Aardwolf is a type of hyena but It is much different in size appearance, behavior and unique one. The animal is just found in two regions in southern and eastern Africa. The height of the animal is three feet and weight of the animal is about 30Ibs. The diet of the animal is like that of the insects. The animal eats mostly termites and in termites the most favorite of the animal aardwolf is harvester termites and many other insects. The teeth of the animal are not much strong and adapted for the tougher food meat. The animal is rarely seen in the area. The size of the animal is about the size of the small jackal. The name of the animal aardwolf is originated from the African language and is translated into the English language. The eating capacity of the animal is very high the animal can eat almost 30000 termites in a single night. These are some of the general points about the animal aardwolf. Now we are going to discuss some of the crazy facts about the animal Aardwolf.

Some Crazy Facts about Aardwolf – Interesting

10. Body of the Aardwolf:

Some crazy Facts about Aardwolf

The body of the animal is covered with the brown hair. Aardwolf is the nocturnal animal. Those animals are called nocturnal animal which gets active at night time. The Aardwolf consists of the poorly developed teeth but a long and a sticky tongue with are specialized to capture the insects like termites. The Aardwolf leaves his family at the age of one year and becomes independent.

9. Silent Animal:

Interesting Facts about Aardwolf

The animal is known to be the Salient animal because the animal hides in burrows at the day time. Nor the animal is seen at the day time neither his voice is heard. So people called this animal as a salient animal. At night, the animal comes out, and the voice of the animal is also heard at the night time.

8. Live in Underground Burrows:

Most Interesting Facts about Aardwolf

They live in the underground burrows. The animal is not seen in the day time, and it appears at the night time. He also eats food at night and sound of the animal is also heard at night time. So to hide at day time they take refuge in the burrows. No one can have an idea about the burrows of the Aardwolf. The size of the Aardwolf is that of the small dog.

7. Both Serve the Child:

Amazing Facts about Aardwolf

Both the male and the female Aardwolf serve their child. The child is not only dependent on the mother but also, his father is responsible. Male Aardwolf looks after and takes care of his child while the female Aardwolf feeds the child. The babies of the Aardwolf grow up very soon. After 8-9 weeks they are considered to be mature enough o eat their food.

6. Pregnancy of Animal:

Most Amazing Facts about Aardwolf

The animal gave the birth to the baby after the 90 days and estimated to be 3 months. Pregnancy period of the animal are short. The animal gets sexually mature after the age of two years. The pregnancy period of the animal differs from place to place. In some area, the female gets pregnant in a different season and some areas it’s different, so there is no specific time of pregnancy.

5. Subspecies:

Fascinating Facts about Aardwolf

There are two main subspecies of the animal. Proteles Cristatus and Proteles cristatus septentrionalis. While proteles cristatus is found only in the area of South Africa and a very famous and unique animal of that area and proteles cristatus septentrionalis are found in the East Africa. Aardwolf is also known to be the Maanhaar Jackal.

4. Predators:

Facts about Aardwolf

The Aardwolf is a unique animal not often seen in the daytime. The animal is just be heard or seen in the night time. The main predators of the animal Aardwolf are humans and dogs. Its basic diet mainly includes termite and this also the favorite food of the Aardwolf.

3. Breeding:

Some Crazy Facts about Aardwolf

The pregnancy period of the Aardwolf is about 90 days. Animal gets sexually mature when the animal is 2 years old. They give birth to the baby after 6-8 weeks, and when the baby gets almost 9-11 weeks old, they begin to forage with their mother. The breeding period of the animal varies from place to place means the breeding period of animal is not the same.

2. Diet:

Aardwolf Facts

Diet of the animal is unique. They mostly eat termites, and their most favorite termite is snouted harvester termite. They also eat many of the other animals such as maggots, grubs and all kinds of soft body’s animals. If the termites are not available, they can also eat mammals, birds, and carrion. They don’t enter into the nest of termites they pick them for eating by their tongue.

1. Habitat:

Some Crazy Facts about Aardwolf

The Aardwolves animal is found in the grassy plain of east of South Africa, and they live in the burrows at the day time and become active at night time. The living territory of the animal is about 1-4 square kilometer. The territory of the animal depends on upon the availability of food. The animal builds its territory where the food is available.

We have discussed some of the most interesting facts about the Aardwolf. You can also call Aardwolf as the animal of night because the animal is not seen at the day time. Favorite food of the Aardwolf is termites, and the animal can also eat almost 30000 termites in one night. This animal is mostly found in a South Africa and East Africa. It appears at night time. By reading the above mentioned information, you can get the clear idea about the animal Aardwolf.


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