The Abbey Theatre was founded in 1904 by W.B Yeats and Lady Augusta Gregory. They purchased an old Abbey Street and on December 27th, 1904 the Abbey Theatre opened its doors for the first time. The company was originally traded as the National Theatre Society Limited. This company got very famous but on 31 31st January 2006 the company was dissolved and the new company an all the assets and liabilities of the company were transferred to the new company which was only named to be as Abbey Theatre. Now Theatre runs the company. The policies of the company remained unchanged but company rose with many of the ambitions. The basic ambition of the company was to invest and promote new Irish Writers and Artists. In 1925, Abbey Theatre established the first subsidy of the company. In 1951, the building of the company was burnt with fire and Abbey Theatre formed a new building. Fifteen years later Abbey Theater moved to the same home in the same location in 1966 on 18th July. We have discussed above some of the general things about the famous company. Now we are going to discuss some of the top most fascinating facts about Abbey Theatre.

Fascinating Facts about Abbey Theatre – Interesting

6. Fascinating History:

Interesting Facts about Abbey Theatre

The history of the Abbey Theatre is quite Fascinating. Some of the stories like riots surrounded the both playboy of the western world and the plough, and the stars they have gone on the popular Centre, Dublin. There is the hidden story of the Abbey Theatre. It is the very famous company. The company was formed by the Abbey. The company was burnt by fire and was reestablished by him.

5. Yeats Could have Make it a Part-Time Cinema:

Amazing Facts about Abbey Theatre

Sean McCann wrote a book about the financial position of the company in early 1920s. In 1920s company remained under the financial crisis. After that, he wrote another book named as the Shadow of a Gunman. The act on this book was performed at the Theatre in April 1923. The bank advised the director of the company that the cheques of the company could not be cashed for the longer period. By the permission of the government then company remained alive.

4. The Dublin Fire Brigade saved the pram from O’Casey the plough and the stars:

Surprising Facts about Abbey Theatre

On July 18th 1951 the house of the Abbey was burnt by the fire much of the damage was done. Tom Geraghty and the Trevor Whitehead noted this incident in the history as the Fire Brigade. This was the very famous company so each and every incident happened to the company is mentioned in the history of the company. There were many ambitions of the company for success. Company fulfilled its all ambitions and got very famous. Many of the people want to work in the progress of the company but mostly few of the most talented people are selected by the company.

3. It Boasts a Fine 1916 Connection, through its Monuments has Changed:

Most Surprising Facts about Abbey Theatre

Historically a plaque was located in one of the pillars outside the Abbey, listing seven names. There were the famous names of the company and they were the individuals who participated in the Easter Rising of the company, and they have the variety of role in the company to play. The names of these people of 1916 are written inside the theatre rather than plaque outside it. The names of the people are as follows Maire Mic Shibhlaigh, Helena Molony, Ellen Bushell, Arthur Shields, Barney Murphy and Peadar. These were also the famous personalities of the company.

2. It Took a Decade to Pull It Down after the Inferno of 1951, but in the Meantime, It Made a Handy Office for one Infamous Dubliner:

Facts about Abbey Theatre

He went to the old rooms which were burnt with fire after a long time Abbey recalled Ernest Blythe and Brendan Behan. When he went there, he recalled the memory that when the house was burning in a fire, a man got stuck in the house. After that, his papers were spread there and after that, he made the office in the town. This company got very famous in a short span of time. Many of the people contributed to the success of the company and company appreciated all the people who made the company stand on the position.

1. Micheal Scott, who designed the Abbey we all know today, Once Trod the Boards of the Old Abbey:

Most Fascinating Facts about Abbey Theatre

Micheal Scott, he was an architect responsible for the Abbey, which opened the doors for the first time in 1966. He had a long personal history of the Theatre. He joined the school of acting under Sara Allgood. He started the private practice of architecture. Abbey also played on a London stage. He also appeared at the Theatre in Dublin. Now in private practice, he had his office on the top floor of a building. It is the famous and well reputed company.

We have discussed above all fascinating and interesting facts about the Abbey Theatre. The doors of the company were firstly opened to the public in 1904. The motto of the company is to make the best investment policy. The company got famous in a short span of time. That’s all became possible because of affords of the owners. The company got burnt but it doesn’t affect much on the ambitions of the owner they rebuilt the whole setup in just a few years. By reading the above mentioned information, you can get a clear view of the company’s position and history.


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