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Shocking Facts Regarding Christopher Columbus


“The man that sailed the oceans blue”; the name Christopher Columbus is mostly hailed as a hero to the people living in America. However, it is also true that a lot of people who are in touch with the truthful aspects of Columbus’ life…also hate him. So, who was Christopher Columbus? A decorated nautical hero who discovered America and revolutionized the world as we know it; or a tyrannical slave trader whose greed for gold and status led to the slavery and deaths of millions of indigenous people. We are going to shed light on some of the most shocking facts regarding Christopher Columbus, which will help you arrive at the one of the above answers.

Shocking Facts Regarding Christopher Columbus – Interesting

6. Slave Trading

Shocking Facts Regarding Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus set foot in the Bahamas for the first time in 1492 with a fleet of three ships. He ventured west to the Atlantic Ocean in a bid to find passage to unchartered lands in Asia and bring back precious spices and gold. When he did not, he imprisoned indigenous people and took them to Europe to be enslaved.

5. Intolerance

 Christopher Columbus Shocking Facts

It is well known that Columbus was a devout Christian. Sadly, his beliefs run so deep that he despised every other religion in the world. Columbus often referred to non-Christians as heathens and had a grand plan to establish a settlement with only Christians in the Americas. The main objective of converting people to the Catholic Church was to make them a property of the Government of Spain for which he worked for in the second half of his life. Even the Monarchy of Castille, Spain considered his methods to be barbaric and tyrannical.

4. Delusion about Discovering New Parts of India

Christopher Columbus What actually happened

Columbus’ journey was financed by the rulers of Castille, Ferdinand and Isabella, particularly to find an alternative western route to India. When they conquered the last of Spain from Muslim stronghold in 1492, they finally financed Columbus’ voyage after keeping him on a retainer for years.
To please his financers, Columbus always iterated that he has discovered west of Asia and that he was very close to India. When in fact the nearest he got to India was 8,000 nautical miles away. He also theorized that India was approximately 2,500 miles to the west of Europe. However, the true distance is well over 12,000 miles.
One of the most shocking facts regarding Christopher Columbus was that even on his deathbed in Valladolid – being credited with discovering America – he refused to believe that he had not discovered a new route to India; possibly in embarrassment.

3. Talented Sea Captain, Horrible Leader

Interesting Facts Regarding Christopher Columbus

Columbus first set foot on a ship when he was a 19 year old teenager. There is no denying following his four great voyages that he was an expert nautical explorer. However, he was a terrible leader. Following his achievement of finding new settlements, rulers of Castille made him and his brother the Governors of Santo Domingo. He ran the peaceful settlements into chaos by antagonizing the settlers, embezzling all the money and keeping appearances as a King, one of the most appalling facts regarding Christopher Columbus.

2. Not the first to Discover America

Christopher Columbus Interesting Facts

It is evident by the settlers and past voyages that the Caribbean and the Americas were discovered previously. Most people have the misconception that Christopher Columbus was the first one to do it. His true achievement was paving the way for European colorization in America.

1. Never Set Foot on the Map of United States

Shocking Fact Regarding Christopher Columbus

This is one of those little known facts regarding Christopher Columbus. Most people still wrongly believe that Christopher Columbus was the one who discovered North America, particularly USA. In fact, in all of his four voyages, he never set foot in the North American Mainland. He went to different parts of the Caribbean such as Haiti, Cuba and Dominica, Central America and some parts of the North of South America.

Christopher Columbus is one of the most famous personalities of the world. The USA celebrates Christopher Columbus day on the 2nd Monday of October every year. After reading this article, many of you may feel that it should not be a celebration.

Amazing Banana Nutrition Facts You Must Know


Banana is the most widely produced fruit in the world. The benefits of bananas regarding nutrition and even home remedies cannot be overstated. It is the most favorite food in the United States of America, and it will stay that way because of great taste and even greater health benefits. Most other fruits that have benefits on par with bananas are usually very boring to eat or don’t have great taste. For that reason, I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss the amazing banana nutrition facts.

Amazing Banana Nutrition Facts – Interesting

8. Healthy Heart Factor

Amazing Banana Nutrition Facts You Must Know

It is a great sort of potassium. In fact, the potassium contents in a banana are so high that educated people often refer to it as ‘Potassium’. The potassium in banana acts as a vital electrolyte that helps keep your heart pumping. Medical experts often state that eating banana also lowers your blood pressure because of better and regulated blood flow.

7. The Vitamin B6 Factor

Amazing Banana Nutrition Facts

The Vitamin B6 in banana has a hand in aiding many bodily functions and preventing diseases. The onset of type-2 diabetes can be prevented because of the high Vitamin B6 levels in Bananas. Another one of amazing banana nutrition facts is that the Vitamin B6 is great for pregnant and menstruating women. It helps reduce the swelling in pregnant women and regulate the free radicals that cause mood swings. It also helps in producing white blood cells and strengthening the Nervous system that is vital for pregnant women. So ladies, eat a banana; pun not intended.

6. The Ripe, Unripe Factor

Nutrition Facts You Must Know

Although unripe and ripe bananas are not very dissimilar in appearances, they are drastically different in their composition. An unripe banana has upwards of 80% starch contents. On the other hand, a ripe banana may have starch content as low as one percent.

5. The Glycemic Level Factor

Banana Nutrition Facts You Must Know

One of the most amazing banana nutrition facts is that despite being very sweet and tasty, bananas are helpful during weight loss. That is because of the 3 grams of fiber content, including pectins. In fact, they have a very low Glycemic Index (GI) level even though they have 16% carbohydrates that constitute three different sugars.

4. Sticks and Stones May Break my Bones

Top 5 Amazing Banana Nutrition Facts You Must Know

Even though bananas are not miraculous in making bones stronger or improving sight, they still do a pretty great job. Bananas help in bone-muscle growth that is attributed to the abundance of fructooligosaccharides; a substance that I can neither spell nor pronounce. Bananas help in preventing muscle degeneration that helps in maintaining a healthy vision and even improving vision at night time.

3. The Hangover Factor

Top Three Amazing Banana Nutrition Facts You Must Know

Eating bananas in the morning helps regulate blood sugar levels that can prevent morning sickness and also help in getting over hangovers fast. A simple fruit milkshake can go a long way in achieving that. Bananas in the milkshake help soothe the stomach lining, and the milk helps in regaining regular hydration levels.

2. The Digestion Factor

Amazing Bananas Nutrition Facts You Must Know

Bananas are a big help in digestion because of being rich in Vitamins and fiber. It is one of those very few fruits that can be eaten raw in cases with chronic ulcers. Another one of amazing banana nutrition facts is that it greatly helps with acid reflux or GERD.

1. The Banana Peel Factor

Banana Amazing Nutrition Fact You Must Know

The banana peel that often seen only as a sort of amusement is much more than that. In Fact, the banana peel is eaten in many parts of the world and contrary to popular belief it is not poisonous if washed properly because of the probable pesticides. Amazing banana nutrition facts are that its peel has Vitamin B6 and B12, Potassium and even a good amount of fiber. Banana peels can also be used in various home remedies. They can help in reducing irritation and swelling from Mosquito bites and also help in removal of warts.
There are so many of the charts and amazing banana nutrition facts, so it is very important to consume a healthy amount of bananas in daily routine.

Random Tokyo Facts You Would Love to Know


Tokyo is widely known as the world’s largest metropolitan city with a population of 14 million people swarming it. It is one of the biggest attractions in the world regarding the cities in the entire world. Tokyo became the largest metropolitan city in the world in 1962 when it reached the population of 10 million. Today, it is the home to some of the world’s biggest restaurants, and the density of the residential skyscrapers is quite appalling. As a city filled with entertainment, it will do you a wonder of good to know about random Tokyo facts as they might come in handy when you visit it one day.

Random Tokyo Facts – Interesting

13. Amusement Parks Extravaganza

Random Tokyo Facts you would Love to Know

Tokyo is famous for its amusement parks, zoos, museums and national parks. Almost 38% of Tokyo’s landmass comprises of these sites. Tokyo has 5 of the top 25 amusement parks in the world. The Disney Land, Tokyo is the first ever Disney land to have opened outside the US.

12. Most Michelin Star Restaurants

Random Tokyo Facts

Tokyo is often referred to as the culinary capital of the world. With 14 restaurants given the three Michelin Star rating, Tokyo is home to the most Michelin Star restaurants in the world.

11. Busiest Intersection

Tokyo Facts you would Love to Know

Another one of random Tokyo facts is that it is home to the busiest intersection in the world regarding people. Shibuya Intersection has a crowd of a staggering 2,500 people passing through at any given time during the day, even nights.

10. Train Pushers

Love to Know Random Tokyo Facts

Japan is host to some of the busiest train stations in the world. For that reason, train stations have designated ‘pushers’, who have the job to push people into the train because of the rush hour crowd.

9. Vending Machines

Top Ten Random Tokyo Facts you would Love to Know

Vending machines are a staple of food intake for travelers and passersby. The vending machines are packed with cigarettes, sandwiches, and many other peculiar brands.

8. Safe Sidewalks

List of Top Ten Random Tokyo Facts you would Love to Know

The crime rate in Tokyo rivals that of Dubai. It is not quite zero, but the city is one of the safest in the world. Tourists are far less likely to get mugged on the sidewalks of Tokyo.

7. Most Extensive Railway Network

Top 10 Random Tokyo Facts you would Love to Know

Tokyo has the most extensive urban railway network in the entire world. You can pretty much get anywhere in Tokyo if you know your routes and the stations you have to go through.

6. Biggest Seafood Market

List of Top 10 Random Tokyo Facts you would Love to Know

Tokyo has the biggest seafood market in the world that spans 57 acres in area. The tuna auction is the most famous which starts as early as 5 am. The free visitor tickets are sold by 4 am.

5. Shopper’s Paradise

Top Five Random Tokyo Facts you would Love to Know

Here are another one of random Tokyo facts. It has some of the biggest and most expensive shopping districts in the world. It is packed with international outlets like Bulgari in the Ginza district. Tokyo also has the other quirky and trendy fashion styles that are concentrated in Omotesando and Hajaruku.

4. Most Expensive Restaurant

Top 5 Random Tokyo Facts you would Love to Know

As the culinary capital of the world, it is understandable that the most expensive restaurant in the world is also in Tokyo. Aragawa Restaurant is a Japanese Steakhouse and the Kobe beef steak costs as high as ¥35,000 per person.

3. One Stop Shop for Higher Education

Top Three Random Tokyo Facts you would Love to Know

Tokyo also has the distinction of having the highest concentration of higher education institutes in the world. Over a 100 universities and colleges are located in Tokyo where one-third of the entire Japanese university students attend classes.

2. Busiest Station, Period

Top 3 Random Tokyo Facts you would Love to Know

Shinjuku Station is regarded as the busiest station in the world as a crowd of 3.64 million people passes through this station every day.

1. Capsule Hotels

Tokyo Facts you would Love to Know

That is one of the most interesting random Tokyo facts that capsule hotels are available to the travelers. They have rooms that are equivalent to a large fridge and contain a comforter, Wi-Fi, TV, and an electronic console. These rooms are mainly used by men.

Tokyo constitutes 10% of Japan’s entire population, and the city has the second largest area in the world. They are the trendsetters of the world, and there is something exciting at every corner. If you ever get a chance to visit this wonderful city, these random Tokyo facts could be a life saver.

Donald Trump Facts – Unique and Amazing


Donald Trump’s brand of derogatory humor and incisive remarks has landed him in nefarious places as of late. However, there is no denying that Trump has become a topic of household discussion everywhere in America. His Presidential candidacy thus seems a lot like a hoax that is designed to be a publicity stunt albeit The Republican Party having him the frontrunner in recent polls. One does think that maybe his eventual goal was to become so ubiquitous that everybody in America, heck the world, knew about the everyday doings of the often eccentric billionaire. Here are some interesting Donald Trump facts that you are going to find extremely fun

Some of the most Interesting Donald Trump facts

From Rags to Riches



Although Trump looks like an all-powerful figure on the front with a net worth of $4 Billion that seems to be hitting an upward curve in recent times; he has gone through the dread of bankruptcy in 1990 and bounced back in supreme fashion.

Donald’s Sobriety

Trump Sobriety


This one might come as a shock to most of you. Trump has never smoked a cigarette, inhaled alcohol or flirted with even a light vocational Trump. His brother was an addict and Trump decided not to live the life of an addict. Now whether he truly is a teetotaler or has just never been caught; I will leave that up to your own interpretation.

Teenage Woes

Trump Military in front

Another one of interesting Donald Trump facts is that he spent life in a military academy. He is a handful on press and media; apparently that was his base personality in his adolescence. After attending junior high in Queens, New York; Donald was shipped to New York Military Academy by his parents because he was a parent’s nightmare, a trouble maker. Although it may seem like the military discipline hasn’t done him any good. But considering his net worth, I think he is doing just fine.

Penchant for Mock Awards

Trump award

Donald Trump has been the headliner for some of the most controversial and conspicuous television events. He, however, does hold the honor of winning an award – a Razzie Award to be precise – for the worst supporting actor in a 1990 movie “Ghosts can’t do it”. He did a cameo appearance in the movie as himself. Go figure.

Unfounded Narcissism

Trump with divas

He has a case of inflated self confidence that, when compared in size with his Trump Towers, might even dwarf his biggest skyscraper. I am talking about the Trump World Tower. He was quoted on the Daily News in 2004, bragging about being flirted by the entire female cast that appeared on his reality hit “The Apprentice”. Moreover, he also bragged about Ronda Rousey being a big fan of him just recently; a fact which the former UFC champion denied vehemently.

Cash on Hand

Donald Trump with wife

Donald Trump has taken the term ‘cash on hand’ to the next level. For being a big shot billionaire, Trump has never had to use an ATM in his entire life. No matter what situation arises. So at least, he didn’t have to cancel his dinner date with Melania Knauss just because his ATM link was down. God is cruel that way sometimes.

The bet of the Billionaires

Trump shaves McMahon

Trump made several appearances on WWE as part of a storyline with his fellow billionaire extraordinaire, Vincent McMahon, who is the chairman of the WWE industry. They both had a bet that involved shaving their heads off should they lose the bet, which involved them both choosing a representative to fight for them. Mr. McMahon ended up with a barren head when he lost the bet and Trump shaved his head.

Donald’s Miss Universe

Trump with Miss Universe

Here is one of very little known Donald Trump facts. He is an equal partner in the Miss Universe pageant when he struck a deal with NBC in 2002. So basically, every Miss Universe that has stepped forth into the world since that has had some sort of backing from the eccentric billionaire; who himself claims to be flirted by every other female species that crosses his path.

The Germaphobe

Trump germaphobe

Being rather consistent with his stature as an elite, Trump does not like to shake his hands with people. Thankfully, the germaphobia is not just restricted to the commoners. However, if he is pushed into that unwanted situation, he turns the situation around with unexpectedly pulling the other person close to him enthusiastically.

Trump: The Game

Trump germaphobe

Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate to date who has launched his own board game. Unsurprisingly enough, it was named and based on his own persona as a billionaire businessman. ‘Trump: the Game’ was a grand flop. It was discontinued following its poor reviews and abysmal sales all over the country. Talk about a bored game.

There are many facts about Trump that could last us a lifetime, especially considering his antics. However these are some of the juiciest, fun and interesting facts about Trumps life and personality

15 Facts about Dubai that will Blow You Away


Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world and for that reasons there numerous facts about Dubai that you are yet to discover. Often labeled as an oasis within a desert, Dubai has impressed the entire world with its state of the art infrastructure and cutting edge technology. Dubai boasts some of the biggest structures on earth because of which it’s famous. Let’s get into some facts about Dubai that will definitely blow you away.

Most Interesting facts about Dubai

  1. Super Police

Dubai Police

Dubai boasts an impress squad of super police cars. Cars of makers like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti and Bentley are driven by the police to catch speeders that are impossible to catch in regular police cars.

  1. No Crime

No crime

There is virtually no crime in the city because of the strict laws and a very fine moral code that citizens abide by.

  1. Sky Scrapers

DUbai Skyscrappers

Dubai has the world record for having the tallest skyscrapers in the world. For that reason, 7 of the 10 tallest buildings are located within Dubai. An amazing feat.

  1. Reclaimed Land

Reclaimed land

Dubai has an area of 88 sq. miles that has been reclaimed from the sea to build infrastructure on. Burj-Al Arab is one example.

  1. No PDAs


There are countries where the public displays of affection are frowned upon and then there is Dubai. Kissing and such is illegal in Dubai and the couples are even instructed to not hold hands in public.

  1. Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek

Because of its habitat – meaning it being gob smack in the middle of desert – there are no natural rivers in the city. It does, however, have a dredged up water creek that is big enough to allow vessels to transport. It runs from Northeast to Southwest in the city.

  1. Cool Dubai

Dubai Cool Climate

Dubai endures excruciating heat that is more often than not over 120 degrees. Normal infrastructure would be fried in such heat and the glass doors would literally melt. In order to avoid that, the buildings are installed with vertical cooling systems that include water pumps to cool off the building.

  1. Largest Indoor Ski Resort

Ski Dubai

The largest mall in the world, Dubai Mall, also features an amazing indoor ski resort. Ski Dubai is the largest indoor ski resort in the world. It is 22,500 square meters in length. It also features a 3,000 square meter snow park which is the world’s largest indoor snow park.

  1. No Income Tax

No Income Tax

If you do business in Dubai, you are a lucky, lucky person. People in Dubai can earn and save up their money, however much they want. That’s why Dubai is a one stop shop for business opportunities.

  1. Haven for Cranes

Dubai crane

Another one of interesting facts about Dubai is that the city houses 20% of the cranes that are being operated in the entire world.

  1. Largest Gold Chain

Largest Gold Chain

Dubai also boasts the largest gold chain known to mankind. With an astonishing length of 4.2 km, the gold chain was made of 22kg of gold. It was sold off to 9600 people separately as bracelets or necklaces.

  1. No Standard Addresses


Because Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world, there is an overwhelming lack of proper street addresses. On the mail, the residents can draw out the map or include instructions from one of the closest popular places.

  1. Adultery is illegal

No Adultery

This is kind of a no-brainer because Dubai is officially a Muslim city. One would, however, think because of such a diverse population, Dubai would consent to premarital sex. If you are caught having sex with anyone other than your spouse, than you are in real hot waters.

  1. Only 13% Native Population

Dubai Population

One of the most interesting facts about Dubai is that only 13% of the entire population is Emirati. Rest consists of Indians and other immigrants that have moved to Dubai in pursuit of a prosperous life.

  1. Tallest Building in the World


The tallest building in the world is located in Dubai. Named Burj Khalifa, it stands close to a full kilometer in length. It is 2,722 feet to be exact or 0.83 kilometers.

Dubai’s population is growing at a very fast pace and the continuous growth of infrastructure may one day make it the most populous city in the world.