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Some Amazing and Interesting Facts about Abkhazia


Abkhazia is a state south of Russia to the east coast of the Black Sea. Abkhazia is not recognized as an independent state by most of the countries. Abkhazia covers an area of 3340 square miles. It is home to approximately a quarter million people. The capital of Abkhazia is Sukhumi. Abkhazia is to the northwest of Georgia. It was believed to be a part of Georgia, but Georgia lacks control there. It is recognized by only a few countries including Russia. Three countries that originally recognized Abkhazia as an independent state has withdrawn their recognition in 2013 and 2014 respectively. We will walk you through some interesting facts about Abkhazia in this article so keep reading!

Mountains and Foothills Make up 74 % of the Total Area

Abkhazia is a state that has only 26 % open area. Rest is mountains and foothills. The four highest peaks in Abkhazia are Dombai Ulgen which stands approximately 4,046 meters tall. Psish is the highest peak in Abkhazia that is measured to be 5,790 meters in height. Ertsakhvu is 3,910 meters, and Guandra is nearly 3985 meters tall. The mountain passes in Abkhazia connect Abkhazia to the northern region of Caucasus.

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55 % of the Area is Covered with Trees

Abkhazia has a lot of trees. They are present on the plains as well as on the mountains and foothills. The trees range from fruit-bearing to big alpine trees. There is an abundance of fruit therefore in the state. The most common fruit are pear, apples and persimmon. Tea, tobacco, and citrus are grown along the coast to meet the needs of the natives. These trees also serve as honey collectors. The best honey is one that is collected from higher up in the mountains.

Horse Racing is the most Popular Sport

In Abkhazia, the most popular and the most played sport in horse racing. People take a lot of interest in horses and horse racing in particular. Horses enthusiastic in the state arrange many horse racing competitions throughout the year to keep people entertained. These horse races witness large audience.

Abkhazia has a Flag, Stamp, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Abkhazia is a state that is not recognized by most countries as an independent state. It, however, has its own national flag, official stamp and a ministry of foreign affairs. The ministry of foreign affairs does not have much work to do as there are only 5 countries that recognize Abkhazia as a state. The ministry only has to deal with them but still, it exists which is of great importance.

Only 20 % of Abkhazia’s Territory is Controlled by Georgia

Abkhazia was once a part of Georgia but it wanted independence. Today 80 % of the territory of Abkhazia is controlled by Abkhazia’s local authorities. It is a common belief that this 80 % is governed by Abkhazia with aid of Russian government. Only 20 % of the territory is now under the control of Georgia’s central government.

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Fruits and Vegetables are Cheaper in Abkhazia

When comparing prices of basic commodities with Russia, it is evident that Abkhazia is more expensive. The only things that are cheaper are fruits and vegetables because they grow in abundance in Abkhazia. Other things have to be bought from abroad mostly as Abkhazia is a small country that does not have a large manufacturing industry. It, however, has a strong farming industry.

Internet Service is very Slow

As mentioned already Abkhazia is not a technology strong state. Internet service in Abkhazia is very slow and to add also very expensive. This halts research and other innovation. The reason for it being slow is the conventional internet modems being used as no company has launched a fast internet. According to research telecommunication is also very expensive; let it be local or abroad.

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Only 3 Universities in the State

Abkhazia has only three universities that are to cater to the entire population of the state. Though the population of the state is also very small and three universities could suffice. But many people from Abkhazia travel to Russia for higher education because of only three universities. Russia accommodates these students as it has a lot of universities plus it has good bilateral ties with Abkhazia.

Abkhazia Clay Pots

Another interesting fact about Abkhazia pertaining to heritage and history of the state is the Abkhazia Clay pots. The biggest ever Abkhazia Clay pot discovered in the land of wine has a capacity to hold 200 liters of wine. The height of the pot is 151 cm and a width of 98 cm. It is the largest Abkhazia clay pot. The diameter of the neck of the Clay pot measures approximately 37 cm.
These are some interesting facts about Abkhazia that is yet struggling to gain the status of an independent state. It has the backing of Russia in both internal and external affairs. Russia acts as the back bone of Abkhazia that is trying to gain autonomous status from Georgio.

Most Interesting Facts about Abyssinia Empire


Abyssinia was an old name of the historic Ethiopian empire. It comprised of half of Ethiopia today. Abyssinia was on the African continent and had a lot of historical significance. It was initially Abyssinia from which people started migrating to and establishing the Middle East. Abyssinia was a kingdom ruled by a king, and at that time it had was much more powerful and reputed. The country fell in 1936 when the capital Addis Ababa was invaded by Italians. Haile Selassie, the king at that time was removed. In here we will list some interesting facts about Abyssinia which is modern day Ethiopia.

Emergence of modern anatomic humans

Abyssinia is thought to be the first place where modern anatomic humans emerged. Omo remains were the earliest modern human bones, they were found in Abyssinia modern day Ethiopia. Moreover, skeletal remains of Homo sapiens Ida Liu were also found at a place in Ethiopia. It is believed that these dated back approximately 160,000 years. They may represent an extinct subspecies of Homo sapiens or the immediate ancestors of anatomically modern humans.

Interesting facts about Abyssinia

Low life expectancy

Abyssinia has one of the profound life expectancy rates in the world. Living conditions in Ethiopia are not up to the mark which reduces their chances of living. Shortage of water and famine in the area also contributes to the low life expectancy rate. It is expected that a woman has an average life of 50 years while men can expect to live an average 48 years.

Twins are considered bad luck

Some of the traditional societies in Abyssinia viewed the birth of twins as mini, which means they are a sign of bad luck. Some of the Ethiopians believed that twins can be cursed and can also invite evil spirits. This is conservative view and many people in modern day Ethiopia do not abide by these beliefs.

Donkeys and camels were first kept in houses by Ethiopians

Camels and donkeys are thought to be first domesticated by Abyssinians in modern day Ethiopia. They started keeping them in homes and taking labour for them. They were used for transport, carriage and some agricultural tasks. Until then Camels and donkeys did not serve any domestic purpose.

Facts about Abyssinia

Ethiopia has a different calendar

Ethiopia has a different schedule that comprises of 13 months. The extra month in the calendar makes them few years behind the traditional schedule. It is seven years behind so now when it is 2016, Ethiopia has 2009. The extra month in their calendar is only of 5 days in the average years and six days in leap year.

Consumption of food is small

Consumption of food is low in Ethiopia. It is one of the least calorie consuming countries. At average it is thought that an adult in Ethiopia consumes around 1300 calories a day. Not only that, studies show that an average Ethiopian consumes only 21 grammes of fat per day. These statistics are the reason that the population of Ethiopia is one of the cleanest in the world.

Child Marriage

Although child marriage is not allowed in Ethiopia yet child marriage rates are very high. 49 percent of girls in Ethiopia are married before they reach the age of eighteen. Every 1 in 5 girls is married before the age of fifteen. It can be said that half of the girl population aged between 15-19 has been married in Ethiopia.

Amazing facts about Abyssinia

Ethiopia is a combination of two Greek words

The name Ethiopia is a combination of two Greek words. The two terms are author and ops. When combined they mean burnt face. It may seem derogatory to name a country that, but this is how the ancient Greeks referred to the people of Africa. They used to be called that because of their dark skin.

4th Highest Capital

Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, is the 4th highest money in the world. Highest because its height from the sea level is 2400 meters. This makes it the 4th highest money in the world. The literal meaning of the word Addis Ababa is “white flower”.

Diverse Languages

The national language of Ethiopia is Amharic. An interesting fact about Ethiopia is that despite having a national language, there are over 80 languages that are spoken in the country. Ethiopia is a diverse country when it comes to words. It is believed that 80 languages are spoken, and 200 different dialects are spoken in the country.
These are some interesting facts about Abyssinia modern day Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a country with extensive historical background and a lot of inventions to its credit.

Some Interesting Facts about Acadia National Park


Acadia National Park is a Citizen Park in the United States of America. Acadia National Park was created to preserve nature and to protect this beautiful are from over development. It was created by some wealthy elites in the early nineteen hundreds. John D. Rock Feller was also a part of them. When this park gained the status of the national park, it was named Lafayette national park. It was later renamed to Acadia national park. There are some interesting facts about Acadia National Park that are lesser known, and we would dwell into those.

Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain which is located in the park is not only the highest mountain along the Atlantic Coast but is also one of the first places to see the sunrise in the United States in the morning. The height of the mountain is 1530 feet. It not only adds to the beauty of the national park but is also a great spot to see the sunrise.

20% of the area consists of water bodies

While the park has a lot of mountains and hills which make the landscape beautiful, it does not fall short of any part of the ecosystem. A significant area of the park is the wetland. The park has a network of streams and lakes which add to the beauty of the park. In Acadia national park nature can be witnessed at the finest.

Interesting facts about Acadia National Park

Land of the park was donated

Almost all of the land of the Acadia National Park was donated by private individuals. The private individuals spent decades buying this property and searching for other available space with it. In 1913, however, they reached to the government to get their work preserved by the creation of a national park. In 1916 the park became a national monument.

Park caught fire in 1947

A major blow to the park was when it caught fire in 1947. The fire was wild and spread very quickly because of the plants. When it finally extinguished it had made a massive loss of around ten thousand acres of Acadia’s land. Locals, as well as other businesses affiliated with the park, had to suffer heavy losses.

Open for public

The Acadia national park is open to the general public throughout the year. This was the primary aim behind its formation that natural landscapes should be preserved so that nature lovers could enjoy them. It attracts visitors from the entire world. Recreations have been created to keep the visitors entertained.

Facts about Acadia National Park

October is the ideal month to visit

October is the perfect month to visit the Acadia National Park. From U.S. News & World Report to the National Park Service say that October is an ideal month to visit Acadia. The weather in October is most suited for a visit to the park. It is this time of the year that it is not very crowded because there are no holidays in October. This allows you to enjoy nature and solidarity.

The park has 26 mountains

Acadia national park has a total of 26 mountains. The park is distinct because of its high peaks and the greenery. These 26 mountains include one of the highest mountains along the coast. It is very different from a national park to have this many mountains, but that is what makes Acadia more unique.

Home to 40 species of mammals

Acadia National Park combines all forms of nature. It provides a natural setting for the visitors and the animals alike. It is home to 40 different kinds of mammals. These mammals include moose, beaver, coyotes and black bears. These animals reside in the park in comfort as it is their natural habitat. These animals can be spotted by the visitors of the park.

Amazing facts about Acadia National Park

Acadia has 120 miles of hiking trails

Acadia national park has 120 miles of hiking trails. These should not be confused as being great hiking trails that are for pros. Average people can hike most of it without any trouble at all. The hiking trail with mesmerising views of nature is one incredible feature of the Acadia National Park. These trails can be travelled in a day.

Bird lovers paradise

Acadia national park is a bird lover’s paradise. They can sit on any of the mountains or near a lake and see birds going to the south for their pray. All sorts of birds can be seen from small birds to large hawks. These birds look breathtaking flying in beautiful views. A bird lover can just sit and watch them flying the entire day.
These are some interesting facts about Acadia National Park. This park is a symbol of commitment and love for nature. The private individuals who ventured on its creation were committed to their task and were finally able to create a national park.

Interesting Facts about Aberdeen Scotland


Aberdeen is a city in Scotland. It is home to many foreign residents as well as locals. Aberdeen is the third most populous town in the Scotland. This is because of a huge petroleum industry it has. The city is known by many names; most arise from the city’s characteristics. After the formation of North Sea Oil, the company became famous as the Oil Capital of Europe. It has two well-reputed universities which make it the Education Centre of North East Scotland. It is located where the Dee and Don River meet in the North Sea. Now we will look into some interesting facts about Aberdeen that will help you be well acquainted with the city.

Interesting Facts about Aberdeen Scotland – Some Amazing Information

  • There are many other places named Aberdeen

Aberdeen, the city of Scotland, is not the only place with the name. It is believed that there are thirty more places throughout the world with the same name. Soo makes sure you are here for Aberdeen in Scotland. There are eighteen places called Aberdeen in America alone. Two locations called Aberdeen are in the United Kingdom, and the list goes on.

  • Aberdeen Journal is one of the oldest in Britain

Aberdeen Journal was first printed in 1748. It is not only the oldest journal of Scotland but also the oldest Journal in Britain. It is one of the large running journals in the world. The newsletter included news about Aberdeen and fellow city Inverness. Initially, Aberdeen Journal was named Aberdeen’s Journal and was published weekly. Now it is being issued daily like a newspaper.

Interesting Facts about Aberdeen Scotland
  • Rubislaw Quarry was the largest human-made hole in Europe

Rubislaw quarry was 480 inches thick which once made it the largest human-made hole in Europe. It is located west of Aberdeen. Aberdeen City Council sold it to a private businessman, and it is believed that six million tonnes of granite were dug from the quarry. Waterloo Bridge in London along with many other buildings was made of this granite.

  • Aberdeen once served as the British Centre for envelopes

Aberdeen was famous for its production of quality containers, and therefore it helped British Centre for pockets in the late 19th century. Envelopes were needed for proper work in Britain and Aberdeen was the official supplier. Aberdeen is also credited with the invention of the self-seal envelopes. The first self-seal envelope was developed in Aberdeen.

  • The Thermopylae was built in Aberdeen

The Thermopylae was the fastest sailing ship of its time. It was made by Walter Wood & Co. in Aberdeen. Thermopylae was a clipper ship that was designed for tea trade. It was popular for being fast and once had a race with Cutty Stark from Shanghai to London. The Thermopylae reached six days before the Cutty Stark.

Aberdeen, Scotland Interesting Facts
  • Aberdeen has lowest unemployment rate in Scotland

Aberdeen is one of the most populated cities in Scotland, yet it can provide jobs. One interesting fact about Aberdeen is that it has the lowest unemployment rate in Scotland. This is because of its large petroleum industry, world level universities and other offices that offer jobs. It also has granite quarry which does ample jobs.

  • Aberdeen yet has unused oil reserves in the North Sea

Despite having an enormous petroleum industry, some oil reserves in the North Sea have not been developed yet. Aberdeen is a city that is rich in resources whether it is granite or oil. Therefore Aberdeen can continue to be the money making the town of Scotland without worrying about the oil reserves running out soon.

Interesting Facts about Aberdeen Scotland
  • Aberdeen has the busiest heliport in the world

Aberdeen has the busiest civilian heliport in the world. Helicopters take off and land the entire day. Helicopters make up 39% of air traffic at the Aberdeen Airport. These helicopters are private. This is because oil tycoons are flying in and out of the city. Aberdeen Airport successfully integrates both forms of air traffic at the same airport.

  • Aberdeen hosts Scotland’s largest funfair

Aberdeen hosts Scotland’s biggest funfair. This funfair is permanent and is a source of enjoyment for many children and adults alike. This funfair is also a source or employment in the city and creates a lot of jobs because of it being permanent.

  • Union Bridge is the largest single span granite curved structure

Union Bridge which is in the middle of Aberdeen is the largest single span granite curved structure. It is made out of Aberdeen’s local granite. Most buildings in Aberdeen is made out of granite. This is why Aberdeen is informally called the Granite City.
Aberdeen is a city that has everything to offer. These interesting facts about Aberdeen will surely make you want to visit Aberdeen or at least admire its uniqueness and appreciate how much it adds to Scotland.

Interesting facts about Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is the metropolis city of United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is a political and economic hub of the Middle East. It houses a population of approximately 650,000. The residents include locals as well as a lot of foreigners. The United Arab Emirates is a country dictated by rulers. All seven emirates have their sovereign rulers. The first president of the UAE was the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan. Even today the President is the new ruler of Abu Dhabi. Being the capital of UAE, it is on the fast track towards development. The language spoken in Abu Dhabi is Arabic, and the currency is Dirham. There are some interesting facts about Abu Dhabi that are lesser known, and we will explore those points in this article.
Abu Dhabi is the greatest Emirate of the UAE
Abu Dhabi is the largest Emirate of the UAE area wise. It is bigger than any of the other six emirates. An interesting fact about Abu Dhabi is that not only is it more substantial than other emirates, but it is also greater in area than the field of the other six emirates combined. It is the capital and houses all government offices.

Interesting facts about Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has the world’s furthest leaning human-made tower
In 2010, Guinness world records recognised the world’s furthest leaning human-made the tower in Abu Dhabi. The capital gate is a modern skyscraper in Abu Dhabi. This thirty-five-floor building is even leaner than the famous tower of Pisa. It has a lean of 18 degrees while the tower of Pisa boasts a lean of only 3.9 degrees.
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has the fastest surge coaster in the world
Ferrari world Abu Dhabi has the fastest roller coaster in the world called Formula Rossa. Formula Rossa has a top speed of 239 km/h. Not only does Ferrari world house the fastest roller coaster in the world it is also the biggest indoor they park in the world. Ferrari world is a theme park that caters to all ages by creating attractions for them.
Abu Dhabi is the 25th most expensive city to live in the world
Abu Dhabi is the 25th most expensive city to live in the world. The consultancy firm, Mercer in their annual cost of living survey, placed Abu Dhabi in the 25th position. It rated it as one of the most expensive city for an expat to live in. The study took into consideration; rentals, healthcare, schooling, transport and recreation.
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the 8th largest mosque in the world
Sheikh Zayed Great Mosque is one of the greatest mosques in the world. It can accommodate more than 40,000 worshippers at a time. It is famous for its architecture and expensive materials used. The mosque has four 350 feet minarets and 82 domes made out of white marble. It has one of the biggest chandeliers in the world
Emirates Palace hotel has one of the most expensive suits in the world.

Facts about Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace Hotel is a lavishness hotel in Abu Dhabi. The Palace suit is one of the most expensive suits in the world. It has a charge of U.S. $15,000 per night. This hotel stretches over an area of one kilometre. It has 114 domes with an average height of 200 feet. Emirates Palace is famous for its Swarovski crystal chandeliers. It has almost a thousand of these chandeliers.
Most visited places of Abu Dhabi are Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Emirates Palace, Ferrari world and The Corniche
Though Abu Dhabi has a lot of attractions, the most visited are the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Emirates Palace, Ferrari world and the Corniche. Ferrari world and Emirates Palace are the expensive options while Sheikh Zayed Mosque and The Corniche are available for everyone. Tourists and locals visit these places alike.
Abu Dhabi is one of the biggest oil-producing city
Abu Dhabi produces 2.5 million barrels of oil each day. It is one of the most major oil producing cities in the world. Abu Dhabi is famous for being a rich city. Most revenue comes from oil which makes it one of the most vibrant cities. Revenue earned from tourists is also on the rise because of new attractions being built in the city.

Amazing facts about Abu Dhabi

Upward trend of bike
Abu Dhabi is also following the suit of the other leading towns in the world. It is shifting slowly to environmentally friendly modes of transports. Now they have bicycles available at a very low rate which could be taken from the various stands in the city. Though Abu Dhabi is famous for its luxury cars, it also promotes environmental friendly transport.
Abu Dhabi is an expensive to travel than New York
Though the number of tourists visiting the city is increasing by the day, it is still an expensive city to visit. It is an expensive city for tourists, beating cities like New York and London. This is because of the high tax levied and the expensive tickets to the recreation areas.
These are some interesting facts about Abu Dhabi that are lesser known. This Gulf city is on the verge of development and has many upcoming developmental projects lined up. Today, Dubai attracts more tourists than Abu Dhabi, but the gap would narrow with the creation of new amusements.

Some Amazing facts about Abel Tasman


Abel Tasman was the founder of Tasmania and New Zealand’s South Island. Tasman was an explorer who was Dutch by origin and worked at the Dutch East India Company. Success came fast to Tasman, and he became captain of the ship in the Dutch East India Company. Traces of land were thought to exist in the southern continent, but he was the first navigator to locate them. He explored the part of the world that was not known to humans. Therefore on his return from the half year voyage, he was promoted to a commander in the Dutch East India Company. In here, we will walk you through some interesting facts about the explorer which have not been explored by many people yet.

Abel Tasman was not alone on his voyage

Abel Tasman was accompanied by two of his allies. One was his navigator François Visscher, and the other was his merchant Isaack Gilsemans. The invention of the new continent also had the hand of these two along Abel Tasman. These men do not get their fair credit in the discovery of New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. However, they played important roles in the development.

Abel Tasman was born in Lutjegast

Abel Tasman was born in Lutjegast in 1603. Lutjegast is not known to many though it is the birthplace of one of the great explorer. For those of you who are not familiar with Lutjegast, Lutjegast is a small village in the Westerkwartier area of the province Groningen in the Netherlands. Most people know of the existence of this little village because of Abel Tasman.

Amazing facts about Abel Tasman

Connection with Batavia

Abel Tasman had to shift to Batavia because of his affiliation with the Dutch East India Company. He moved to Batavia in 1633 in the wake of his job. He shifted back to the now capital, Amsterdam after four years of living in Batavia. However, he had to return to Batavia which was the capital of Dutch East Indies after ten years.
Abel Tasman’s first Voyage was as a second commander
The first voyage of which Abel Tasman was a part of was in 1639. At that time he served a position of second in command. That voyage was commanded by Captain Matthijs Quast. The fleet consisted of two ships namely Engel and Grace. His first trip proved successful.

Drafted Bonaparte Tasman map

This plan was drafted in assistance of Abel Tasman. It is not sure as to who wrote the map. Contradictions arise as to whether Tasman’s merchant or his chief pilot. The map shows his two voyages in 1642 and 1644 respectively. The map is drawn on Japanese paper and was circulated in the Dutch East India Company. The map is now a valuable possession and is now in the State Library of New South Wales, Australia.

Abel Tasman Interesting facts

Abel Tasman was sent for exploration by the Council of the Indies.
One of the interesting facts about Abel Tasman is that he was sent along with Francois Visscher for exploration of the South Continent by the Council of the Indies. The presence of uninhabited land was always suspected, and therefore the council wanted to explore and put it to use. With this mission, they sent Abel Tasman, and he returned successfully.

The first discovery was West Tasmania

The first discovery of Abel Tasman in his voyage was Tasmania. He discovered West Coast of Tasmania in 1642. The date is believed to be 24th of November. Tasmania was located north of Macquarie Harbor. Abel Tasman is widely respected in Tasmania for being the founder.

Abel Tasman Named his first discovery

Tasmania was named by Abel Tasman when first discovered. He resorted to his Dutch roots to name the country. His sincerity with the Dutch East India Company reflected from the name he chose. He named it after the Governor-General of the Dutch East India Company Antonio van Diemen. Later the name was changed to Tasmania. Initially, on its discovery, it was called Van Diemen’s Land.

Abel Tasman created the possession of Tasmania

Not only did Abel Tasman discover the Southern continent but he is also credited with having created the possession of the land. It is believed that Abel Tasman created the territory of Tasmania in 1642 a week and a half after its discovery. The date is thought to be 3rd of December 1942.

Amazing facts about Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman is also the founder of New Zealand

Abel Tasman discovered New Zealand in his voyage also. It was the same voyage in which he discovered Tasmania. He also kept his name, and even today it is sometimes known from the name of the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indian Company. Until recently it was known from Van Diemen’s name.

When you look at the accomplishments of Abel Tasman, you cannot help but be emulous of him. But Abel Tasman had to face many hurdles in his voyages as there were instances where his ship was about to be wrecked. These are some exciting and amazing facts about Abel Tasman that are not well known.

Fast Facts about Abdel Fattah el sisi


Abdel Fattah Sisi is the Egyptian Defense Minister and military chief. Abdel Fattah was born on November 19th in 1954 in Cairo Egypt. The name at the time of his birth was Abdel Fattah el Sisi, Bazaar shop owner. The name of his father was Hassan El sisi, Bazaar shop owner. Abdel Fattah married women named Entissar in 1977. He is having four children named Mustafa, Mahmoud, Hassan, and Aya(daughter). The education of Abdel Fattah is from Egyptian military academy and in 1977 he attended Egyptian Command and Staff College in 1887, attended joint command and staff college United State in 1992. He also joined Nasser’s military science academy in Egypt in 2003. The religion of the Abdel-Fattah is Muslim. In 2014 on March 26th he resigned from the military and declared himself as the president of Egypt. He was officially declared as the president on June 3rd, 2014 when he won the presidential elections. That was some of the discussion about the military general of Egypt Abdel Fattah. Now we are going to discuss the most fascinating and the most interesting facts about the Abdel-Fattah.

Fast Facts about Abdel Fattah el sisi – Interesting


Interesting Facts about Abdel Fattah el sisi

Abdel Fattah was the Egyptian leader and the politician who lead the office as the minister of defense. He was also the commander in chief of the Egyptian armed forces from the year 2012 to 2014. In 2013 he became the Deputy prime minister of Egypt. He ruled in an amazing way. He became successful just because of his own efforts.

Before Fame:

Most Interesting Facts about Abdel Fattah el sisi

Abdel Fattah got graduated from the Egyptian military academy in the late 1970s. Abdel commanded in northern Egypt Alexandria military division. He services in the Egypt are remarkable. People love and respect his personality and this is the great achievement for the Abdel Fattah. He is the man of qualities and an amazing leader indeed.


Amazing Facts about Abdel Fattah el sisi

Abdel Fattah’s services for the country of Egypt are remarkable. He gained this power and status on his own behalf. He is the Muslim leader having all the qualities which a Muslim should have in it. He began his Egyptian Presidential Campaign in 2014.

Family life:

Most Amazing Facts about Abdel Fattah el sisi

He had born in the simple and not much big city of Egypt Cairo. He gives birth to three sons and one daughter. He raised his children on the principles of Islam. He is a Muslim and he is very proud of being a Muslim. From his very early age he started working to get enrolled in the army of Egypt and afterwards his career ended at the presidency of Egypt.

Associated with:

Lovely Facts about Abdel Fattah el sisi

Abdel Fattah was the key figure in 2013 he removed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi from his office. Abdel Fattah was the Commander in chief of the Army of Egypt. When he saw that the president of Egypt Mohamed is not working well he removed him from the seat of presidency and took his place. He also won the election of president.

Military Career:

Surprising Facts about Abdel Fattah el sisi

Like many other military members Abdel Fattah sisi also went to United States to get the training from there. The most recent training of sisi is from a United States in 2006. He did many of the corces and also went to UK at the British command and Staff College. He was sent to Saudi Arabia as a military attaché in Riyadh.

Choice Quotes:

Facts about Abdel Fattah el sisi

The Virginity test procedure was done by the Abdel Fattah in Egypt. In this procedure a protection was given to the girls of Egypt. To protect the girls from rape attempts he also made the precautions to protect soldiers and officers from rape accusation.

He is Muslim:

Fast Facts about Abdel Fattah el sisi

Abdel Fattah sisi is a Muslim leader of Egypt. Muslims are not good reputation in the world and known to be the terrorists but Abdel Fattah is a Muslim leader having all the qualities which a Muslim should have in him. He is an amazing personality of Egypt who ruled in Egypt at the different posts. He made such a good and amazing reputation in Egypt through his service that people idealize him respect him and also want to know about his personal as well as his professional life.

Best Known Leader:

Abdel Fattah el sisi Interesting Facts

Abdel Fattah el sisi give his services as the Commander in chief of the army of Egypt. He worked hard to achieve his goal. It was his passion to be selected in the Army of Egypt and he started his career at the very early age. People were amazed of his services. He also became the president of the State of Egypt to provide his best services on the best post of the Egypt. People of Egypt like him as well as respect him.

Provided best services in Egypt:

Abdel Fattah el sisi Most Interesting Facts

He provided best of his services in Egypt. Initially he was selected in the Army of Egypt and then became the chief commander of the army of Egypt. By getting impressed by his service he was given the post of president. He also performed in an amazing way as the president of the country. He did many of the courses from the other countries like United States.

We have discussed above the most interesting facts about the great leader of the country Egypt Abdel Fattah el sisi. He started his Career as the chief Commander of army of Egypt. He removed the president of Egypt as he was not working efficiently and became the president of the country by winning the election. By reading the above mentioned an information you can get a clear idea of the great leader of Egypt Abdel Fattah sisi.

List of Shocking Facts about Suicide


For those of us who haven’t experienced what it feels to be suicidal, we can never tell how a person who’s jammed into that dark place feels. Most of us reject even the notion of someone even thinking about killing themselves. The limited few who try to sympathize are also mirroring with the wrong feelings. Society believes that suicidal thoughts occur when the mental pain becomes unbearable. But how much pain can lead you to suicide? Is there a scale somewhere? The answer is No. The simplest explanation that I can give to you is that people commit suicide when the pain dwarfs the coping resources one has that usually help them avoid these dark thoughts. But I am not writing this to diagnose what is a very insidious condition. Rather it is just to shed some perspective about the act itself and explore some of the shocking facts about Suicide that are unfortunately the reality in this world.

Shocking Facts about Suicide – Some Data

Suicide and New York

Shocking Facts about Suicide

Ah! The Big Apple. It is the city that never sleeps. A city with a rich history; both dark and beautiful. The, unfortunately, dark part is that more people commit suicide in the city of millions than are murdered. That is not to say that the murder rate should be higher. But in a city with dark alleys and a high enough murder rate, this fact is quite surprising. If you broaden that sample size to the whole country, the result is even more appalling. In the USA, you are twice as likely to kill yourself as you are to be killed by someone else.

Writers and Suicide

Most Shocking Facts about Suicide

As I am writing this, it is chilling to admit that a man or woman of my profession is 18 times more likely to commit suicide than the overall population of the world. One of the very shocking facts about suicide is that the famous novelist Ernest Hemmingway committed suicide. Now some of you might be familiar with the upcoming movie “The Suicide Squad”, Hemmingway’s was what you would call a “Suicide Family.” His sister committed suicide, as did his brother, his father and even his granddaughter of all people. The only thing that eases my mind as a writer while I write about this particular nugget of information is that it happens only to the established writers. Something that I am unfortunately not.

Suicide and Japan

Surprising Facts about Suicide

Wherever you go around the world, there are always places that make people miserable. The ever cheerful Japan is no different. In fact, a study claims that Japan has the highest concentration of suicide of any country in the world. One of the shocking facts about suicide is that the Mount Mihara in Japan has claimed over 2000 lives to suicide. The situation got so out of hand that the government had to build a fence on the volcanic mountain to buck the trend of suicides. A Sad fact is that the leading cause of death for people between the age of 20 and 45 in Japan is suicide.

Suicide and Bullet Trains

Most Surprising Facts about Suicide

The human body is so fragile, and there are so many ways that trouble people attempt to put an end to it. Jumping in front of high-speed train is a notorious way to go about it. Japan has the fastest bullet trains, and it isn’t shocking in this case that people have committed suicide by jumping in front of them. The only way that the government could put a lid on it was to impose a huge disruption fine on the family of the person that commits the act of suicide. Thankfully, as a result, the rate of suicide by this particular method plummeted in Japan.

Suicide and Entertainment

Facts about Suicide

The world of entertainment is often a slippery slope where people find their true selves lost in the limelight. Most thrive on the idea, but there are a few who find that very existence miserable. There are many celebrities that have had brushes with suicide and quite a few like Eve Miller, George Sanders and Larry Grey that succumbed to the dark desire. One of the shocking facts about suicide is that actor Ashton Kutcher almost committed suicide in his puberty. However, it was for a noble cause as he contemplated giving his heart to his dying brother when he was just 13 years old. You will be shocked to find out that there is an episode of Tom and Jerry where both the cat and the mouse commit suicide at the end.

Suicide and Statistics

Suicide Facts

Unfortunately, there are statistics which show that suicide is one of the leading causes of deaths around the world. In 2014, the rate of committing suicide in the world was every 40 seconds. Research points that the rate may have gone up since then. The horrifying part is that even minors who haven’t even tasted life itself try to kill themselves. One in every 25 US teenagers attempts suicide. The youngest conscientious suicide was committed by a 5-year-old girl named Marilyn Demont. She jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge

Suicide and Golden Gate Bridge

Suicide Most Shocking Facts

Golden Gate Bridge is the number one suicide site in the world. The choice is quite logical as there is a remote chance that you will even survive the fall and the one-mile straight is deep enough that even if you try later, you won’t make it to the shore. Only 2% of the total attempted suicides on the bridge have ever failed. There was one “genius” that jumped off the bridge just for the fun of it and survived somehow.

Suicide and Habits

Suicide Shocking Facts

We often see in thriller and suspense movies that suicide is indicated only when there is a suicide note. Many stories even take it on face value. One of the most shocking facts about suicide is that only 25% of the people leave behind a note. Statistics even show the most vulnerable day in the week for suicidal people. The highest percentage of suicides is committed on a Wednesday.

Suicide and the UK

Suicide Surprising Facts

Even the United Kingdom hasn’t escaped the curse of suicides. That goes true especially for the men in the society. For men under 50 in the UK, the most common cause of death is by suicide. The UK even had an arcane law to battle that problem before. One of the most shocking facts about suicide is that until 1961, attempted suicide was treated as a severe crime in England. You live or die from a suicide attempt. Either way, you are screwed.

Suicide and Founders

There are people in history that have revolutionized the way their particular field was viewed. Part of bringing revolution is dealing with failures, and some weren’t able to handle the pressure. Victoria’s Secret founder Roy Raymond committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. One of the most shocking facts about suicide is that the inventor of Diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel, committed suicide in 1913. His reason for that being that he didn’t think his invention would become a success. If only he could have peeked into the future.

Whatever your view might be on suicide, the fact is that it is a real demon amongst us. For those of you who have ever thought about it; don’t. After that, it’s over. Eternal darkness is not fun.

List of Amazing Panda Facts Will Blow Your Mind


Giant Panda is mostly found living in the forests of China as its habitat of choice for thousands of years. Today Pandas are arguably one of the most beloved animals on the planet because of their attractive black and white fur and smiling feature. Panda is the poster boy for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as the organization has frequently chosen the animal in its logos over the years. It is also the unofficial mascot of the Chinese government. Following are some amazing panda facts that will see you appreciating the importance of this animal in the wildlife if you don’t already.

Amazing Panda Facts Will Blow Your Mind – Interesting

The Feared Pandas

Amazing Panda Facts Will Blow Your Mind

Pandas are described in the folklore as dangerous animals that had the capability of consuming metal as their favorite meal. Ancient Chinese feared the Panda as they dubbed them as “metal devouring black and white Tapirs.” Many games and animated movies are also based on that ancient fear that depicted Pandas as badasses as we now have a popular animated feature film franchise called the Kung Fu Panda. Fighting games like Tekken also have Pandas learn Chinese martial arts.

Pseudo Opposable Thumb

Most Amazing Panda Facts Will Blow Your Mind

One of the distinctive features of Panda is that through the evolutionary process, they have developed their wrist bones into pseudo-opposable thumbs that help them in holding bamboo while they chew on it.

Eating Bamboo

Interesting Panda Facts Will Blow Your Mind

One of the most amazing panda facts is that 99% of their diet solely relies on consumption of bamboos. Despite that pandas are not classified as herbivores. Because when bamboo supply is sparse, they will splurge on other foods like small fish, rodents or even other flora such as bamboo.

Strongest Bite

Most Interesting Panda Facts Will Blow Your Mind

It might come as a shock to you, but one of the most interesting panda facts is that they have one of the highest bite forces among all of the carnivores including the mighty crocodile. The reason for Pandas to eat bamboos despite having such naturally strong teeth for eating flesh is that they don’t have any umami receptors which makes the meat taste like bland substances.

Lone Wolfs

Surprising Panda Facts Will Blow Your Mind

Even though pandas are big and strong, they are usually very shy creatures, and they prefer to stay alone munching on their bamboo all the time. Because of this and their eating habit, a giant panda needs at least 2.5 to 4 square miles of living area to survive and thrive. Sometimes, however, a group of pandas may deem it necessary to live together when food is in short supply or within a limited area. A group of pandas is referred to as an ‘embarrassment’. I kid you not. It’s perhaps because they usually live alone.

Pandas Are Bears

Fascinating Panda Facts Will Blow Your Mind

Yes, you heard it right. Pandas belong to the bear family with the species being evolved over time to live in the bamboo habitat. You might be thinking ‘how could cute, cuddly and bamboo-eating pandas can be related to the meat eating deadly bears?’ Well, that is genetics my friends and there isn’t anything we could do about it. Pandas have the second largest tail of any of the bear species with the first place going to the sloth bear.

Money Saver

Amazing Facts About Panda

When World Wildlife Fund was being founded in 1961, pandas were the key element in making the organization such a success. An organization such as WWF needs a symbol that unites people together for a noble common cause. Trying to save the endangered panda species became the organization’s main selling point. In the words of Sir Peter Scott, the man who designed first ever WWF logo, the organization needed an animal that was loved by people, cute and was also endangered. However, one of the most amazing panda facts is that the creature was chosen as WWF logo to save printing costs. Chi-Chi was the giant panda that inspired the logo in 1961 when it was brought to the London Zoo and instantly became a household sensation.

Don’t Be Shy

Most Amazing Facts About Panda

As explained above, pandas are extremely shy creatures that usually avoid confrontation. That applies even more with panda cubs. So to work with pandas, researchers have to wear panda suit lest they scare off the panda cub.

They Eat All the Time

Interesting Facts About Panda

One of the biggest drawbacks of having bamboo as a primary food source is that it has very little nutritional value. As such, giant pandas have to consume 15-20 kg of bamboo every day, almost 20% of their total body weight (100-115 kg). Also, bamboo is not something that you could just eat right off the bat. The bamboo sticks first need to be collected in ample amount then preparing said bamboo for consumption by softening it using their strong molar. Finally, the task of eating the thing is carried out. One of the awesome panda facts is that they spend 55% of their lives doing these three activities; collecting, preparing and eating bamboo.

They Poop a Lot

Most Interesting Facts About Panda

What else would you expect to do when you consume 20 kg of food every day? A human that weighs roughly the same as a panda consumes 2.5 to 4 kg of food per day. The world average is 1.7 kg per day of food. Pandas poop as many as 40 times a day. Depending on what you have read so far, you can characterize a Panda’s day into three main activities. Eating, Pooping and Sleeping; which is a dream life for sloths like me.

The Little Cub

Panda Facts Will Blow Your Mind

A baby panda is extremely fragile when it is born. They are blind for more than the first couple of months. During that time, the mother doesn’t leave the cave cares for the cub by mostly feeding it. When the mother has to go out for food, the cub is still unprepared for the outside life. In that case, one of the most awesome panda facts is that the cub eats its mother’s feces for nutritional value.

Pandas on Loan

Amazing Panda Facts

All of the Pandas that live across the globe are on loan from China. Whenever a baby panda is born elsewhere, it is shipped to China via FedEx to help expand the gene pool.

The Endangered Species

Interesting Panda Facts

The total number of remaining pandas in the world alive today is anywhere between 1,600 and 2,000. The reason for such low numbers is the increasing Chinese population, especially during the 18th and 19th century. The great population meant the destruction of habitat for human dwellings which led to fewer bamboo sources for pandas, food that is essential for them to survive. Another reason for their very low number is the infrequent mating of pandas. One of the most amazing panda facts is that the female giant panda is fertile for only 3% of the year. Such low fertility rate means that it is going to take decades, if not a couple of centuries, to restore the panda population enough to take them off the endangered species list.

Pandas are beautiful, gentle creatures, and they deserve that humans try anything possible to save this bear species. They are vital to the world’s biodiversity, and everyone should be more involved in restoring their population.

List of Interesting Facts about Autumn


Autumn, Aurora, or Fall; whatever you want to call it, is a season that signifies the disappearance of flora and fauna. Plants, trees, and green pastures start to wither away into the night sky as the grazing herbivores disappear towards warmer grounds. As the food source of meat eating carnivores move thousands of miles, the big cats, and fancy dogs also carry out their arduous journey for a chance at survival. Some just straight up prepare to go into hibernation to wait out the shortage of food resources. For people, it signals harvest festivals, festive clothing, and preparation of the cold, wet winter. Here are some of the interesting facts about autumn; the transition from summer to winter.

Interesting Facts about Autumn – Amazing Fun Facts

Autumnal Equinox

Interesting Facts about Autumn

Scientifically speaking, the autumn season starts on the autumnal equinox when the sun is perfectly aligned with the equator. Because of this, it is one of the only two times when the day and night are of equal length. The word equinox is derived from Latin words ‘aequo nox’ which mean equally night.

Difference in Hemisphere

Most Interesting Facts about Autumn

The earth’s tilt brings us four seasons, but it also means that the two hemispheres, North, and South, always enjoy opposite weather at the same time. The autumnal equinox for northern hemisphere comes on the 22nd September and at the same time the southern hemisphere enjoys the spring equinox. Autumnal equinox in the southern hemisphere is on March 20, leaving the northern hemisphere with the spring equinox at the time.


Amazing Facts about Autumn

Many scientists, especially those belonging to the field of geology, refer to the autumn season as Aurora. Aurora is a phenomenon where the polar light is on display in the night sky because of the geomagnetic storms. One of the interesting facts about autumn is that only the hemisphere that has autumn has the aurora display about 20 degrees from that particular pole.

Leaf Color

Most Amazing Facts about Autumn

Where spring is associated with life and the recurrence of lush greenery, autumn brings a genocidal beauty to the meadows. The biggest symbol of autumn are the yellow and orange leaves as the trees start to shed their energy source. These colors are actual because of pigments that are always present in the leaves. One of the interesting facts about autumn is that the iconic orange leaf color is overshadowed by the green color of the chlorophyll during spring and summer. As the sun’s ray weaken and chlorophyll depletes from the leaves, the other color pigments start to show. The red or purple color in leaves is because of the sap trapped in that leaves complex sugar behind.

Harvest Moon

Awesome Facts about Autumn

Autumn is the time of harvest as the farmers peel the fruits of their labor during spring and summer to enjoy their fall and winter. Before artificial light became readily available, the autumn moon provided crucial light during a night that aided the farmers during harvest. The full moon was thus named as the “Harvest Moon”.

Time of Festivals

Lovely Facts about Autumn

Like spring, autumn also brings about several festivals that are quite popular in many cultures. In the USA, autumn brings about the traditional Thanksgiving holiday and the cheeky Halloween tricks. The autumn harvest in the US is famous for corn and pumpkins; the latter of which are used in ubiquitous Jack-o-Lanterns. The Chinese also celebrate the arrival of autumn with the Moon Festival. The purpose of which is to thank for a successful summer harvest and many deserts, especially the famous moon cakes, are fervently served.

Poor Equatorials

Facts about Autumn

Autumn is a magical transformation from summer to winter. However, one of the interesting facts about autumn is that the people that live near or on the equator don’t get to experience autumn seasonal change. Tropical regions are usually signified with two seasons: wet and dry.

Autumn is a festive time and a chance for farm families to kick back and fully take in the benefits of sweating it out in the scorching heat.