Abkhazia is a state south of Russia to the east coast of the Black Sea. Abkhazia is not recognized as an independent state by most of the countries. Abkhazia covers an area of 3340 square miles. It is home to approximately a quarter million people. The capital of Abkhazia is Sukhumi. Abkhazia is to the northwest of Georgia. It was believed to be a part of Georgia, but Georgia lacks control there. It is recognized by only a few countries including Russia. Three countries that originally recognized Abkhazia as an independent state has withdrawn their recognition in 2013 and 2014 respectively. We will walk you through some interesting facts about Abkhazia in this article so keep reading!

Mountains and Foothills Make up 74 % of the Total Area

Abkhazia is a state that has only 26 % open area. Rest is mountains and foothills. The four highest peaks in Abkhazia are Dombai Ulgen which stands approximately 4,046 meters tall. Psish is the highest peak in Abkhazia that is measured to be 5,790 meters in height. Ertsakhvu is 3,910 meters, and Guandra is nearly 3985 meters tall. The mountain passes in Abkhazia connect Abkhazia to the northern region of Caucasus.

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55 % of the Area is Covered with Trees

Abkhazia has a lot of trees. They are present on the plains as well as on the mountains and foothills. The trees range from fruit-bearing to big alpine trees. There is an abundance of fruit therefore in the state. The most common fruit are pear, apples and persimmon. Tea, tobacco, and citrus are grown along the coast to meet the needs of the natives. These trees also serve as honey collectors. The best honey is one that is collected from higher up in the mountains.

Horse Racing is the most Popular Sport

In Abkhazia, the most popular and the most played sport in horse racing. People take a lot of interest in horses and horse racing in particular. Horses enthusiastic in the state arrange many horse racing competitions throughout the year to keep people entertained. These horse races witness large audience.

Abkhazia has a Flag, Stamp, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Abkhazia is a state that is not recognized by most countries as an independent state. It, however, has its own national flag, official stamp and a ministry of foreign affairs. The ministry of foreign affairs does not have much work to do as there are only 5 countries that recognize Abkhazia as a state. The ministry only has to deal with them but still, it exists which is of great importance.

Only 20 % of Abkhazia’s Territory is Controlled by Georgia

Abkhazia was once a part of Georgia but it wanted independence. Today 80 % of the territory of Abkhazia is controlled by Abkhazia’s local authorities. It is a common belief that this 80 % is governed by Abkhazia with aid of Russian government. Only 20 % of the territory is now under the control of Georgia’s central government.

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Fruits and Vegetables are Cheaper in Abkhazia

When comparing prices of basic commodities with Russia, it is evident that Abkhazia is more expensive. The only things that are cheaper are fruits and vegetables because they grow in abundance in Abkhazia. Other things have to be bought from abroad mostly as Abkhazia is a small country that does not have a large manufacturing industry. It, however, has a strong farming industry.

Internet Service is very Slow

As mentioned already Abkhazia is not a technology strong state. Internet service in Abkhazia is very slow and to add also very expensive. This halts research and other innovation. The reason for it being slow is the conventional internet modems being used as no company has launched a fast internet. According to research telecommunication is also very expensive; let it be local or abroad.

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Only 3 Universities in the State

Abkhazia has only three universities that are to cater to the entire population of the state. Though the population of the state is also very small and three universities could suffice. But many people from Abkhazia travel to Russia for higher education because of only three universities. Russia accommodates these students as it has a lot of universities plus it has good bilateral ties with Abkhazia.

Abkhazia Clay Pots

Another interesting fact about Abkhazia pertaining to heritage and history of the state is the Abkhazia Clay pots. The biggest ever Abkhazia Clay pot discovered in the land of wine has a capacity to hold 200 liters of wine. The height of the pot is 151 cm and a width of 98 cm. It is the largest Abkhazia clay pot. The diameter of the neck of the Clay pot measures approximately 37 cm.
These are some interesting facts about Abkhazia that is yet struggling to gain the status of an independent state. It has the backing of Russia in both internal and external affairs. Russia acts as the back bone of Abkhazia that is trying to gain autonomous status from Georgio.


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