Asia is the biggest continent on the face of the planet. So, it may not come as a shock to you that Asia has the highest human population in the world. But even with the big size, it leaves the other continents in the dust when it comes to population and industrialization. Over 4 billion out of the total 7 live in Asia alone, meaning that it is a home to over 60% of the world’s human population. So as far as fact finding goes, Asia is The continent and a goldmine of information. So why not dig up some interesting facts about Asia to get you day going?

Most Surprising Facts about Asia – Important Information

Number One Producer of Mangoes

Most Surprising Facts about Asia

There is no other continent that produces mangoes on the same wavelength as Asia. In fact, the continent leaves others in the dust when it comes to sheer numbers. The biggest contributor to mangoes production in Asia is the South Asian countries. India is the largest producer as no other country can match their mango production.

Uniform China

Surprising Facts about Asia

Most countries that are even one-fourth the size of China have a very diverse culture the changes every few hundred square miles. China is one of a kind in a way that the country’s culture is so uniformly spread. There are only two main cooking styles in the Chinese cuisine; Cantonese and Szechuan. One of the most mind-blowing facts about Asia is that despite China being 3,200 miles wide, it only has one-time zone. It is roughly the same size as the United States of America which has a total of 9 time zones.

Most Isolated Country

Interesting Facts about Asia

One of the interesting facts about Asia is that it is a home to the most politically isolated country in the world, namely North Korea. They are so set in their ways that even their calendar starts Kim II Sung’s birthday on 15th April. They don’t celebrate Christmas. Instead, they make a pilgrimage to Kim II Sung’s deceased wife’s hometown on December 24. North Korea has achieved cult status in the international waters and with over 25% of the country’s population being in active and reserve military, it is considered a very hostile country.

Biggest Shopping Mall

Most Interesting Facts about Asia

It doesn’t happen too often that the biggest shopping mall in the world is the biggest failure in the shopping world as well. That happens when poor decision making and impulsive billionaire become one and the same. Billionaire Alex Hu started the project for building the world’s biggest shopping mall in Dongguan China. The seven million square feet monstrosity has the capacity of 2,350 shops, with an indoor roller coaster, the biggest artificial canal at 1.3 miles long and finally an 82 foot Arc de Triumph replica. Almost the entire shopping mall is collecting dust with no one wanting to set up shop because of the location of the mall. The city of Dongguan has a population of 10 million which is mostly comprised of low-income factory worker families. Even then the mall is so far away from the main population that it takes hours to get there. Clearly the billionaire and the people he employed made a grave mistake in choosing that location.

Global Fire Power

Amazing Facts about Asia

Global Fire Power index indicates the prowess of a country to wage war on others. It factors in different tactical and strategically weaponry with conventional manpower to assign the Fire Power Index ranking. One of the most mind-boggling facts about Asia is that 8 out of the top 15 ranked countries with most war waging capabilities are Asian. The USA is number one, then come Russia (Asia), China (Asia), India (Asia), France (Asia), UK (Europe), Japan (Asia), Turkey (Asia), Germany (Europe), Italy (Europe), South Korea (Asia), Egypt (Africa), Pakistan (Asia), Indonesia (Asia) and then comes Brazil (South America) at 15th. The list is a compilation of 126 countries with war waging capabilities according to the Global Fire Power Index.

The Sporting Goods Center

Most Amazing Facts about Asia

Most of us are familiar with sporting brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, Reebok and a horde of others that make breathtaking sporting equipment. You may be shocked to find out that many of these top brands set up factories in the industrial town of Sialkot, Pakistan in Asia. Much top boxing and fighting equipment are also manufactured there. The 2006 FIFA World Cup footballs were made in Sialkot. Footballs made in Sialkot were brought back in 2014 FIFA World Cup after many footballers complained about the European balls used in the 2010 world cup edition. Pakistan makes 80% of the total footballs that are in use all over the world.

Japanese Fitness Freaks

Fascinating Facts about Asia

One of the craziest facts about Asia is that it is technically illegal for a Japanese person to be overweight; technically being the operational word here. When someone turns 40 in Japan, the government makes health inspection which mainly involves waist measurement. If a woman has over 35 waists and a man 33, they are labeled overweight. The Japanese government takes steps to suggest a strict diet plan to curb their weight. Even though it is not a crime if a person doesn’t follow the guidelines, almost every person adheres strictly to the diet plan recommended by the government.

More than One Valentine’s Day

Awesome Facts about Asia

Japan and South Korea in particular, have multiple days that are celebrated in conjecture with Valentine’s Day throughout the year. The official Valentine’s Day on 14th of February signals the day that women give chocolates to the one they like romantically. 14th March is the white day where the man that had received the chocolate reciprocates with a gift. In South Korea, there is another unofficial day on 14th April for single people that didn’t receive chocolate or gifts. It is called the Black Day, and the unhitched people lament over a bowl of a traditional black noodle dish.

Shared Borders

Facts about Asia

Asia is the only continent that shares borders with two other continents, namely Africa and Europe. One of the most interesting facts about Asia is that it even shares borders with three continents for a brief time during a year when it joins North America because of the frozen Bering Sea during winter.

Indian and Chinese

Asia Interesting Facts

Indians and Chinese are the most spread out people in the world. That is because one-third of the world’s population recognizes as either Indian or Chinese, 29% of which live in India and China. India with a population of 1.25 billion people is slated to take over as the most populated country in the world within the next decade when it surpasses the population of China (1.35 billion). The Sholapur town in India throws newborn babies from a 50-foot tower to bring them good luck and fortune. Well, those babies sure are lucky the way they keep coming in the world.

They Love Making Sky Scrapers

Asia Most Interesting Facts

One thing about Asia is set in stone that they love building skyscrapers. However, most of them are concentrated in the Arabs and East Asian countries. Nine out of top ten tallest buildings in the world reside in Asia. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is 2,717 feet. There is just one other building over 2000 feet called the Shanghai Tower at 2,073 feet. Another one of amazing facts about Asia is that by the year 2019, all top 10 tallest buildings will belong to Asia when the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia finishes construction at all top 10 tallest buildings will belong to Asia when the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia finishes construction at 3,300 feet. The best office will be a whole kilometer above ground zero.

Concentration of Population

Asia Amazing Facts

Asia houses over 4.1 billion people in the world so it is understandable that some of the most populous countries will be there. Even though 2.6 billion out of them live in only two countries, Asia still has 7 out of top 10 most populous countries. Number one and two are China and India. Then Indonesia comes as a surprise 4th, Pakistan at 6th, Bangladesh at 8th, Russia 9th, and Japan 10th.

Most Polluted Cities

Asia Most Amazing Facts

Some of the most densely populated cities are in Asia. Again, 7 out of top 10 largest populated cities are from Asia. Mumbai, Karachi, Tokyo, Istanbul, Delhi, Guangzhou and Beijing are the most densely populated cities in the world. Delhi is the most polluted city in the world following by Beijing and Guangzhou. The pollution problem in urban areas of China is so severe that there is a market for canned fresh air in China.

The Poor Left Hand

Asia Surprising Facts

In the sub-continent, there is a consensus that people are inclined or even forced to eat with the right hand by the society? Only in the recent decade, the most upscale places feature toilet papers. Sub-continent people use their left hand to wipe their butt using water. No use for toilet paper when you have a perfectly good left hand. As a result, it is much frowned upon when people use their left hands to do things like hand over money, eat or shake hands.

Big Birthday Bash

Asia Most Surprising Facts

In Vietnam, the New Year’s Day is essentially a birthday bash for the entire population. People their count age by how many New Year’s Day a person has encountered. One of the weirdest facts about Asia is that if a person is born on 11:59 pm on December 31, 2016, he would be 1 year old a minute later in Vietnam.

The Oldest People

Most Interesting Asian Facts

Japan is the home to the oldest people in the world. That may be attributed to their fitness regime employed by the government when people turn 40 as discussed above. The median age in Japan is 44.6, which is the highest of any country in the world. Only the city of Monaco in France has a higher median age. One of the most interesting facts about Asia is that at one time, there are at least over 50,000 Japanese people that are over the age of 100.

Shout Out to Bhutan

Interesting Asian Facts

Bhutan is the only country in the world that has a complete ban on tobacco. When the Tobacco Control Act was passed in the country, it was decided that anyone possessing or using tobacco is sentenced to prison for 3-5 years. It is a no brainer why Bhutan has the lowest lung cancer rate in the world.

Division of the Continent

Surprising Asian Facts

The surface area of Asia is bigger than the surface area of the moon. So it is understandable that the continent is further divided into six subcontinents. The Indian Subcontinent, which is also known simply as the sub-continent. After that, there is North Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and lastly the Southwest Asia which is also known as the Middle East.

The continent is full of wondrous, weird, and whimsical things and it is not a shock that there are so many interesting facts about Asia.


  1. It will be appropriate to add few other Interesting Facts about Asia also:
    World’s largest lake (Caspian sea) is in Asia.
    Asia has highest number of billionaires (more than 700) in the world.
    The world’s first oil painting is discovered in Asia (Afghanistan).


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