one of the most popular fruits worldwide, and it is right up there with the likes of apples, banana, and watermelon to name a few. The obsession with mangoes is especially of epic proportions when it comes to southeast and south Asian countries. In fact, the fruit holds national importance in India, Pakistan, and the even Philippines. When over a third of the world’s population is smitten with the fruit we have a duty to find certain Benefits and Mango Nutrition Facts so that you don’t feel guilty when you eat loads of it.

Benefits and Mango Nutrition Facts – Interesting

7. Trim Body

Interesting Facts about Mango Nutrition

Mangoes have been accused of causing obesity and weight gain in the past and lot of people still believe in that fact. Well, the fact is that if you gorge yourself with an obscene amount of anything you are going to get fat. Mangoes have been cursed in that way because mango enthusiasts tend to eat even 15 per day and as they say ‘excess of everything is bad’. However, if mangoes are kept in your regular diet likes 2-3 per day max then they can help in trimming your waist. Research has shown that those who have a regular mango intake have healthier diet as they take in lesser amounts of sugar and sodium each day; keeping them from becoming overweight.

6. Improved Virility

Amazing Facts about Mango Nutrition

Mangoes are natural aphrodisiacs so they can work wonder on reduced sex drive and one of the most important mango nutrition facts is that it can also improve virility in men. The vitamin E in mangoes helps in that regard as research has shown that Vitamin E is vital in boosting a person’s sex drive. So the next time you are about to get intimate with your partner has a mango or two before the encounter.

5. Greater Immune System

Most Interesting Facts about Mango Nutrition

If you eat mangoes regularly, you can go to bed at night with the satisfaction that your immune system just got a strong boost as opposed to your friend who didn’t have any when you offered. There are active antioxidants in mango like carotenoids that help increase endurance and stamina while the vitamin C helps in reducing the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. The 25 different kinds of carotenoids in mango boost your immune system and also lessen your risk of heart diseases.

4. Wonders of Mango Juice

Most Amazing Facts about Mango Nutrition

Mango juice is popular for preventing heatstroke and other summer related illnesses. It is the reason people like to eat or consume mangos in liquid form so much when summer rolls around. You can have some mango milkshake or just slice up some mango with water and honey in the juicer if you ever feel like the heat is getting to you. It will immediately cool you down.

3. From the Digestion Gods

Facts about Mango Nutrition

It is widely known that fruits have great nutritional benefits but not all of them taste as great as a ripe, juicy mango. Mangoes had fibrous tissues like pectin in abundance and coupled with its very low glycemic index, it not only aids in digestion but it also keeps you sugar level in check. The vitamin C and fiber also make sure that you lower your body cholesterol as a result of regularly consuming mangoes. One of the most interesting mango nutrition facts is that it also alkalizes your body which lowers the risk of acid reflux and GERD.

2. Great for Skin

Mango Facts

Mango does wonder for your skin, and it could be that secret which keeps your face fresh and prettier than your friends and colleagues. If you apply thin slices of mango on your face for 10 minutes, you can prevent acne problems as it helps open up clogged pores and even clear blackheads. Mangoes can also be used as a body scrub when mixed with milk and honey.

1. Say no to Cancer

The Lesser Known Benefits and Mango Nutrition Facts

There is no actual guarantee of a person not getting cancer of any kind if they get to live long enough but there are certain things that can prevent them for very long. One of the best mango nutrition facts is that the hordes of antioxidants – gallic acid, quercetin, astragalin et al. – aids in preventing your body from developing leukemia, breast, and prostate cancer.

Mangos are a wholehearted feast and the best thing you could snack on. So instead of stuffing your belly with high cholesterol chips, just slice up a delicious mango.


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