Abel Tesfaye known “The Weeknd” is a musician and in many of the interviews it revealed his music speaks for itself. His songs speak beautifully with the fiery tone. His fans do not know much about his personal life since he is on the screen. But he got very famous in a short span of time the more people know about him, the more they get curious to know more and more. He is blessed with an amazing voice. But this is what which adds to his mystique. Since 2011 the singer was on the roll. The most interesting thing about him is that he also used to write the songs and mostly he writes his feeling in the songs.

Most interesting facts about Abel Tesfaye – The Singer

He used to record Boys men cover songs:

Most Interesting Facts about Abel Tesfaye

When was he asked that how he started singing in an interview? He told that he started singing when he got a microphone and sh-try computer he started recording the corny songs with his friends. He was blessed with the beautiful voice and was appreciated by many of the people.

He was inspired by Michael Jackson Prince& R. Kelly:

Interesting Facts about Abel Tesfaye

Michael Jackson was the great singer of his time and many of the people of the world were crazy about the Michael Jackson. In fact, many of the people used to adopt the style of this famous personality. It was the reason Abel also idealized the Michael Jackson. Abel also got famous in a short span of time just because of his amazing voice.

KANYE was another major influence:

Amazing Facts about Abel Tesfaye

KANYE helped a lot to the Abel. He got the inspiration from him. Abel started working with KANYE and learned a lot from him. He told that to be with him and talk to him and work with him it’s just like coming to life.

He is Apparently the guy in Lana Del Rey’s music sort of:

Most Amazing Facts about Abel Tesfaye

Abel and Lana are friends from a long period. Lana inspired Abel and Abel inspired Lana. They always talk to each other about their music. Lana is the girl in the music of Abel and Abel is the guy in the music of Lana. They both understand each other very well. They are friends from long time.

Ethiopian music also inspires him:

Fascinating Facts about Abel Tesfaye

He told his mother, his grandmother and his uncle used to play Ethiopian artist like Aster Aweke and Mulatu Astatke all the time in the house. He has a beautiful voice. Now he is liked by many of the people, or he can also be called as the emerging singer, but people are much interested to know about him.

Abel speaks more than one language:

Lovely Facts about Abel Tesfaye

Abel Tesfaye can speak more than one language and this s quite interesting. Ethiopian poetry is quite a different language, but Abel understands this language very well. Abel understands the Ethiopian poetry and also sings its song. He told that when his mother used to translate it. It was the most beautiful thing ever. That is the reason he got interested in the Ethiopian poetry.

He loves this Batman VILLAIN:

Most Fascinating Facts about Abel Tesfaye

He told that the Joker is his favorite Villain of all time. He said the Joker, which Christopher Nolan created in the dark knight, had the scar across his month. Whenever you watch the movie, you talk about his scars. In his opinion, this is quite a different story. It tells that what kind of person Abel is. It tells that how he is and how he was. But the most interesting of all is a just amazing singer.

Song Writer:

Facts about Abel Tesfaye

If you want to know the most interesting thing about him, then the most interesting thing about him is that he used to write some of the songs himself. It’s famous about him that in most of his written songs his feelings. Many of Abel’s written songs got very famous. It is the reason many of the people like him and wants to know about him.

Cropped out of photos:

Abel Tesfaye Facts

When Abel initially started his career in he got very disappointed. It was because he was cropped out of many of the photos with the famous personalities. Then this was his effort that he impressed many of the people through his beautiful voice. Now at present many of the people are crazy about him and want to know about him.

Crew Love:

Abel Tesfaye Interesting Facts

Drake’s Crew Love was the first shot for Abel, and he enjoyed a lot this shot. This shot was the opportunity for him to get famous. The rides were all meant to be on the weekend’s House of Balloon’s Mixtape. Now he is considered to the amazing singer.

We have discussed above the most interesting facts about the great singer Abel. He started his singing career from last five years but from his beautiful voice he has impressed many of the people. People are getting crazy about him and want to know about him. By reading the above mentioned information, you can get a clear idea about the Abel.


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