When a minor teenager named Fred DeLuca opted for opening a simple sandwich shop in Bridgeport Connecticut in 1965, he would have never thought that he was laying a foundation to a chain of restaurants that now serves in over 100 different countries. Subway’s mainstay and commercial success have been their unique model of having people make their sandwiches. The ingredients that look fresh along with the bread that is baked on the site give an enticing aroma that makes people want to come again and again. Here we look at some of the mind blowing facts about Subway Restaurant.

Mind Blowing Facts about Subway – Interesting

7. The Unlimited Combinations

Facts about Subway Restaurant

The prospect of concocting something unique that only you consume is a very inviting thing. For Subway customers, that particular nugget holds all the cards. There is a total of 37 million combinations of sandwiches that can be achieved by pairing up the ingredients in front of you differently. If a person wants, he could be eating a different sub for every single meal for his entire life, and he still wouldn’t be able to eat every one of them. Now that is the epitome of options.

6. Uncanny Locations

Amazing Facts about Subway Restaurant

The popularity of the subway’s chain of restaurants is nothing short of meteoric. One of the most epic facts about Subway restaurant is that many of their restaurants operate out of places that you wouldn’t expect them to be. Over 9,000 Subways across the world sell subs in places such as the Laundromats, casinos, car dealerships, zoos, churches and et al.

5. The Fastest Quick Serve Restaurant

Amazing 5 Facts about Subway Restaurant

Although not technically classified as junk food, Subway can be categorized as fast food because of the quick service. In fact, you finish up your personal Subway sandwiches within three minutes where even big fast-food chains like McDonald’s and KFC could make you wait for 7 to 10 minutes for serving a proper meal.

4. The Biggest Franchised Restaurant in the World

Interesting Facts about Subway Restaurant

Many people have the misinformation that McDonalds has the most operating restaurants across the world. It was true actually, right up until 2010. The final franchise tally in 2010 had Subway at 33,749 outlets compared to McDonald’s 33,733. As of 2015, their gap has gradually grown bigger with McDonald’s having 36,000+ and Subways total being well over 40,000.

3. The Gluten Free Option

Interesting Three Facts about Subway Restaurant

It is one of the most unbelievable facts about Subway restaurants because it is the only one of the bigger fast-food chain that has that particular option. It is yet to be available in most restaurants but a several few in the USA, particularly in Washington D.C, have the glutton-free option. Which I hear tastes surprisingly on par with the glutton option.

2. Never Ending Subs

Interesting 3 Facts about Subway Restaurant

The amount of subs that Subway sells about each year is astounding to say the least. Let me put that into perspective for you. Only the amount of Lettuce that is consumed through subway sandwich is over 16 acres of land. Also, another one of mind blowing facts about Subway restaurant is that if you were to cover the surface of the earth with the amount of bread that is used each year; you could cover it 14 times over and still be left with a sizable chunk. Also, Subway serves 5,300 sandwiches every single minute, and they sell over a million sandwiches worldwide every day before noon comes around.

1. Subway Makes Celebrities

Mind Blowing Facts about Subway Restaurant

It is one of those cool and hip subway restaurant facts. The actor Jason Briggs, from the hit movie franchise ‘The American Pie’ and new TV sensation ‘Orange is the New Black’, used to be a subway sandwich artists before getting his big break.

Subway is one of the few healthier choices that are available in the fast food restaurant brands. Make your sandwich and you can personally choose whether you want it healthy or packed with meat and cheese only. The choice is yours.


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