Whales are the most massive creature on the face of the planet. It is so big in fact that the tongue of a blue whale weighs as much as an adult elephant; the largest land animal on the planet. If that is not shocking, their heart can grow as big as a four-door car. They are categorized in the order Cetacean, which makes them mammals that live aquatic lives. The other animal belonging to that species are the dolphins. They are not fish on account of being mammals so they can be called as animals. This time, we are going to find some rather interesting facts about whales.

Most Amazing Unknown Facts about Whales – Animals Information

They Mate for Life

Most Amazing Unknown Facts about Whales

Different types of whales usually mate for life and have only one partner throughout their lives. It is a long period considering they live for over a century if they die from natural causes. Blue whales can sometimes travel in groups and break that mate for life fact, but that is the exception that proves the rule. Grey whales have another arrangement which is also usually for life. They mate in threesomes of one female and two males.

The Disgusting Truth

Amazing Unknown Facts about Whales

You know the method of determining the age of the trees like counting the rings. You can do the same thing with a whale, but you don’t need to chop it in half. You only have to count the rings in a whale’s ear wax to find out their age. Now the previous one may not have been as disgusting, but the next one is one of the most disgusting facts about whales. Most of the high-end luxury perfume brand use whale-poop in their fragrance. The more you know! Right?

Loud Mouths

Interesting Unknown Facts about Whales

Whales communicate at a supersonic sound wavelength that is inaudible to the human ears. Which is a good thing because they produce frequent low-frequency sounds of 188 decibels that can be heard by whales 1,600 km away. Consider that a jetliner produces a sound of 112 decibels. Most of the whale sounds are usually groaning, moaning and wailing. Wait a minute? Maybe that’s why they are called “Whales.”

Migaloo; the Albino Whale

Most Interesting Unknown Facts about Whales

In 1991, a humpback whale was spotted near Australia that didn’t have a speck of color except for white. As it seems, that all white humpback whale is the only known albino whale in existence. Because it was such a huge discovery, the whale became the prime focus of the whale research community and even the media as it was named Migaalo. Migaalo has two sons that are almost fully white with some black spots.

Deep Sea Hunter

Unknown Facts about Whales

Whales are deep-sea hunters, and they dive deep into the seas and oceans to hunt their prey. Hunting their prey is maybe a too fancy a terminology for them because their diet usually consists of very small fish. One of the most shocking facts about whales the likes of blue whales, humpback whales is that their diet consists of microscopic creatures such as plankton and kills. It sounds worse than it is because a blue whale typically consumes 3,600 kg of krill on a daily basis.

Worth the Weight

Whales Facts

Whales are massive creatures, and even their smallest species weighs over 21,000 pounds. A beluga whale weighs around 3,000lbs pilot whale can weigh up to 7,000lbs. Killer whale 8,000, sperm whale 32,000 and Humpback whale weigh up to 66,000lbs. The most massive are the blue whale which can weigh over 400,000lbs. One of the craziest facts about whales is that a baby blue whale gains 200lbs every day after its birth. That is more than an average adult human.

Whales came to the brink of extinction in the late 1900s when commercial and competitive whaling resulted in humans killing over 2.8 million whales in the 20th century for oil, food and blubber. Whales are now a protected species which has seen some of the species restoring their once famed numbers.


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