It is said that many moons ago – around 4.5 billion years ago – an object the size of the planet Mars happened to collide with Earth which was very young at the time. A sizeable chunk of the earth was separated from itself which later affixed itself into an orbital motion around the earth and later became the Moon as we know it. This theory has been put forth because scientists presume that Moon, like Earth, has a molten core which – in addition to the Earth’s gravitational pull – is responsible for its seismic activity. Let’s find out some more interesting Facts about the Moon; the object in space that gives us light at night.

Terrible Facts about the Moon – Interesting

9. Size and Shape

Terrible Facts about the Moon That Will Stump You

Before we dig into some deeper unknown facts about the Moon, we need to ask ourselves if we truly know the object that revolves around our precious planet. The diameter of Moon is 2,159 miles which are 26% of the total diameter of the Earth. It is the fifth biggest moon in the solar system, and it is bigger than the ex-planet Pluto. Earth is 81 times more massive than Moon, and the gravitational pull we experience at Earth is six times more. Moreover, Moon’s surface area is smaller than the continent of Asia. Talking about its shape, you would be surprised to know that Moon is more of an egg shaped object.

8. No Atmosphere

Interesting Facts about the Moon

The reason that the picture of Neil Armstrong on the moon has a black sky is because Moon, like many other natural satellites, has no atmosphere. Because of that and its weak magnetic field, it is unprotected from harmful cosmic rays, meteorites and even solar winds caused by solar flares.

7. The Lunar Expeditions

Interesting Facts about the Moon that will Stump You

There have only been 12 people, officially speaking, that have set foot on the Moon despite the first one being in 1969. In fact, the last person to set foot on moon was Eugene Cernan in 1972 aboard the Apollo 17. Since then no man has landed on the moon but if the current NASA plans are executed perfectly, that situation will be rectified in 2019. One of the interesting facts about Moon is that all of the 12 people that has set foot on Moon had been male American however, the very first spacecraft that made to the Moon was sent by the Soviet Union USSR in 1959.

6. Once in a Blue Moon

Amazing Facts about the Moon

Ever wondered where the saying ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ originated from? As it turns out that Blue Moon is an actual phenomenon where there are two full moons in the same solar months. This phenomenon happens usually more than 30 years apart; hence the saying.

5. The Flags

Amazing Facts about the Moon that will Stump You

There is a total of six Flags that are planted in the Moon. Out of the 6 Flags that were planted on the Moon, 5 of them remain intact. One of the most interesting facts about the Moon is that the flags that are still there are now completely white because of harmful radiation from the Sun courtesy of no atmosphere.

4. The Firsts

Most Interesting Facts about the Moon

It is a fact that the runner-up often fizzles out of the memory banks as the history highlights winners and people who did something first. Same was the case with the moon landing when Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon. Do you know who the second man was? You can be forgiven if you don’t. It was Buzz Aldrin who landed on Moon few minutes after Armstrong. It is a shame that most people don’t remember that name considering his Mother’s maiden name was also Moon. At least, he was the first man who took a leak on the moon. That has to count for something right?

3. The Dark Side of Moon

Most Interesting Facts about the Moon that will Stump You

This fact that sounds like a title of a novel is more of a myth. See not until long ago, people believed that one side of the moon is always dark because we only see one half at all times. That can’t be farther from the truth because much like other natural satellites, the Moon also rotates around its axis. However, because Moon’s one rotation is equal to 29.5 Earth days, we only see one side of the Moon because it is same amount of time that it takes to revolve around the Earth once. Funny thing is that many communities still believe in that myth; and even if they were right, the dark side of the Moon is always turquoise in color.

2. Moon’s Vital Gravitational Pull

Facts about the Moon

Earth and Moon have this thing called an orbital lockdown because of their respective gravitational pull. Earth’s gravitational pull is responsible for Moons slow rotation around its axis. Moon’s gravitational pull has some similar effects and even other benefits on Earth. One of the most amazing facts about the Moon is that had there been no Moon, an Earth day would have been only 6 hours long. That gravitational pull is also responsible for low and high tides. If there were no tides, man wouldn’t know about the wonder that is surfing.

1. Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories

Surprising Facts about the Moon

There was a large portion of the world, even US population that strongly believed that the moon landing did by the Apollo 11 and consequent other landings were a hoax. Even a good percentage of the American population today, 7%, believes that man never landed on the moon. These concerns were raised because the original landing footage was presumably erased and then re-used which made people question the waving American flag in the footage when there is no atmosphere on Moon. One of the interesting facts about the Moon is that these conspiracy theories were proven wrong once and for all when a NASA probe in 2011 provided HD photos of different Apollo moon landing sites.

Our moon carries significance not only scientifically but also religiously. Many Jews and practicing Muslims follow the lunar calendar for their religious holidays and events. It is just such a big part of our life, and no one could imagine a life without it and the countless poems were written about it in hundreds of languages.


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