In this article, we will talk about top 10 most interesting facts about Australia. Every place has its history for which most of the people are curious. Every country has its historical background which depicts the culture and the living style of people there. Australia is mostly called as the Commonwealth of Australia. It is an Ocean country which consists of different big islands and small ones as well. It is named as the 6th largest country according to the total area covered by it. This best thing about Australia is that the people there spoke almost 250 different languages which are an amazing thing there. The total population of Australia is 24 million which is living with a high standard of living there. It is a very rich country which is ranked as the 12th position for its economy all around the world. It is well developed country and people there are enjoying perfect standard of living. There are many things which are always associated with the Australians like eating deadly snakes, spiders and even crocodiles which is quite shocking thing for most of the readers.
The following are top 10 random facts about Australia are ready in this article for the readers:

Most Interesting Facts List about Australia – Amazing

10. Abuse of Refugees:

Interesting Facts about Australia

Australia is the country which is named as the safest and wealthiest nation all around the world. In 2012, almost 15,000 immigrants arrived there without any document and their status is legal according to the international law there. Almost 90% arrived there by airplane from Indonesia and some came through boats. But some people said that they treat their immigrants badly and with cruel behavior. Immigrants there are suffering from continuous hunger, diseases and many other problems there and they have very sad stories related to them.

9. World`s Longest Fence:

Australian Country Facts

Australia is the country which has kept almost 75 million sheep there for different purposes either for meat or wool. The export of their wool is the major contributor to their economy and makes it strong. They also claim that sheep is very tasty snack there which is considered as the best meal for the people there. This fence was made to protect them and has received subsidies for construction of this fence. It is the longest one because of a large number of sheep, and their protection is the most important aspect there.

8. Kangaroo Meat:

Australian Facts

Kangaroo Meat is quite common there in Australia because it has a very low quantity of fats in it and has a very rich taste. It is very difficult to cook but when cooked it has no competitor in its taste. Australia is the country which is considered as having inferior culture as compared to others. With its increasing demand kangaroo meat is becoming locally available. Most of the restaurants there serve kangaroo sausages there as the BBQ for the people there.

7. Discussion of Euthanasia:

Amazing Facts about Australia

Some people there are facing the terminal illness there which is long disease and has the face then until the end of their life. Some people suffering from it wanted to commit suicide and also helping others for their murder. It is said that it is difficult to live with this disease and according to their law Euthanasia is basically a crime. The ad of this disease is also coming on television for the awareness of people with the tag that I did not commit suicide.

6. The Rum Corps:

Lovely Facts about Australia

Some people know that colonized Australia developed as a penal colony for England. First of all, England has sent the first fleet that consists of soldiers, prisoners and supplies. The 2nd fleet was send with the name of New South Wales Corps and start abusing their own powers. Rum was the main currency used there and the nickname given to those corps was Rum Corps. It was a battle between the British governments and wanted to get the whole country to an independent economy.

5. Ugg Boots:

Most Amazing Facts about Australia

Ugg Boots are basically the creation of Australia which is made from the sheep skin to stay warm because of their cold environment. After few years, they started to use cotton to produce them to maintain its warm feature. These boots are quite famous in America which is now named as the latest fashion statement. They are selling these attractive and warm boots for many years and the name given to them is Ugg which is the slang of Ugly.

4. Crazy Cult Nuclear Tests:

Fascinating Facts about Australia

Every country in the world is trying for some nuclear tests and Australia has started to experiment them from 1993. Government has nothing to do with these experiments but still government there is interested in that. In New York Times a story was published which told that the cult ownership of 500,000 acres of farmland has interest in the nuclear weapons.

3. Stadium Hijinks:

Most Interesting Facts List about Australia

Almost all Australians love sports and they have huge craze for them. It has been always included in the top rankings in different sports especially cricket. Once in a cricket match in 1980s a fan came for watching match has brought pig in a cooler for the lunch which was dead and was allowed to take inside the stadium. After some time, during the match the pig was awoken and was released on the pitch which has shocked with players and everyone started laughing but no one knows that what happened to the pig later there.

2. Drop Bears:

Charming Facts about Australia

Almost everyone knows that Australia is the country with more deadly animals and drop bears are the most famous among them. The look of these drop bears is similar to the Koalas. These bears are basically predatory and have very powerful jaws. These drop bears are much attraction for the tourists and are kept in museums there as well. It is said that drop bears are not real as people there believe that keeping the real ones like them is a crime which is equal to the crime against the country.

1. Marree Man:

Most Interesting Facts List about Australia

One of the biggest and famous facts about Australia is the Marree Man which is basically the picture of indigenous man which is made in desert. The whole picture is spread over 4 kilometers and much big attraction for the tourists. But the worst part is that no one knows who has made this picture. It is said that it will be much controversial thing in the coming years. It is facing different viewpoints by different people.

Every country has some facts which are associated with them and their culture as well. Australia is very rich and developed country which also has some interesting facts which people should know about it. All these facts explained above are about Australia, which has a big attraction for the tourists of all around the world. Some of them are interesting, but some are worst as well because not much appealing which is of dead animals.


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