Aaron Copland was a great music composer, writer and a music teacher. He also worked as a conductor in his later career. He was also called as “the Dean of American Composers”. He got fame because of his remarkable work during 130 to 1940.During this era, he was known as Populist. Aaron Copland is cited as an influential person in American Music industry. He was born on 14th November 1900 in Brooklyn, New York. Copland parents were running a departmental store. His sister was her first music teacher to whom he learned how to play the piano and at that time, he was seven years old. After then he used to take music classes from a neighbour. Aaron Copland had also been the student of famous French musician Nadia Boulanger. He spent few years in Paris and during his stay in Paris he learned different new kinds of music trends like Stravinsky (1882-1971), Bartok (1881-1945) and Schoenberg (1847- 1951). This article has ten most interesting facts about Aaron Copland. This article will tell you about his personality and interests in music. Aaron Copland has also achieved Pulitzer Prize for his great services to American Music. His did his first work after completing his studies, and that work includes Symphony for Organ and Orchestra. Here are his ten interesting facts that you will amuse to know.

Most Interesting Facts about Aaron Copland – Amazing

10. Musical Awards

Interesting Facts about Aaron Copland

Copland’s career started at an early age and in his career, he won many awards including Pulitzer Prize. He was awarded Pulitzer Prize in 1945 because of his work for Appalachian Spring. He also got awards for his music that he composed for movies. So, he got Academy Award for these movies Mice and Men, Our Town and The North Stars. In 1950, Aaron Copland got Oscar award for as a music composer for the film The Heiress. He got many honourable achievements like in 1964 President Lyndon Johnson gave him The Presidential Medal of Freedom. He was given this award for his unforgettable services for American Music Industry. United States Congress awarded him with Special Congressional Gold Medal. Aaron Copland was a patient of Alzheimer and died at the age of 90 years on 2 December 1990.

9. Later Work

Facts about Aaron Copland

In 1950’s he started working Schonberg’s twelve-tone system. He developed his Piano Quartet. After 1960’s Copland started conducting the music. So, he changed his career line from composition to conducting the music. So, until his death, he just spent time on conducting his music because according to Copland no new ideas for composition were coming to his mind. He used to give the guest appearance as a conductor in U.S and UK. Columbia Records also recorded Aaron Copland’s conducting work.

8. Early Work

Aaron Copland

In his early days, he got music classes from his neighbour. Before going to Paris Copland did some short works for piano and art songs. In his early music days, he was inspired from Liszt and Debussy. His music compositions begin and end with ambitious tritons. He is famous for composing three numbered symphonies. He also reworked on his first three movement organ symphony. He extracted the organ and then called it his first symphony. He also composed a 15-minute symphony that is regarded as his second symphony.

7. Jazz

Amazing Facts about Aaron Copland

Jazz is a unique type of music that influenced the music industry for long. You can also see this type of music in your cell phone music settings and can feel the difference in this rhythm. Jazz was included in most of his musical compositions. According to Copland Jazz is extracted from rhythm. So, Jazz was the main thing that was included in his musical work.

6. Igor Stravinsky

Life of Aaron Copland

Copland was highly influenced by Igor Stravinsky. Copland used to say idealize him and regard him as Hero and his favourite music composer of a 20th century. So, Igor Stravinsky was his music icon and the music composer who impresses Copland’s a lot. Copland’s many pieces of musical work show the influence of Stravinsky’s rhythm and vitality. Aaron Copland has was impressed by his Jagged and uncouth rhythm effects. So, Aaron Copland, who has inspired a whole generation of American Music was himself impressed from Igor Stravinsky. And according to Copland Stravinsky was a real hero of music composition industry.

5. French Music

Most Amazing Facts about Aaron Copland

Aaron Copland studied in France and remained in Paris for 3 years. In 1921, he went France and got his musical education from American Conservatory in Fontainebleau. Copland considered himself lucky to have a chance to see and learn French music from Ravel and Russell. He also worked with the group Lee Six. This group includes famous French singers like Milhaud, Poulenc and Honegger, Webern, Berg and Bartok. They impressed Copland a lot. Copland also remained the student of famous French music composer Nadia Boulanger.

4. Musical Influences

Musical Prince

Aaron Copland in his teenage used to take an interest in Chopin, Debussy, Verdi and the Russian composers. He was anti-German because of World War 1. But after some time, he also learned German Music. Aaron Copland and his friend formed a musical band named “Commando Unit” and they used to perform in different concerts. This band consisted of Roger Sessions, Roy Harris, Virgil Thomson and Walter Piston. 1940’s was the most important period for him because during this time he wrote many famous pieces like Rodeo, Appalachian and Lincoln Portrait, etc.

3. Major Influence

Aaron Copland Musical Prince

Aaron Copland was an influential music composer who inspired many music composers. He is known to inspire a whole generation of American Music industry. His compositional style was imitated by many other music composers like his friend Leonard Bernstein. Bernstein was a good friend of Copland and he used to conduct and cite Copland’s work. Bernstein admired Copland’s work in these words “aesthetic, simplicity with originality”. Bernstein said these attributes were the strongest to influence others. Copland also got to learn from Famous music teacher Nadia Boulanger whom he called “Intellectual Amazon”.

2. Aaron Copland’s Graduation

Aaron Copland Music

Copland’s did his graduation by introducing three movement romantic style piano sonatas. He was the student of famous American music teacher Goldmark. He also worked on more original and daring pieces of music, but he didn’t disclose that work with his teacher Goldmark because Goldmark didn’t approve his modern music. He used to attend Metropolitan Opera and New York Symphony regularly. Copland continued in enhancing his musical development through his musical friends and teachers. Aaron Copland decided t become a musical teacher at the age of 15 years.

1. Donatello

Most Interesting Facts about Aaron Copland

When Aaron Copland was seven years old he wrote his first work for music that includes a noted melody. These were opera’s seven bars, and he named it Donatello. It is his first service for the music. He was passionate about music since his early childhood. At the age of seven years, he learned piano from her sister. During 1913 to 1917 he learned classical fare from a music teacher Leopold Wolfsohn. At Wanamaker recital, he made his first public appearance where he played opera.

This article will increase your knowledge regarding music legend Aaron. These facts are very interesting and worth reading about Copland. He was a great musician of American history. He made a musical history not only in America but the whole world. Aaron Copland was a person with great musical ideas, but when he saw that no new ideas are coming to his mind, he left music composition and started his career as conducting the music. Musicians like Copland are hard to born again because he saves aesthetic music with originality. He had a keen interest in music since his childhood so learned piano just at the age of seven years and at that time his first teacher was his sister who inspired him a lot. There are many interesting facts regarding him including he never got married.


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