For those of us who haven’t experienced what it feels to be suicidal, we can never tell how a person who’s jammed into that dark place feels. Most of us reject even the notion of someone even thinking about killing themselves. The limited few who try to sympathize are also mirroring with the wrong feelings. Society believes that suicidal thoughts occur when the mental pain becomes unbearable. But how much pain can lead you to suicide? Is there a scale somewhere? The answer is No. The simplest explanation that I can give to you is that people commit suicide when the pain dwarfs the coping resources one has that usually help them avoid these dark thoughts. But I am not writing this to diagnose what is a very insidious condition. Rather it is just to shed some perspective about the act itself and explore some of the shocking facts about Suicide that are unfortunately the reality in this world.

Shocking Facts about Suicide – Some Data

Suicide and New York

Shocking Facts about Suicide

Ah! The Big Apple. It is the city that never sleeps. A city with a rich history; both dark and beautiful. The, unfortunately, dark part is that more people commit suicide in the city of millions than are murdered. That is not to say that the murder rate should be higher. But in a city with dark alleys and a high enough murder rate, this fact is quite surprising. If you broaden that sample size to the whole country, the result is even more appalling. In the USA, you are twice as likely to kill yourself as you are to be killed by someone else.

Writers and Suicide

Most Shocking Facts about Suicide

As I am writing this, it is chilling to admit that a man or woman of my profession is 18 times more likely to commit suicide than the overall population of the world. One of the very shocking facts about suicide is that the famous novelist Ernest Hemmingway committed suicide. Now some of you might be familiar with the upcoming movie “The Suicide Squad”, Hemmingway’s was what you would call a “Suicide Family.” His sister committed suicide, as did his brother, his father and even his granddaughter of all people. The only thing that eases my mind as a writer while I write about this particular nugget of information is that it happens only to the established writers. Something that I am unfortunately not.

Suicide and Japan

Surprising Facts about Suicide

Wherever you go around the world, there are always places that make people miserable. The ever cheerful Japan is no different. In fact, a study claims that Japan has the highest concentration of suicide of any country in the world. One of the shocking facts about suicide is that the Mount Mihara in Japan has claimed over 2000 lives to suicide. The situation got so out of hand that the government had to build a fence on the volcanic mountain to buck the trend of suicides. A Sad fact is that the leading cause of death for people between the age of 20 and 45 in Japan is suicide.

Suicide and Bullet Trains

Most Surprising Facts about Suicide

The human body is so fragile, and there are so many ways that trouble people attempt to put an end to it. Jumping in front of high-speed train is a notorious way to go about it. Japan has the fastest bullet trains, and it isn’t shocking in this case that people have committed suicide by jumping in front of them. The only way that the government could put a lid on it was to impose a huge disruption fine on the family of the person that commits the act of suicide. Thankfully, as a result, the rate of suicide by this particular method plummeted in Japan.

Suicide and Entertainment

Facts about Suicide

The world of entertainment is often a slippery slope where people find their true selves lost in the limelight. Most thrive on the idea, but there are a few who find that very existence miserable. There are many celebrities that have had brushes with suicide and quite a few like Eve Miller, George Sanders and Larry Grey that succumbed to the dark desire. One of the shocking facts about suicide is that actor Ashton Kutcher almost committed suicide in his puberty. However, it was for a noble cause as he contemplated giving his heart to his dying brother when he was just 13 years old. You will be shocked to find out that there is an episode of Tom and Jerry where both the cat and the mouse commit suicide at the end.

Suicide and Statistics

Suicide Facts

Unfortunately, there are statistics which show that suicide is one of the leading causes of deaths around the world. In 2014, the rate of committing suicide in the world was every 40 seconds. Research points that the rate may have gone up since then. The horrifying part is that even minors who haven’t even tasted life itself try to kill themselves. One in every 25 US teenagers attempts suicide. The youngest conscientious suicide was committed by a 5-year-old girl named Marilyn Demont. She jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge

Suicide and Golden Gate Bridge

Suicide Most Shocking Facts

Golden Gate Bridge is the number one suicide site in the world. The choice is quite logical as there is a remote chance that you will even survive the fall and the one-mile straight is deep enough that even if you try later, you won’t make it to the shore. Only 2% of the total attempted suicides on the bridge have ever failed. There was one “genius” that jumped off the bridge just for the fun of it and survived somehow.

Suicide and Habits

Suicide Shocking Facts

We often see in thriller and suspense movies that suicide is indicated only when there is a suicide note. Many stories even take it on face value. One of the most shocking facts about suicide is that only 25% of the people leave behind a note. Statistics even show the most vulnerable day in the week for suicidal people. The highest percentage of suicides is committed on a Wednesday.

Suicide and the UK

Suicide Surprising Facts

Even the United Kingdom hasn’t escaped the curse of suicides. That goes true especially for the men in the society. For men under 50 in the UK, the most common cause of death is by suicide. The UK even had an arcane law to battle that problem before. One of the most shocking facts about suicide is that until 1961, attempted suicide was treated as a severe crime in England. You live or die from a suicide attempt. Either way, you are screwed.

Suicide and Founders

There are people in history that have revolutionized the way their particular field was viewed. Part of bringing revolution is dealing with failures, and some weren’t able to handle the pressure. Victoria’s Secret founder Roy Raymond committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. One of the most shocking facts about suicide is that the inventor of Diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel, committed suicide in 1913. His reason for that being that he didn’t think his invention would become a success. If only he could have peeked into the future.

Whatever your view might be on suicide, the fact is that it is a real demon amongst us. For those of you who have ever thought about it; don’t. After that, it’s over. Eternal darkness is not fun.


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