Miss Universe Pageant is famous for the joy it puts the viewers around the globe; and also for the heartbreak of those that didn’t quite make it. The current Miss Universe Pageant was held for the first time in 1952 and it just celebrated its 64th edition this December 20th. Pia Alonzo won the latest edition and she became only the second Philippine woman to have crowned Miss Universe. For all the avid fans out there, here are some interesting Miss Universe pageant facts are given some of them are world record.

Miss Universe Pageant Facts – Interesting

Most Number of Wins

Miss Universe Pageant Facts

USA has the honor of winning having Miss USA win this prestigious pageant a total of eight times. Six out of these eight times, the wins have been on the home turf. Olivia Culpo from USA was the latest to be crowned Miss Universe in 2012. Venezuela is a close second to USA with seven wins, followed by Puerto Rico, which has five.

A valuable Jewel

Miss Universe Pageant Facts

Miss Universe pageant is also very famous for the cost that goes into making that crown. For the past decade or so, there worth has gone into the hundred thousands of dollars; and it keeps rising. The 2007 crown was worth $120,000. This year’s (2015) crown is worth an astonishing $300,000 and its cost has been raised a healthy amount than the last year’s (2014) crown worth $250,000.

Consecutive Wins

interesting facts about miss universe

No country has been able to string consecutive wins for the Miss Universe Pageant until Venezuela pulled it off in 2009. Stefania Fernandez was crowned Miss Universe in 2009 by her country mate Dayana Mendoza who had the honor of winning the previous year. USA however, came close as 1995 and 1997 Miss Universe pageants were snapped up by American beauties.

Significance of the Rubies

facts about miss universe

One of most interesting Miss Universe pageant facts is meaning behind the large rubies that are studded in the crown. It signifies that the Miss Universe understands and shows solidarity against HIV aids and that she has this cause as one of her top priorities.

Home Victories

facts about miss universe

There is no country besides US that knows how to use the home turf like them. That might be because majority of the Miss Universe Pageant has been held there and the American channel, NBC, organized the pageant for years. Still there are a total of seven home wins and besides the six that were in US, the seventh one was in Puerto Rico. Denise Quinones won Miss Universe 2001 in her home country, Puerto Rico.

Meet the President

interesting facts about miss universe

This is surely one of the most interesting Miss Universe pageant facts. Although Miss Universe doesn’t get to meet the US president, Miss Universe 1973 from Philippines got the honor of meeting Richard Nixon. She called him “Model of a Great Man”, a time when he was the least popular amongst the American citizens.

Donald Trump Debacle

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Donald Trump’s involvement with the pageant has had a great effect these last few years. Trump bought half of the share from NBC in 2002. NBC however, sold their half of the share to Trump this year because of his uncouth comments on illegal immigrants. Trump owned the pageant for just three days after which he sold it to a talent agency. This year’s pageant was broadcasted on Fox for the very first time.

The Youngest Winner

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Another one of interesting Miss Universe pageant’s facts is that the youngest Miss Universe, who was just 17 years of age, was the very first winner of this pageant. Armi Kuusela from Finland landed the prize in 1952 and no one has been able to break her record since then.

Worth the Wait

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Colombia had to wait the longest for its second Miss Universe Title which came in 2014. Colombia had to wait 56 years for it to happen again after they got the crown in 1958. After Colombia, the second longest gap belongs to Japan with 48 years and the third longest belongs to Philippines; which just happened this year.

No Miss England

interesting facts about miss universe

UK is one of those very few developed nations that have not been crowned with a Miss Universe of its own. Apart from them, Portugal, Egypt, Croatia, Romania and many other smaller nations are still waiting for their very first win.

These beauties are the pride of their nations and one has to be very ignorant not to know about these amazing and interesting Miss Universe pageant facts.



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