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Most Surprising Facts about Asia


Asia is the biggest continent on the face of the planet. So, it may not come as a shock to you that Asia has the highest human population in the world. But even with the big size, it leaves the other continents in the dust when it comes to population and industrialization. Over 4 billion out of the total 7 live in Asia alone, meaning that it is a home to over 60% of the world’s human population. So as far as fact finding goes, Asia is The continent and a goldmine of information. So why not dig up some interesting facts about Asia to get you day going?

Most Surprising Facts about Asia – Important Information

Number One Producer of Mangoes

Most Surprising Facts about Asia

There is no other continent that produces mangoes on the same wavelength as Asia. In fact, the continent leaves others in the dust when it comes to sheer numbers. The biggest contributor to mangoes production in Asia is the South Asian countries. India is the largest producer as no other country can match their mango production.

Uniform China

Surprising Facts about Asia

Most countries that are even one-fourth the size of China have a very diverse culture the changes every few hundred square miles. China is one of a kind in a way that the country’s culture is so uniformly spread. There are only two main cooking styles in the Chinese cuisine; Cantonese and Szechuan. One of the most mind-blowing facts about Asia is that despite China being 3,200 miles wide, it only has one-time zone. It is roughly the same size as the United States of America which has a total of 9 time zones.

Most Isolated Country

Interesting Facts about Asia

One of the interesting facts about Asia is that it is a home to the most politically isolated country in the world, namely North Korea. They are so set in their ways that even their calendar starts Kim II Sung’s birthday on 15th April. They don’t celebrate Christmas. Instead, they make a pilgrimage to Kim II Sung’s deceased wife’s hometown on December 24. North Korea has achieved cult status in the international waters and with over 25% of the country’s population being in active and reserve military, it is considered a very hostile country.

Biggest Shopping Mall

Most Interesting Facts about Asia

It doesn’t happen too often that the biggest shopping mall in the world is the biggest failure in the shopping world as well. That happens when poor decision making and impulsive billionaire become one and the same. Billionaire Alex Hu started the project for building the world’s biggest shopping mall in Dongguan China. The seven million square feet monstrosity has the capacity of 2,350 shops, with an indoor roller coaster, the biggest artificial canal at 1.3 miles long and finally an 82 foot Arc de Triumph replica. Almost the entire shopping mall is collecting dust with no one wanting to set up shop because of the location of the mall. The city of Dongguan has a population of 10 million which is mostly comprised of low-income factory worker families. Even then the mall is so far away from the main population that it takes hours to get there. Clearly the billionaire and the people he employed made a grave mistake in choosing that location.

Global Fire Power

Amazing Facts about Asia

Global Fire Power index indicates the prowess of a country to wage war on others. It factors in different tactical and strategically weaponry with conventional manpower to assign the Fire Power Index ranking. One of the most mind-boggling facts about Asia is that 8 out of the top 15 ranked countries with most war waging capabilities are Asian. The USA is number one, then come Russia (Asia), China (Asia), India (Asia), France (Asia), UK (Europe), Japan (Asia), Turkey (Asia), Germany (Europe), Italy (Europe), South Korea (Asia), Egypt (Africa), Pakistan (Asia), Indonesia (Asia) and then comes Brazil (South America) at 15th. The list is a compilation of 126 countries with war waging capabilities according to the Global Fire Power Index.

The Sporting Goods Center

Most Amazing Facts about Asia

Most of us are familiar with sporting brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, Reebok and a horde of others that make breathtaking sporting equipment. You may be shocked to find out that many of these top brands set up factories in the industrial town of Sialkot, Pakistan in Asia. Much top boxing and fighting equipment are also manufactured there. The 2006 FIFA World Cup footballs were made in Sialkot. Footballs made in Sialkot were brought back in 2014 FIFA World Cup after many footballers complained about the European balls used in the 2010 world cup edition. Pakistan makes 80% of the total footballs that are in use all over the world.

Japanese Fitness Freaks

Fascinating Facts about Asia

One of the craziest facts about Asia is that it is technically illegal for a Japanese person to be overweight; technically being the operational word here. When someone turns 40 in Japan, the government makes health inspection which mainly involves waist measurement. If a woman has over 35 waists and a man 33, they are labeled overweight. The Japanese government takes steps to suggest a strict diet plan to curb their weight. Even though it is not a crime if a person doesn’t follow the guidelines, almost every person adheres strictly to the diet plan recommended by the government.

More than One Valentine’s Day

Awesome Facts about Asia

Japan and South Korea in particular, have multiple days that are celebrated in conjecture with Valentine’s Day throughout the year. The official Valentine’s Day on 14th of February signals the day that women give chocolates to the one they like romantically. 14th March is the white day where the man that had received the chocolate reciprocates with a gift. In South Korea, there is another unofficial day on 14th April for single people that didn’t receive chocolate or gifts. It is called the Black Day, and the unhitched people lament over a bowl of a traditional black noodle dish.

Shared Borders

Facts about Asia

Asia is the only continent that shares borders with two other continents, namely Africa and Europe. One of the most interesting facts about Asia is that it even shares borders with three continents for a brief time during a year when it joins North America because of the frozen Bering Sea during winter.

Indian and Chinese

Asia Interesting Facts

Indians and Chinese are the most spread out people in the world. That is because one-third of the world’s population recognizes as either Indian or Chinese, 29% of which live in India and China. India with a population of 1.25 billion people is slated to take over as the most populated country in the world within the next decade when it surpasses the population of China (1.35 billion). The Sholapur town in India throws newborn babies from a 50-foot tower to bring them good luck and fortune. Well, those babies sure are lucky the way they keep coming in the world.

They Love Making Sky Scrapers

Asia Most Interesting Facts

One thing about Asia is set in stone that they love building skyscrapers. However, most of them are concentrated in the Arabs and East Asian countries. Nine out of top ten tallest buildings in the world reside in Asia. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is 2,717 feet. There is just one other building over 2000 feet called the Shanghai Tower at 2,073 feet. Another one of amazing facts about Asia is that by the year 2019, all top 10 tallest buildings will belong to Asia when the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia finishes construction at all top 10 tallest buildings will belong to Asia when the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia finishes construction at 3,300 feet. The best office will be a whole kilometer above ground zero.

Concentration of Population

Asia Amazing Facts

Asia houses over 4.1 billion people in the world so it is understandable that some of the most populous countries will be there. Even though 2.6 billion out of them live in only two countries, Asia still has 7 out of top 10 most populous countries. Number one and two are China and India. Then Indonesia comes as a surprise 4th, Pakistan at 6th, Bangladesh at 8th, Russia 9th, and Japan 10th.

Most Polluted Cities

Asia Most Amazing Facts

Some of the most densely populated cities are in Asia. Again, 7 out of top 10 largest populated cities are from Asia. Mumbai, Karachi, Tokyo, Istanbul, Delhi, Guangzhou and Beijing are the most densely populated cities in the world. Delhi is the most polluted city in the world following by Beijing and Guangzhou. The pollution problem in urban areas of China is so severe that there is a market for canned fresh air in China.

The Poor Left Hand

Asia Surprising Facts

In the sub-continent, there is a consensus that people are inclined or even forced to eat with the right hand by the society? Only in the recent decade, the most upscale places feature toilet papers. Sub-continent people use their left hand to wipe their butt using water. No use for toilet paper when you have a perfectly good left hand. As a result, it is much frowned upon when people use their left hands to do things like hand over money, eat or shake hands.

Big Birthday Bash

Asia Most Surprising Facts

In Vietnam, the New Year’s Day is essentially a birthday bash for the entire population. People their count age by how many New Year’s Day a person has encountered. One of the weirdest facts about Asia is that if a person is born on 11:59 pm on December 31, 2016, he would be 1 year old a minute later in Vietnam.

The Oldest People

Most Interesting Asian Facts

Japan is the home to the oldest people in the world. That may be attributed to their fitness regime employed by the government when people turn 40 as discussed above. The median age in Japan is 44.6, which is the highest of any country in the world. Only the city of Monaco in France has a higher median age. One of the most interesting facts about Asia is that at one time, there are at least over 50,000 Japanese people that are over the age of 100.

Shout Out to Bhutan

Interesting Asian Facts

Bhutan is the only country in the world that has a complete ban on tobacco. When the Tobacco Control Act was passed in the country, it was decided that anyone possessing or using tobacco is sentenced to prison for 3-5 years. It is a no brainer why Bhutan has the lowest lung cancer rate in the world.

Division of the Continent

Surprising Asian Facts

The surface area of Asia is bigger than the surface area of the moon. So it is understandable that the continent is further divided into six subcontinents. The Indian Subcontinent, which is also known simply as the sub-continent. After that, there is North Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and lastly the Southwest Asia which is also known as the Middle East.

The continent is full of wondrous, weird, and whimsical things and it is not a shock that there are so many interesting facts about Asia.

Most Interesting Facts about Abigail Adams


Abigail Smith known as Abigail Adams was the second First Lady of United States of America from 1797 to 1801. Not only that her eldest son, but John Quincy also served as a president of the United States. John Quincy was the 6th chairman of the States. Abigail Adams did not live to see the reign of her son but played a vital role during the tenure of her husband. She was an unofficial advisor to her husband as many letters show President John Adams seeking her council on pertinent issues. Abigail Adams was a strong advocate of women, and this could be gauged by her letters. She had a strong impact on her husband, and many critics called her “Mrs President”. There are some interesting facts about Abigail Adams that we would put forward in this article.

Most Interesting Facts about Abigail Adams – Personalities

Abigail did not attend school until eleven:

Abigail Adams suffered from a chronic illness in her childhood which affected her education. Her training was halted, and she stayed back home to recover from the disease. She received her education at home by her mother who paid a lot of attention to his studies while also catering to her special needs. Then when she turned eleven and got better, Abigail officially started school.

She was married at the age of 19:

Most Interesting Facts about Abigail Adams

Abigail meets his husband, John at the age of 17 when John was attracted by her beauty and sense of humor. They were together from their childhood but John when saw Abigail informal meeting he decided to marry. They both married each other in October 1764 and at that time Abigail was just 19 years old. The couple had courted 3 years before they both got married.

A first born named after her:

Interesting Facts about Abigail Adams

Abigail and John’s marriage were the love marriage. When their first baby was born John named his first baby girl after the name of the Abigail and but the nickname of his daughter was Nabby. The first child of Abigail and John Nabby was born in 1765 about almost a year after they got married.

A first for the nation:

Amazing Facts about Abigail Adams

Abigail Adam was the first lady who resides at the White House. Her husband was the second president of the country after the George Washington. She was a very cool and pleasant lady she never went in the competition for the title. She used her position in the White House as the informal advisor. Firstly she also worked as the advocate.

A deep hatred of slavery:

Most Amazing Facts about Abigail Adams

Abigail and John Adams both were staunch critics of slavery. They believed in Abolition of slavery from the United States of America. They thought not only was this unjust and unfair but also against the very essence of democracy. To them, it was a threat to democracy as a thriving democracy could not omit rights and opinions of some people. Abigail firmly believed that slavery was a cruel institution which should be abolished.

Thousands of Letters:

Surprising Facts about Abigail Adams

John Adams was most of the time away because of work because of which they communicated through letters. When John Adams became a member of the American Revolution the situation worsened as he was away more often. However, they remained close by exchange of letters. John often sought advice from Abigail through these letters.
The letters are present today in the Massachusetts Historical Society
The relation between Abigail and John Adams became more evident when these letters became public. It was reflected in these letters that Abigail served as an unofficial advisor to her husband on policy matters. These letters are a part of Adams Family papers and are present today at the Massachusetts Historical Society.

A Community of one:

Awesome Facts about Abigail Adams

When the husband of the Abigail, John was busy in the revolution activities Abigail looked after her children in the white house. Abigail not just looked after her children but also the children of her relatives which were being killed in the war of independence. She was a very responsible wife as well as a very responsible mother.

The Opposite of Martha:

Fascinating Facts about Abigail Adams

The Best friend of the Abigail was Martha, and she was very different from her best friend, Martha. Abigail took her daughter to Europe some time because she missed his husband so much. These things made her so aggressive towards the politics of United States.

Spelling wasn’t the strong suit:

Facts about Abigail Adams

Like most of the girls of America in eighteenth-century Abigail and her sister were home schooled. They studied many of the books of their interest. Abigail yet had a very impressive personality. She was a terrific writer Of the eighteenth century. Her favorite writer was Shakespeare. In her free time, she loves to read the newspaper. Abigail and John spent an exemplary life.

She was early women right advocate:

Abigail Adams Facts

Like we have discussed above that she raised her voice against the slavery in the United States. Abigail was the first and the earliest women who raise the voice for the rights of the women. She said that the women should be given the equal rights as the men are given in this way the society will move on the path of prosperity and success.

Abigail believed in Unitarianism:

Abigail Adams Interesting Facts

Abigail Adams was a Christian who believed in the Unitarian faith. Unitarian faith contradicts the traditional trinity principle of Christianity. It proposes that God is one and Jesus was a saviour inspired by him. An interesting fact about Abigail is that was a vocal supporter of the first Parish Church in her hometown Quincy.

Abigail died because of typhoid fever

Abigail died at the age of 73 years in 1818. She died in her hometown in their family home. The reason of her death was Typhoid fever and her last words written are documented in her letters. She said “Do not grieve, my friend, my dearest friend. I am ready to go. And John, it will not be long.” She did not live to accompany her son being the President of the States as he became president seven years after her death.
These were some interesting facts about Abigail Adams. Historians have applauded the lady for resilience and her courage. She was an active advocate against injustice and historian Joseph Elis named her the most amazing women in the history of the count

Awesome Facts about Tigers That Will Amaze You


Tigers belong to the big cat family, and they are naturally the largest of all of them, even lions. The only reason that Lions seem bigger is that of their thick mane. Tigers can grow to be 11 feet long and also weigh upwards of 700 lbs. They used to be the king of the Asian and tropical forests but due to human habitation, hunting and deforestation these magnificent beings are now limited to very limited patches of land. Tigers are apex predators as they have no natural predators except for humans that have hunted them for centuries.

Awesome Facts about Tigers – List

  • Most Powerful Legs

Awesome Facts about Tigers That Will Amaze You

Tigers have the most powerful legs out of any other big cats, and their legs are a testament to their natural prowess. It has been recorded by hunters that even after getting shot, bleeding out and essentially being dead, Tigers can remain standing for a while because of their impressive strength.

  • The Caged Tiger

Interesting Facts about Tigers That Will Amaze You

There is a total of 3000 tigers approximately that are estimated to be living in the wild forests of Asia. The Sad part is that there are up to 10,000 tigers in cages inside the USA alone. There are a few thousand more in captivity around the world. One of the most shocking facts about tigers is that there are more tigers owned by the US citizens than there are in the wild worldwide.

  • Types of Tigers

Most Interesting Facts about Tigers That Will Amaze You

There is a total of 6 subspecies currently alive, and they are widespread throughout the Asian forests. The biggest of them is the Siberian Tiger, which is often found roaming the Amur valley. For that very reason, it is also sometimes identified as the Amur Tiger. Siberian tigers are the largest subspecies and have thick fur around their neck and body that keeps them warm in freezing Siberian weather. Smallest species is the Sumatran Tiger that is found in the Southern jungles. Bengal Tiger is the most widespread tiger species and the most in number as it is spread in India, Nepal and Bangladeshi forests. Then there are the Southern Chinese and Malaysian Tigers. Indo-Chinese Tigers round up the lot of them.

  • Cross Breeding

Amazing Facts about Tigers That Will Amaze You

As explained before, the majority of tigers in the world live in captivity, and there are often more than one subspecies in the same. There is a rarely a case of wild subspecies cross-breeding because of the territorial gapes. However, the tigers in captivity often breed to produce offspring that are hard to identify with either of the participating subspecies.

  • They are Territorial

Most Amazing Facts about Tigers That Will Amaze You

Like most feline species, Tigers are also territorial in their approach. A territory of a single male tiger may spread as wide as 100 kilometers square starting from 50 km sq. Female tigers enjoy less territorial space as theirs often overlap with males they are interesting in mating with. One of the jaw-dropping facts about tigers is that the territory of a male may overlap with up to seven females, which essentially means that they enjoy a harem.

  • Tongue Action

Surprising Facts about Tigers That Will Amaze You

Hold your horses; it is not something dirty. It is just that tigers are gifted with small, concentrated, rear-facing and jagged projections along their tongues called papillae. These help the tiger in consuming their meal as the tongue can strip off fur, feature, skin and even the upper layers of meat from their prey. One of the most interesting facts about tigers is that their tongues produce saliva that is antiseptic in nature. They are capable of licking off paints from walls of the cage that they are usually held captive in.

  • Need For Some Meat

Very Surprising Facts about Tigers That Will Amaze You

Tigers are more stalk and ambush kinds of a creature like most other felines. These big cats stalk even 1000 pound bulls and are capable of killing them single-handedly. Unlike male lions that have the lionesses from the pride hunt for their food, Tigers like to do the work for themselves. Tigers eat in solitude, consuming over 40 kg of meat at a single time and then hiding the rest under dirt and leaves to eat for later. The pride of a male Lion makes them into something of royalty, while a Tigers’ loner behavior has them labeled as an ‘ultimate killer’.

  • Endangered Species

Facts about Tigers That Will Amaze You

Like many other animals, especially big cats, Tigers have been driven to increasingly smaller habitats by humans through deforestation and logging. That has resulted in increasingly low number Tigers as their territories are narrowed every year. It is estimated that in a few years if the rate of deforestation continues the same, the only tigers left will be in captivity.

  • Extinction Awaits

Tigers Facts That will Amaze You

The South Chinese subspecies is already extinct in the wild. There used to be nine subspecies of Tigers a couple of centuries ago that have now been completely wiped out. Javan Tigers, Bali Tigers and Caspian Tigers are effectively extinct. Cambodia used to have a large number of tigers in the past. They were just declared extinct there in 2016. The main reason for their extinction is human hunting them for sport and their thick fur. Hunting them was and still is considered as the sign of utmost valor in many Asian cultures.

  • Cat Features

Tigers Interesting Facts

Tigers share 95.6% of their DNA structure to the domestic cat, and they also share most of their traits. Like cats, they like to live alone and wander through a wide area. Tigers, lions and other big cats also share another interesting feature with cats. One of the fun facts about tigers and others in cat family is that they all cannot taste anything sweet. A bar of Dairy Milk chocolate would taste more or less like cardboard to them.

  • Biggest Cannibals

Tigers Most Interesting Facts

One of the reasons that human increased their tiger hunting activities in the past was because Tigers are the only known big cat species or any other animal for that matter that actively hunted humans and consumed them in the past. One Bengal tiger was especially feared for that reason as that tiger alone reportedly killed and ate 430 people in Nepal in the 19th century.

  • Unique Traits

Tigers Awesome Facts

Tigers have a mighty roar like other big cats. Regarding sheer roar, distance covered they are only second to Lions. A roar of a tiger can be heard as far away as 3 km. Tigers are identified in the feline species by their black stripes that are akin to human fingerprints. No two tiger stripes are the same, which helps anthropologists to easily identify them out of a group.

  • Deadly Canine

Tigers Lovely Facts

One of the most amazing facts about Tigers is that if not for their deadly canines they would have been long extinct. The canines have special nerve endings that help locate the prey and incisively dissect them. They also have tremendous power which allows them to snap the neck of a 1000 lb bull or even a wild brown bear.

Tigers are magnificent creatures and a symbol of strength in many cultures around the world. Their habitats should be taken care of so that they can go on the endangered species list.

Most Interesting Facts about Abby and Brittany


Abby and Brittany are the twin sisters of being the twin sisters they are also conjoint. They had to face many of the problems just because they are born conjoint but they overcome all the problems. Soon after the birth of the sisters, the doctor gives bad news to the parents of Abby and Brittany that they both could not survive for the long period but now these both sisters are 23 years old, and now they featured a very famous show named as Abby and Brittany.

In the show, they give the viewer an idea that how they used to live their everyday life. Abby and Brittany are one of the rarest twins in the world. They were born conjoint, but they survived in a very nice way. They did not let their weakness on their nerves. The rate of the survival after the birth of the sisters was only 1%. Abby and Brittany are alive this is a great miracle of God, and birth rate of such children is also very rare. We have discussed some of the general points about Abby and Brittany. Now we will discuss some of the very interesting facts about Abby and Brittany.

Most Interesting Facts about Abby and Brittany – Amazing Personalities

8. Abby and Brittany came to be when fertilized eggs fail to separate inside the womb:

Most Interesting Facts about Abby and Brittany

They both have some of the common things but they share some of the things like they have two hearts, two spines joined at the pelvis, four lungs, two esophagi, three kidneys, one rib cage, and one liver and partially shared nervous system. They both share all the organs including reproductive system, intestines, and bladder. Abby is on the right side she cannot fell anything on the left and Brittany is on the left side, and she cannot feel anything on the right side.

7. You may have seen them before on Oprah, life Magazine, or the documentary about them on TLC:

Interesting Facts about Abby and Brittany

The twins have been in the media for the several times. At the birth of the twins doctor told their parents that they could not survive for the long period f time, but now they are 23 years old. At the age of six, they also appeared on Oprah Winfrey show and their picture was the cover photo of life magazine. They stayed out of the media for 10 years but at the age of 16 they filmed a TLC, and this TLC got very famous.

6. The girls have to coordinate everything together, and they don’t always have to urge to eat or sleep at the same time:

Amazing Facts about Abby and Brittany

The parents of the twin sisters encouraged them to build their personalities. They do not urge each other for the different thing. Like they sleep at different times, they eat at different times. Even the natures of the two sisters are also different. Clothes for both the sisters are made on a special order because they have two necklines. They still have to collaborate with each other because they both are having a single body.

5. Abby and Brittany have always been treated as two separate identities:

Most Amazing Facts about Abby and Brittany

The parents of Abby and Brittany thought to get both of the sister’s separated, but the doctor said if he will do it then it is possible that one might die or get physically handicapped for the rest of the life. When some people ask them that they have two hands? They say yes. But each of them is having their hands. They are not considered to be one, but they have their separate identities.

4. Since the girls are two separate people, one twin can get sick while the other stays healthy:

Lovely Facts about Abby and Brittany

Abby and Brittany eat on the two different plate one holding the fork and one holding knife each of them helps each other in eating. If one of the sisters gets ill, the other stays healthy this shows that they have separate identities. The sisters used to fight sometimes also in an anger Brittany said that she would get separated from Abby. Abby started crying and Brittany promised will never say again.

3. Now that twin is full grown women, some question has arisen: what happen if one twin falls in love? Will they ever have children or wed?

Surprising Facts about Abby and Brittany

Some of the questions come to mind when we think about the Abby and Brittany. What will happen if one of them will fall in love with someone? Once a rumor spread in the society that the Brittany got engaged, but this was just the rumor. Since them both share the reproductive system so they can get married or not? Hence the father of the Abby and Brittany thinks that his daughter will get married one day.

2. Did you know: female conjoined twins have much higher rate of live birth and survival than male twins?

Fascinating Facts about Abby and Brittany

It is the research of the scientist that women conjoint have much chance of life than male. 70% of the conjoint are a woman. This just because women have an ability to cooperate with each and much higher will power than the man. That is the reason women conjoint can survive for a longer period.

1. They buy two tickets when to go to theater:

Facts about Abby and Brittany

They are considered to be two persons. So when they visit cinema they used to buy two instead of one ticket. The interests of the sisters are also different from each other.

We have discussed some of the most interesting facts about the Abby and Brittany. They were born conjoint, and the doctors were having no hope of their survival, but now they are 23 years old and living a very happy and a life full of joy. By reading the points mentioned above you can get a clear idea about both the Abby and Brittany.

Some Most Interesting Facts about Obama


Obama was born on 4th August in 1961 in Honolulu. His first name was Barack, and his father was named as Kenyan. Telling about himself in an interview he told that he did not like Baskin Robbins in his teenage. His nickname in the teenage was Barry. The most interesting fact about Obama was that he was the third African-American Senator since Reconstruction. He is a Harvard Law school graduate. He liked the girl in Harvard, and he married her afterward her name was Michelle Robinson. His wife also supervised him while he was working as a summer associate in Chicago Law firm.

Obama studied in the school Lake Victoria in Kenya. His favorite game was Scrabble, and he loves to play this game. He and his wife bought a house on the Chicago’s South-side in June 2005, and the price of the house was $1.65. He is crazy about the horses the name of his horses were Martin Luther King and Pablo Picasso. It was some of the general discussion about the Obama. Now we are going to discuss some of the most interesting facts about Obama.

Most Interesting Facts about Obama – Some Amazing Information

We’ve now had 71 straight months of economic growth:

Most Interesting Facts about Obama

That’s right that America is progressing from the continuous seventy-one months. It has got the improvement in the private sector jobs as well as in the government sector jobs due to which lifestyle of the people has improved.

We are currently enjoying the longest period of the private sector jobs creation in American history:

Interesting Facts about Obama

One of the magazine articles of America stated that the America had enjoyed the 68 straight months of the good and the fabulous jobs in the private sector. It considered being the longest period of job creation in the American history. Obama has controlled the country in a very amazing way.

Unemployment has dropped from 10.1% in October of 2009 to 4.9% by early 2016:

Amazing Facts about Obama

In the early years of Obama, the employment rate rises in an amazing way. But in early 2016, the employment rate dropped in the private and the government sector too. The employment rate dropped from 10.1% to 4.9%. This situation of America was stated in the Forbes magazine.

The stock market continues to set new record heights since President Obama took office:

Most Amazing Facts about Obama

The trend of the market changed, and the stock market moved in the upward trend when the new president of America joined the office in 2009. This gives many benefits to the middle-class Americans. Almost American people invested 401 K in the stock exchange.

The federal budget deficit is shrinking. It’s been reduced by two-third since 2009:

Fascinating Facts about Obama

The $1.4 trillion federal budget deficit that Obama inherited in 2009 was in a large part due to the high rate of employment. When the million of the people got unemployed in 2008 and 2009, the revenue and the income tax of the government was reduced which result in the less economic activity of the country.

Under President Obama, Government spending has increased only 3.3% annually, the lowest rate since Eisenhower was president:

Lovely Facts about Obama

You might have heard this news that Obama is spending more money and running up our debt. Obama has increased the expenses of the country by 1.4% annually. Obama has increased spending less than any president since Eisenhower.

For 95 of America taxpayers, income taxes are allowed or lower than they were at almost any point in the last 50 years:

Facts about Obama

After President Obama took office, many of the people of and tea party members of the country have raised the tax of the country. This helped a lot in the development of the country.

Dependence on Foreign Oil has shrunk due to record domestic oil production and improved fuel efficiency standard:

Obama Facts

The production of oil has been reduced when president Obama joined the office. In 2016 the oil production raised and now America produces gasoline oil this much they produce this much oil that they export oil.

At least 18 million Americans now have health insurance than before:

Obama Interesting Facts

Depending upon the number of use 12-18 million of American people have acquired health insurance this is just affordable by the American people. It saved in American people in the long run.

The Affordable care act has added years to the life of Medicare:

Obama Most Interesting Facts

The Medicare had been served the people of America a lot and the expenses of the medicine were also reduced. The Medicare trust fund will get stable until the year 2030. It will surely give much health facilities to the people.

We have discussed some of the most interesting facts about Obama. He raised the employment rate in the society which as a result improved the lifestyle of the people of the country. By reading the above mentioned information, you can get a clear idea about Obama.

Most Interesting Facts about Abel Tesfaye


Abel Tesfaye known “The Weeknd” is a musician and in many of the interviews it revealed his music speaks for itself. His songs speak beautifully with the fiery tone. His fans do not know much about his personal life since he is on the screen. But he got very famous in a short span of time the more people know about him, the more they get curious to know more and more. He is blessed with an amazing voice. But this is what which adds to his mystique. Since 2011 the singer was on the roll. The most interesting thing about him is that he also used to write the songs and mostly he writes his feeling in the songs.

Most interesting facts about Abel Tesfaye – The Singer

He used to record Boys men cover songs:

Most Interesting Facts about Abel Tesfaye

When was he asked that how he started singing in an interview? He told that he started singing when he got a microphone and sh-try computer he started recording the corny songs with his friends. He was blessed with the beautiful voice and was appreciated by many of the people.

He was inspired by Michael Jackson Prince& R. Kelly:

Interesting Facts about Abel Tesfaye

Michael Jackson was the great singer of his time and many of the people of the world were crazy about the Michael Jackson. In fact, many of the people used to adopt the style of this famous personality. It was the reason Abel also idealized the Michael Jackson. Abel also got famous in a short span of time just because of his amazing voice.

KANYE was another major influence:

Amazing Facts about Abel Tesfaye

KANYE helped a lot to the Abel. He got the inspiration from him. Abel started working with KANYE and learned a lot from him. He told that to be with him and talk to him and work with him it’s just like coming to life.

He is Apparently the guy in Lana Del Rey’s music sort of:

Most Amazing Facts about Abel Tesfaye

Abel and Lana are friends from a long period. Lana inspired Abel and Abel inspired Lana. They always talk to each other about their music. Lana is the girl in the music of Abel and Abel is the guy in the music of Lana. They both understand each other very well. They are friends from long time.

Ethiopian music also inspires him:

Fascinating Facts about Abel Tesfaye

He told his mother, his grandmother and his uncle used to play Ethiopian artist like Aster Aweke and Mulatu Astatke all the time in the house. He has a beautiful voice. Now he is liked by many of the people, or he can also be called as the emerging singer, but people are much interested to know about him.

Abel speaks more than one language:

Lovely Facts about Abel Tesfaye

Abel Tesfaye can speak more than one language and this s quite interesting. Ethiopian poetry is quite a different language, but Abel understands this language very well. Abel understands the Ethiopian poetry and also sings its song. He told that when his mother used to translate it. It was the most beautiful thing ever. That is the reason he got interested in the Ethiopian poetry.

He loves this Batman VILLAIN:

Most Fascinating Facts about Abel Tesfaye

He told that the Joker is his favorite Villain of all time. He said the Joker, which Christopher Nolan created in the dark knight, had the scar across his month. Whenever you watch the movie, you talk about his scars. In his opinion, this is quite a different story. It tells that what kind of person Abel is. It tells that how he is and how he was. But the most interesting of all is a just amazing singer.

Song Writer:

Facts about Abel Tesfaye

If you want to know the most interesting thing about him, then the most interesting thing about him is that he used to write some of the songs himself. It’s famous about him that in most of his written songs his feelings. Many of Abel’s written songs got very famous. It is the reason many of the people like him and wants to know about him.

Cropped out of photos:

Abel Tesfaye Facts

When Abel initially started his career in he got very disappointed. It was because he was cropped out of many of the photos with the famous personalities. Then this was his effort that he impressed many of the people through his beautiful voice. Now at present many of the people are crazy about him and want to know about him.

Crew Love:

Abel Tesfaye Interesting Facts

Drake’s Crew Love was the first shot for Abel, and he enjoyed a lot this shot. This shot was the opportunity for him to get famous. The rides were all meant to be on the weekend’s House of Balloon’s Mixtape. Now he is considered to the amazing singer.

We have discussed above the most interesting facts about the great singer Abel. He started his singing career from last five years but from his beautiful voice he has impressed many of the people. People are getting crazy about him and want to know about him. By reading the above mentioned information, you can get a clear idea about the Abel.

Some Unknown Interesting Facts about Pluto


Once thought to be the Ninth and the farthest planet in the solar system, Pluto is a dwarf planet which is a part of the Kuiper Belt. Pluto’s status as a planet was even questionable ever since the day it was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh via telescope. Pluto, like Uranus and Neptune, cannot be seen by the naked eye and powerful telescopes are needed to see it clearly. It is officially the first ever object to being discovered from the Kuiper belt by mankind. Let’s divulge into some of the interesting facts about Pluto.

Some Unknown Interesting Facts about Pluto – Amazing

Classification as a Dwarf Planet

Some Unknown Interesting Facts about PlutoPluto was demoted to the status of a dwarf planet mainly because of the discovery of Eris in 2005 and also because there were two or three more dwarf planets discovered beyond Pluto. The classification of Pluto as a dwarf planet came into reason as the planet was exceedingly small to be called as such with other similar bodies being discovered in the Kuiper Belt.

Not the Closest Dwarf Planet

Some Unknown Most Interesting Facts about Pluto

One of the most interesting facts about Pluto is that it is not the closest dwarf planet. It is officially the second closest dwarf planet to the Earth. Astronomers found that it was not that different than the largest object, Ceres, in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter which is 945 km in diameter. Ceres and planets like Pluto are mainly categorized as dwarf planets because of their varying orbits and inability to clear debris around their immediate space like the other eight planets in the solar system.


Interesting Facts about Pluto

Plutoids are the ice dwarf planets that reside in the trans-Neptunian space along the Kuiper belt. These are all celestial bodies beyond Neptune that orbit the sun and also are massive enough to be round. These ice dwarfs are named after the former planet Pluto as it is one of those trans-Neptunian Dwarf planets.

Kuiper Belt

Most Interesting Facts about Pluto

Kuiper Belt is an orbital zone in space beyond Neptune, and it is filled with icy rocks and debris. The biggest reason that Pluto was demoted as a dwarf-planet was that there are hundreds of thousands of bodies similar to Pluto that is more than 100 kilometers in diameter and roundish in shape; in the Kuiper Belt. Kuiper Belt has over a trillion comets apart from the Plutoids and the debris.

Funky Orbit

Surprising Facts about Pluto

Another one of interesting facts about Pluto is that it also orbits the sun in a completely different direction than the other eight planets. These other planet’s orbits make the solar system seem akin to a disc. While other planets have somewhat consistent distance from the Sun during their orbit, Pluto’s distance from the sun varies greatly over the course of its revolution on the account of its highly elliptical orbit.

The Eris Discovery

Most Surprising Facts about Pluto

If it weren’t for the discovery of Eris in 2005, the debate about Pluto’s legitimacy as the Ninth Planet would never have been made. When Eris was discovered, for a brief moment in time, scientists considered it to be the tenth planet in the solar system and the news channels were bombarded with its discovery. Eris was first thought to be bigger than Pluto. Eris is 1,445 miles in diameter and Pluto was thought to be 1,400 miles. However, it is now considered as the largest dwarf planet with a diameter of 1,474 miles.

New Horizons Probe

Amazing Facts about Pluto

Very little was known about the dwarf planet until its very first probe in 2015. NASA launched the New Horizons spacecraft mission in January 2006, and it took over nine years for the spacecraft to reach the planet. The probe corrected the previously incorrect assumption of Pluto’s size as it was found to be 3% larger than its assumed size. One of the most interesting facts about Pluto is that at the time of New Horizons’ launch, it was still classified as a Planet, and its status changed months after the probe was launched. Come to think of it, if Pluto was de-merited as a planet a year or two before the New Horizons mission may not have been sanctioned by NASA.

Pluto’s Moons

Most Amazing Facts about Pluto

Despite its humble size, Pluto still has a total of five natural satellites aka moons orbiting it. The largest moon Charon is half its size with a whopping 750 miles in diameter. The other four moons are more like asteroid bodies than a regular moon, but they do orbit the Pluto. Hydra is the second largest with only 34 miles in length. Next comes Nix at 26 miles. Until 2005, Pluto was known to only have the single moon Charon, and then Nix and Hydra were discovered. Pluto only had three moons till 2011 when scientists discovered Kerberos using Hubble telescope. It has two lobes of 5 and 3 miles in length. Styx was discovered in 2012 with an irregular shape and a length of just 4.5 miles. Scientists anticipated that the New Horizon Probe will discover more moons, but none other was spotted.

Brother Charon

Facts about Pluto

Charon is more than half the size of Pluto at 750 miles. It is more massive than Pluto as the barycenter of the point that they orbit around is located outside Pluto. Pluto is one-third ice because of which it is very dense. Charon and Pluto are tidally locked like the Moon and Earth because of which only one side of Charon is visible to Pluto at all times. Because they orbit around each other, and their small size difference, Charon, and Pluto are often considered as twin dwarf planets and often referred to as double dwarf-planets.

Pluto has an Atmosphere

Pluto Facts

Despite being so far away and being in the Kuiper Belt, Pluto has a thin layer of atmosphere which was once considered to be impossible before the 2015 NASA probe. The atmosphere is mostly nitrogen, and it is thin because the gas is spread out in the space because of the solar winds and constant debris collisions. Pluto also has traces of methane around 160 kilometers above its surface. The gasses form a dark covering over Pluto by turning into a solid state when Pluto moves farther away from the Sun.

To Be Named by a Child

Fascinating Facts about Pluto

Like all of the other planets except for Earth that is named after either a Roman or a Greek God, Pluto is named after the Greek God of the Underworld. You heard right. Pluto is just a later name for the God of the Underworld, Hades; the bad guy in the Hercules movie. One of the most interesting facts about Pluto is that its name was suggested by an eleven-year-old child named Venetia Burney.

Not a Single Orbit Completed

Pluto Interesting Facts

When Pluto was discovered, it was classified as Planet mainly because it orbited the sun like the other eight planets. In fact, it was nearly discovered in 1905 because of its eccentric orbit as the odd deviations caused in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune led astronomer Percival Lowell to believe there was another planet. Lowell even predicted Pluto’s location very accurately in 1915 but died without ever finding the dwarf planet. Since its official discovery in 1930 by Tombaugh, Pluto hasn’t even completed a single orbit around the sun. It takes Pluto around 246 years to complete a single orbit around the sun. One of the amazing facts about Pluto is that because of its eccentric orbit, it crosses the orbit of Neptune at one point and becomes closer to the Sun than Neptune for around 20 earth years in its orbit.

There are so many things that are yet to be discovered about Pluto and other planets like it, and we will be happy to share more facts with you about them.

List of Amazing Pyramids of Egypt Facts


The Ancient Pyramids of Egypt also known were built over 4,500 years ago when the Pharaoh Khufu ordered the great structure. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest of the three pyramids that border El Giza in Egypt. It is officially one of the seven wonders of the world, and as it stands, it is the oldest man-made structure to be named as such. The ancient pyramids took over 20 years to build and are still known in the history as technological marvels.

Amazing Pyramids of Egypt Facts – Interesting

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Amazing Pyramids of Egypt Facts

The largest of the three ancient Egyptian pyramids, the Great Pyramid of Giza is a whopping 5.9 million tons in weight, and it is composed of approximately 2.3 million stone blocks. It was first known as Khufu’s Horizon and later the name was lost in translation. The experts of the Egyptian Holy glyphs found out its official name in the recent past. When it was originally built in 2550 B.C give or take, its height was estimated to be 147 meters. Due to the atmospheric elements of weathering and erosion, the height now remains at a still impressive 139 meters.

Technological Marvel

Most Amazing Pyramids of Egypt Facts

One of the amazing Pyramids of Egypt facts is that it is considered as a technological marvel as even today’s modern science can’t replicate the construction of these pyramids. First of all the placement of the outer mantle is done with 144,000 casing stone blocks that weigh 15 tons each and scientists are stumped at how these massively heavy stones were placed with such precision without the modern technology. Another fact is that these stones are flat to a 1/100th inch of accuracy which helps in creating the amazing symmetry. Some interior blocks weigh even up to a whopping 50 tons.

The Unreplicable Mortar

Interesting Pyramids of Egypt Facts

However, the greatest mystery of the structure is the mortar it is built with. Until this day, scientists and geologists who specialize in Egyptian history have been unable to figure out the origins of these mortar. Sure they know what it is chemically composed of, but that is it. It has thus far proved impossible to reverse engineer the method of creating the mortar. The mortar is one of the amazing pyramids of Egypt facts that they are still standing at an impressive height as it is stronger that the stone the pyramid is built with in the first place.

Facing True North

Most Interesting Pyramids of Egypt Facts

Another one of the amazing pyramids of Egypt facts is that they are aligned with great accuracy towards the true north. Until this day, it is the most accurately aligned structure with the true north with an accuracy of 3/60th of a degree. It is believed that at the time of the pyramids’ construction they were perfectly aligned without a smidge of error as the North Pole moves over the course of a large period.

The Record for Tallest Structure

Surprising Pyramids of Egypt Facts

The London Cathedral was built in 1311 and became the tallest man-made structure at the time. Before that happened, the Great Pyramid of Giza held the title for over 3871 years. One of the most amazing pyramids of Egypt facts is that the great pyramid also holds the record for the longest reign as the tallest man-made structure.

Tomb Raiders

Pyramids of Egypt Facts

The ancient Egyptians buried their dead in the burial grounds that were placed strategically in the pyramids. The dead were buried with everyday items and even expensive jewelry depending on the status of the dead Egyptian. The most recent fully intact tomb was recovered in 1922 that of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, who was the pharaoh from 1332 BC to 1323 BC, in the Valley of Kings. Tutankhamun was buried with a solid gold funerary mask on his face. Because of the expensive jewelry, tomb raiding was once a very popular profession, and many of the tombs were dismantled and robbed.

Many say because of the novelty of these pyramids that they are the greatest piece of history left behind by the human race. Can’t say that I can argue against that fact.

List of Fun Facts about Ginger


Ginger is a type of a fibrous root that is knobby in nature and has a brown skin with often a terrific shine to it. It has been used for centuries for seasoning different types of dishes. In the West, ginger root is mostly used for flavoring sweets and desserts like cookies, cakes, beverages and even different kinds of bread. Gingerbread is one of the more famous variations, and it is often used as a snack during the holiday season. In the east and especially the South Asian region, ginger along with onions and tomatoes is a staple ingredient in most dishes. Following is a list of fun facts about ginger that you may like to know.

Fun Facts about Ginger – Beneficial Health Tips

Taste and Nutrition

List of Fun Facts about Ginger

Ginger is particularly known for its particularly pungent smell that is often pleasing to the senses as the aroma wafts through the food. It adds a peculiar zest to the food which otherwise would have tasted dull quite frankly. Ginger root is very low in Glycemic index, and it is well known for its calming and soothing effect on the gastrointestinal tract. One tablespoon of ginger slices is barely five calories and with a myriad of health benefits, it is a smart choice.

Master of Digestion

Fun Facts about Ginger

People who are ridden with stomach problems or irregular bowel movement should immediately consider adding a little ginger flavor to their diet. One of the fun facts about ginger is that it activates the digestive enzymes in the body just from its aroma. It increases you appetite and aids in the absorption of vital nutrients that are otherwise excreted from the body without proper assimilation to the blood stream.

Folk Remedies

Interesting Facts about Ginger

For centuries, Chinese herbal medication has been very fond of including ginger as a key ingredient. It has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties with a penchant for relaxing the blood vessels. In India, people often drink their chai that is prepared with ginger to relieve the sniffles and throat problems. Applying a paste of ginger powder and water to your forehead can help alleviate headaches. It is also effective against cold, nausea and flatulence.

Throwback Ginger

Most Interesting Facts about Ginger

People have not just realized the ‘oh so many’ uses of ginger as even centuries ago ginger was a very popular spice. During the 13th and 14th century, 1lb of ginger root was equivalent to the price of a sheep. The famous gingerbread man was conceived way back in the 16th century, and one of the fun facts about ginger is that Queen Elizabeth 1 was credited with inventing them.

The Forbidden Root

Facts about Ginger

In older civilizations, ginger root was widely considered to be aphrodisiacs. That is because their pungent smell and taste warm your insides, increase blood flow and awaken the olfactory glands. Today, gingers also have uses aside from cooking and health remedies. The e-cigarettes often employ ginger to spice up the liquid. It is also used in making favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails like Shirley Temple and Ginger Ale. One of the incredibly fun facts about ginger is that there are ginger flavored beer and rum.


Ginger Fun Facts

One of the greatest health benefits of consuming ginger roots is the vital boost to the immunity, Aside from treating nausea and throaty coughs, ginger boosts the immune system to protect against viruses like the flu or the common cold. It also makes the body more immune to poisonous carrier bacteria such as E-coli, Salmonella, and Staph. Ginger is also mightily effective against ovarian and colorectal cancer. Studies have shown that Gingerols, the main active ingredient in a ginger root, helps induce cancer cell death.

There are so many fun facts about ginger which go beyond tasting and aroma into the realm of folklore remedy and modern medicine. It may not be far fetched to call ginger root the natural wonder drug.

Amazing Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible


Dolphins are marine mammals and one of the two distinct species of mammals including whales that roam the ocean and seas. They are often revered for their beauty and cutesy behavior of the trained dolphins, but there is a lot more to these creatures than meets the eye. In fact, the latest studies have revealed that makeup of a dolphin’s mind is more human-like than any other animal including our closest ancestors; the monkey. You would be remiss if you didn’t know about these amazing dolphin facts.

Amazing Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible – List

7. The Human Connection

Amazing Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible

Dolphins have a very friendly behavior towards humans, and they are playful which makes them one of the most popular mammals in the human world. Bottlenose dolphins are the most common species found in water worlds and aquariums that are often seen interacting with humans. However, their connection to humans goes way beyond the bounds of social interactions. Recent research has proven that dolphins have a quite remarkably similar genetic mapping to humans that has evolved much the same way as us. They have impressive brain size and high metabolic function which makes them the most intelligent creature on the face of the planet bar humans.

6. High Cerebral Function

Most Amazing Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible

Dolphins are the second smartest creature on the planet, at least out of the ones that we know exist. Adult dolphins could have an intelligence quotient of up to 70 which is IQ of a very slow human being. Their complex cerebral cortex even allows them cognitive abilities that help them in identifying their own, mimic others, communicate and even develop cultural roles. One of the most amazing dolphin facts is that they possess the ability to recognize and even admire their looks in a mirror.

5. Bulls and Cows

Interesting Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible

Dolphins have associate gender names that are similar to cattle. A male dolphin is called a bull; a female dolphin is called a cow, and a child dolphin is referred to as a calf.

4. Brilliant Memory

Most Interesting Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible

Another reason that Dolphins are linked so highly to humans is their impressive memory, second only to humans in the animal kingdom. They have the ability to assign dolphins in a pod a unique name and recognizing those names to answer to them, even if called by a stranger. The latest research has shown that dolphins also have the unique ability to communicate to each other over a telephone line and be able to understand and recognize the other.

3. Deep Sea Divers

Surprising Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible

Dolphins are deep sea divers, and they are exclusively carnivorous, unlike the giant whales that feed on kelps and planktons. One of the amazing dolphin facts is that they also have a blowhole much like whales that aid them in breathing. As they are not fish, they cannot stay under water for long and have to rise to the surface to breathe.

2. Dolphins and Whales

Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible

As the only two marine mammals, dolphin and whales have a lot in common. They are both highly intelligent; however their genetic makeup is different which has resulted in whales being herbivores and dolphins being carnivores. One species, the Killer Whale, is not a whale. Killer Whale belongs to the dolphin family and even though they are the biggest Dolphins, they are still way similar than an average blue or humpback whale. Killer whales are apex predators and also have the ability to hunt down moose and another herbivore that venture to the ocean shores. Whales and dolphins both give birth the same way, and the tail of the baby comes out first instead of the noggin.

1. Half Sleepers

Dolphin Facts

One of the most amazing dolphin facts is that these creatures only sleep half a brain at a time. That is the reason that dolphins sleep with one eye open. It helps the Dolphins stay alerted even when their highly developed brain is receiving the necessary rest.

Dolphins are amazing creatures and an absolute delight to interact with. They can be highly trained and develop bonds with humans like very few other animals.