AARP means American Association of retired person. The association was formed in 1958 by Ethel Percy Andrus. He was the retired educator from California and Ph.D. qualified person. It is considered to be the most lobbying group in the United States. In AARP people above the age of 50 works as a nonprofit advocate. By the Estimate of 2014 AARP claims that the Association has 37 million members. In 2008 profit of the association was estimated to be $652,000,000. Foundation program provides the services of security, protection, and empowerment for an older person in need. Low-income older worker gets the job training in the association to rejoin the workforce. In 1979, AARP introduced the nation first ever safety course towards the older adults. AARP laughed its magazine known to be AARP the magazine. The magazine was lounged to promote or to advertise the association. AARP also provides the facility to the organizations to get them insured. Approximately seven million people have branded health insurance from AARP. This association is one of the oldest associations of United States. Now we are going to discuss some of the most interesting facts about the AARP organization of United States.
List of the most interesting fact about the AARP:

Most Interesting Facts about the AARP – Amazing

9. Life Insurance for Diabetics:

AARP Best Insurance Policy

The company provides the life insurance facility to the patient of diabetes because their life is at high risk. The patients are suffering from the disease which is quite dangerous, and no other company offers the insurance to the patients. AARP live insurance policy has become much popular in some of the previous years. AARP provides the best of the life insurance policies.

8. AARP Endorses the Policy:

Interesting Facts about the AARP

Many of the AARP members and the senior citizen of the country who wish to be the part of the association is just because the association offers the insurance to the diabetic patients. AARP has some financial division and it sell some the insurance products to gain the high amount of the profit for the organization. Life insurance endorsed by the AARP is sold by the company in New York.

7. The Policy is Expensive:

AARP Facts

AARP is considered to be the best company for the purpose of insurance. The company provides the insurance for the diabetic patients, and many of the people purchase the insurance policy even they are not suffering from the disease. However, you should have the awareness that the life insurance policy offered by the AARP company is considered to be very expensive.

6. Limited Benefit for the First Two Years:

Amazing Facts about the AARP

Some of the limitations are placed on the policy when it is purchased. There are some of the restrictions on claims and payments within the first two years of the policy. So in first two years, only a few of the amounts are paid to the association in return for the policy purchased. A limited amount of services are provided to the clients in the first two years of the policy as the limited amount of money is paid.

5. Available for the People Aged 50 to 80:

Facts about the AARP

AARP provides the best life insurance policies to the people. So it also provides the life insurance policy to the people of the age 50 to 80. Mostly the company’s do the insurance of the people aged 40 to 55, but the AARP provides the insurance to the people aged to 80 also. If you are married your spouse can also do the insurance for you. AARP does not have the life insurance plan available to the people more than 80 years old.

4. AARP Foundation:

Most Amazing Facts about the AARP

AARP’S affiliated charity. It is the leading charitable organization. The association fulfills the need for the older people like housing, food, personal connection, and income. The foundation has built its good reputation in the United States. Everyone who thinks to get a life insurance or any other insurance only one company come in mind and that is AARP association.

3. AARP Services:

Fascinating Facts about the AARP

AARP is the best association in the United States. The company has built its good reputation by their services. It is considered to be the most expensive insurance company and still people prefer to get the insurance from the AARP Company. It is just because the company provides the best insurance policies for its clients. AARP has gained much of the goodwill in the United States. It is considered to be the trustworthy association in the area.

2. Rocking the Drug world in the 1960s:

Compelling Facts about the AARP

AARP started the work of drug buying service in 1959. This work was started by the Andrus and Davis. Andrus and pioneer briefly run the service. John McHugh took the control of this service provided by the company in 1962 and managed it for almost 30 years. Upon his retirement, it employed 250 pharmacists and filled eight million prescriptions per year. In 1993, the profit from the sale of the product was estimated to be $440. One percent commission on gross sale was payable to AARP.

1. Company’s Prospective:

Most Interesting Facts about the AARP

AARP is the leading organization for the people age 50 and older. The prospective of the company is to provide its clients best of the services. The organization also offers members a wide range of special benefits and services, including Modern Maturity magazine and the monthly Bulletin. The magazine was just lounged to make the clients of the company aware of the financial position of the company. It is the modern age people are well aware of the techniques of the business.


We have discussed above the top best most interesting facts about the company of the United States. The company is famous for the life insurance policies. The insurance policy is offered to the patients with diabetes is considered to be the best. The insurance is provided to the people aged 50 to 80. No insurance policy is provided to the people above the age of 80. The company provides best of the services to its clients. All the most important information is given above about the AARP Company of United States.


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