As animals, pigs usually live in groups mainly because they are farm animals and as the years have gone by they have become social animals. They are highly intelligent and have shown reasoning in their daily lives. There are many parts of the world where this animal is adored and also fondly consumed, but there are also parts where even the mention or presence of these animals is considered taboo. As food, the pig meat aka pork is consumed in many forms such as ham, sausage, pepperoni and the more beloved bacon strips. We are going to unravel some crazy facts about pigs that highlight the information above.

Some Crazy Facts about Pigs – Interesting

6. The Bacon

Surprising Facts about Pigs

Bacon is the common most favorite of all Americans and many people who have eaten properly prepared bacon strips often rave about it being the best thing they get to eat. Eating bacon can be a health hazard because of high cholesterol and fat, but it can also be good for the body if consumed limitedly or depending on the situation. For example, a bacon sandwich can bring you out of the deadliest of hangovers. The high protein in bacon soaks up the alcohol, and the amino acids recharge the neurotransmitter in the brain that is shot by the heavy drinking previous night.

5. High Intelligence

Most Interesting Facts about Pigs

Pigs are highly intelligent animals, a fact that has been proven by extensive research. They highly socialize with other animals, almost to the point of cuddling. The mother pig (sow) allows other piglets to suckle its milk if it doesn’t have one. A study of their intelligence shows that pigs are smarter than your average three-year-old child.

4. Dirty Pig

Most Crazy Facts about Pigs

It is a fact that pigs prefer to be raised in a cleaner environment than they are often thrown in. All because there is a myth that pigs taste better if they are raised in filth. Even as they wallow in mud, they do it to keep their body temperature cool. One of the craziest facts about pigs is that they don’t have any sweat glands, hence the wallowing in mud. So, it really is crazy when you say to someone that ‘You smell like a pig’ or ‘You sweat like a pig’ because they don’t.

3. He’s The Big Pig

Interesting Facts about Pigs

The famous verse from a song Timon sings about Pumba at the end of Lion King 2. It applies to pigs as they can grow to be truly humongous in size and weight, apart from some genetically manipulated breeds. One of the crazy facts about pigs is that an adult pig can easily weigh over 700lbs which are the human equivalent of not-being-able-to-move-a-muscle fat. The world record for the heaviest pig went to a pig owned by Elias Butler in Tennessee named Big Bill in 1933; Bill weighed at 2,552lbs.

2. They Key to Any Relationship is Communication

Surprising Facts about Pigs You Must Find Out

Maybe that is the reason why pigs are so friendly. They have tremendous modes of communication with their group members and they can use more than 20 vocalizations to say that they are hungry or even just courting. Little piglets can remember their names from two weeks of birth. A pig’s squeal can be irritating but it is also a scientific marvel. A pig’s squeal is 115 decibels. The shocking part is that a supersonic airliner produces a sound of 112 decibels.

1. Can be Unhealthy

Some Crazy Facts about Pigs

Though different types of pork are revered as delicacies, it is not without its cost. As it turns out, one of the craziest facts about pigs is that pork meat can actually be all kinds of harmful for human body. That is because their physicality is quite similar to humans – a reason why there is a pig valve transplant available – and they can easily spread disease carrying bacteria. Pigs are especially prone to this particular unhealthiness because they eat anything, and I mean anything that goes down. Remember swine flu? Even besides that there is Salmonella, Staph, E-Coli and the worst part is that these are the nicer ones. So maybe, just maybe; religions like Islam, Judaism, and even Christianity forbids pork meat.

Pigs are usually very adorable, and they have a very vital role in human life considering over a billion people eat it every day. Now whether or not they are fit for consumption is a year old debate.


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