“The man that sailed the oceans blue”; the name Christopher Columbus is mostly hailed as a hero to the people living in America. However, it is also true that a lot of people who are in touch with the truthful aspects of Columbus’ life…also hate him. So, who was Christopher Columbus? A decorated nautical hero who discovered America and revolutionized the world as we know it; or a tyrannical slave trader whose greed for gold and status led to the slavery and deaths of millions of indigenous people. We are going to shed light on some of the most shocking facts regarding Christopher Columbus, which will help you arrive at the one of the above answers.

Shocking Facts Regarding Christopher Columbus – Interesting

6. Slave Trading

Shocking Facts Regarding Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus set foot in the Bahamas for the first time in 1492 with a fleet of three ships. He ventured west to the Atlantic Ocean in a bid to find passage to unchartered lands in Asia and bring back precious spices and gold. When he did not, he imprisoned indigenous people and took them to Europe to be enslaved.

5. Intolerance

 Christopher Columbus Shocking Facts

It is well known that Columbus was a devout Christian. Sadly, his beliefs run so deep that he despised every other religion in the world. Columbus often referred to non-Christians as heathens and had a grand plan to establish a settlement with only Christians in the Americas. The main objective of converting people to the Catholic Church was to make them a property of the Government of Spain for which he worked for in the second half of his life. Even the Monarchy of Castille, Spain considered his methods to be barbaric and tyrannical.

4. Delusion about Discovering New Parts of India

Christopher Columbus What actually happened

Columbus’ journey was financed by the rulers of Castille, Ferdinand and Isabella, particularly to find an alternative western route to India. When they conquered the last of Spain from Muslim stronghold in 1492, they finally financed Columbus’ voyage after keeping him on a retainer for years.
To please his financers, Columbus always iterated that he has discovered west of Asia and that he was very close to India. When in fact the nearest he got to India was 8,000 nautical miles away. He also theorized that India was approximately 2,500 miles to the west of Europe. However, the true distance is well over 12,000 miles.
One of the most shocking facts regarding Christopher Columbus was that even on his deathbed in Valladolid – being credited with discovering America – he refused to believe that he had not discovered a new route to India; possibly in embarrassment.

3. Talented Sea Captain, Horrible Leader

Interesting Facts Regarding Christopher Columbus

Columbus first set foot on a ship when he was a 19 year old teenager. There is no denying following his four great voyages that he was an expert nautical explorer. However, he was a terrible leader. Following his achievement of finding new settlements, rulers of Castille made him and his brother the Governors of Santo Domingo. He ran the peaceful settlements into chaos by antagonizing the settlers, embezzling all the money and keeping appearances as a King, one of the most appalling facts regarding Christopher Columbus.

2. Not the first to Discover America

Christopher Columbus Interesting Facts

It is evident by the settlers and past voyages that the Caribbean and the Americas were discovered previously. Most people have the misconception that Christopher Columbus was the first one to do it. His true achievement was paving the way for European colorization in America.

1. Never Set Foot on the Map of United States

Shocking Fact Regarding Christopher Columbus

This is one of those little known facts regarding Christopher Columbus. Most people still wrongly believe that Christopher Columbus was the one who discovered North America, particularly USA. In fact, in all of his four voyages, he never set foot in the North American Mainland. He went to different parts of the Caribbean such as Haiti, Cuba and Dominica, Central America and some parts of the North of South America.

Christopher Columbus is one of the most famous personalities of the world. The USA celebrates Christopher Columbus day on the 2nd Monday of October every year. After reading this article, many of you may feel that it should not be a celebration.


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