Abdul Satar Edhi was the owner of the Edhi Foundation a largest welfare organization in Pakistan. This foundation runs the largest ambulance service and operator’s free nursing home, orphanage, clinic, women’s shelter and the centers for the drug edict people and mentally unstable people. Edhi was an amazing man and serving the humanity at large scale. He was born on 1st January 1928 in United India. Edhi took care of his mother for the several years as his mother was suffering from paralysis and diabetes. On every emergency situation, ambulances of the Edhi Foundation arrive the first. It was some of the general discussion about Abdul Satar Edhi and Edhi Foundation. Now we are going to discuss some of the most interesting facts about the great personality Abul Sattar Edhi.

Most interesting Facts about Abdul Sattar Edhi – Amazing

Edhi Leads an Extremely Simple Life:

Most interesting Facts about Abdul Sattar Edhi

He was the owner of the thousand million dollar foundation, but he lead a very simple life. He never spend a single penny of foundation on himself. He live in the apartment of two bedrooms. He live below average life with a pair of clothes. He used to spend most of his time with the people in need.

He Faces a lot of Problems on Airport:

Interesting Facts about Abdul Sattar Edhi

He faces a lot of problem on the airport. It is just because of his appearance. In one of his flight, he has to wait in the airport for 8 hours, and it all happened due to his appearance. The work of Edhi is of such kind that he has to travel out of the country all the time, but he was the simple man. Edhi travels in a simple dress. In one of his flight to New York, he was kept waiting at an airport for 16 hours.

Edhi Foundation Works Internationally Too:

Amazing Facts about Abdul Sattar Edhi

In Pakistan, the work of the Edhi Foundation is amazing and remarkable. But the Edhi Foundation is also working for the welfare at international level. In Europe, United States, Middle East, Africa and Orleans Hurricane the services of Edhi Foundation are remarkable. People respect him worldwide.

Health Problem:

Most Amazing Facts about Abdul Sattar Edhi

He remains busy in the welfare activities most of the times and ignores his health. Edhi had a kidney failure problem. He visited hospital on daily basis. He was having many of the serious issues of health. But his health did not stand in the way of his welfare work.

The Inception of Edhi Foundation was Very Unusual:

Facts about Abdul Sattar Edhi

You will be surprised to hear that the biggest welfare foundation of Pakistan was just formed by less than $50. Edhi made this foundation through his savings. Through his hard work and dedication hundreds and thousands of people came to help Edhi in his welfare foundation. Now this is the one of biggest welfare foundations of the world.

His Life’s First Success:

Abdul Sattar Edhi Interesting Facts

One of the world’s largest successes of Edhi is his ambulance service. The ambulance service established by the Abdul Sattar Edhi is not just working in Pakistan but also in the whole world. That is the only ambulance service which reaches on time in the case of any emergency in Pakistan. Almost 2000 ambulances of Edhi Foundation are running nationwide.

He is Extremely Humble:

Abdul Sattar Edhi Most Interesting Facts

He gave several interviews, and all was jugged about him is that he was a very humble person. All the work done by him for the purpose of welfare shows that he serve humanity in very humble way. He lives in the simple apartment of two bedrooms and feels very satisfied. He had a pair of clothes and takes very simple diet.

He Spends a lot of Time with People in Need:

Abdul Sattar Edhi Facts

A person like Abdul Sattar is very rare in the society. He spent most of the time of his life with the people in need. He spends his time in teaching the orphan children. He mostly spends his evening with the poor people and has his meal with those people. He has an amazing and a very humble personality.



We have discussed above the most interesting facts about the Owner of Edhi Foundation Abdul Satar Edhi. He was a very kind and a humble man started his foundation with very less amount, but it was his devotion that now Edhi Foundation is the biggest welfare foundation of Pakistan


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