Amir Khan the boxer was born in Bolton in December 1986. He firstly started boxing in 2013 and won a gold medal at the AAU Junior Olympics games in 2003. He is an amazing boxer he won another gold medal in 2004 at the European Student Championship. The early interest of Amir Khan in boxing was created by his father. He was confident that his son will gain much in the field selected by him. Amir Khan took the first silver medal in Athens Olympics at the age of 17. It is the great achievement for Khan that he has won the title of WBA world’s light-welterweight world Champion. He got this title on defeating Andreas Kotelnik over 12 rounds in 2009. He got very famous in a short span of time. He spent his early life in sporting his team named Soccer team, but this happened for the short time. The parent of Amir Khan belongs to Pakistan Punjab province. Due to this influence, he can also speak Urdu and Punjabi. The caste of the great boxer Amir Khan is Rajput Janjua. That is some of the general discussion about the boxer Amir Khan. Now we are going to discuss below some of the most interesting and fascinating facts about Amir Khan.

Most Interesting Facts about Amir Khan – Amazing

10. A Star is Born:

List of Top Ten Most Interesting Facts about Amir Khan

King of Boxing Amir Khan was born on December 8th in 1986. His father name was Shah, and the name of his mother was Falak. One of the cousins of Amir Khan plays the cricket for Essex while his younger brother named Haroon recently turned pro at the super flyweight. It shows that his most of the family members are interested in Sports.

9. Clearing up the Amateurs:

Top Ten Most Interesting Facts about Amir Khan

The success of the Khan in the amateurs was no surprise. That is just from the very beginning he was told that he has to select the boxing as his field. He began fighting at the age of 11 and won the first gold medal in 2003 at the Junior Olympics. He also won the WBC Welterweight belt.

8. The Big Break:

Top Ten Interesting Facts about Amir Khan

Khan made his name in the Olympics in 2004. He got very famous boxer just because he defeated Kazakh Hotshot Serik Yeleuov. He also won a Gold Medal in the fight against Cuba’s Mario Kindelan. They both were considered to be the big boxers and defeated both of them and created his unique name in the field of boxing.

7. Stepping up to the Pros:

Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Amir Khan

Khan turned to a professional player in 2005. The battles of the Khan were broadcasted live on ITV1. It shows the popularity of the great boxer Amir Khan. He was a born boxer and put his all efforts to make himself successful in the field of boxing. From the very early age, his father put in his mind, that has to select this field, and this was the belief of his father that he will become very successful one day.

6. Title Glory:

List of Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Amir Khan

In 2007 Amir Khan nabbed his first professional title the title of the Commonwealth Lightweight Strap. That just happened in an up and down thriller against Willie Limond. He started his career in boxing from the age 11 and won the age of 17. I think this is the great start for any athlete.

5. One Coach to the Next:

Top Five Most Interesting Facts about Amir Khan

Amir Khan also worked as the coach in the boxing. He became very expert in the field of boxing so in many of the matches of the boxing he was selected as the coach. Khan got very successful in a short span of time. Behind his success, the only thing is his hard work and continuous effort. He was so passionate to get successful in his field and started work in this field from his early age.

4. The Big Upset:

Top 5 Most Interesting Facts about Amir Khan

The problem of Khan starred in 2008 when he stunned in one round by Colombia’s Breidis Prescott. It was one of the British boxing’s biggest upset. Khan was dropped twice and was beaten up and knocked out in 54 shocking seconds. This matter became the worst just because this was the first appearance of Khan in Sky Box Office.

3. Clinching the World:

Top Three Most Interesting Facts about Amir Khan

After the past incident, Khan recovered himself with the WBA Light Welterweight title. That was a great achievement as well as the great title for Khan. This title gives courage to the Khan to get himself stable in the field. That is quite famous about the Amir Khan that his career hasn’t always gone according to the plan he made.
Sometimes he wants to perform in an amazing way, but he could not perform that way, but sometimes unexpectedly he used to perform amazingly.

2. Gunning for the State:

Top 3 Most Interesting Facts about Amir Khan

By then the dream of Amir Khan was America. Khan left Warren for Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotion. He has to face the hard match defending his title against PaulieMalignaggi. He struggled till the eleventh round and finally won the match. People love to watch the boxing matches of Khan.

1. A Damaging Run of Form:

Most Interesting Fact about Amir Khan

The crisis of Khan started when he was knocked out by Danny Garcia in 2012. Boxer Philadelphia hoe Garcia started slowly but dragged Khan into the Pub brawl. He was again defeated in this match. But to lose the match or gain the success is the part of life still people love to watch the matches of Khan.

We have discussed above some of the most interesting facts about the personality of great Boxer Amir Khan. He started his career at the age of 11. Parents of Khan belong from Pakistan. He won the first gold medal at the age of 17. That was a great achievement for Khan. By reading the above mentioned information, you can get the clear idea about the Khan.


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