The human body is a marvel that any of the technological advances is yet to emulate, and they won’t be able to for probably a hundred years. There are just so many nuances to in our bodies that are more often than not ignored or unknown to the regular masses. That is the reason there is a well of facts about the human body that we cannot even begin to fathom in their entirety. So we are going to get into some of mind blowing facts about human body we would have to go to each human part separately to even begin to cover the lot of them.

Mind Blowing Facts about Human Body – Interesting

11. The thing about Brain is…

Brain Facts

The human brain is the most complex structure that exists in the entire world. There are over a 100 billion nerve cells that weave around each other and make every little decision for us. Our brain produces enough electricity when we are awake that it can light a small light bulb. The importance of the human brain cannot be overstated. The fact that it is only 2% of the body weight and uses 20% of the total blood and oxygen supply is evidence enough. One of the amazing facts about the anthropoid body is that our brains stop growing after the age of 18, and we are constantly losing brain cells from there on. However, your brain still keeps developing until you reach the age of 40.

10. The Thing about Bones is…

Interesting Facts About the Human Body

Have you ever wanted or thought about having bones that are made of steel; like the ‘Man of Steel.’ Don’t bother. Most of your bones and a skeletal frame are way stronger if not stronger than steel. In fact, they give 4 times more support strength than the concrete where you are living at the moment. Considering they are made of 31% water is another fascinating thing of itself. Tibia is the strongest bone in the human body. That is the reason if it gets broken it takes the longest to heal. There are over 300 of them in an infant and 206 in a human adult.

9. Beware Bacteria

Human Body

Now you may know that there is a boatload of bacteria in your body but not necessarily how much. Your mouth doesn’t just produce 2 swimming pools worth of saliva in a lifetime. There are more bacteria in and around your mouth than there are humans in the world. Your gut is packed with them as there are on average more than a kg of bacteria in a human adult. Every person on earth has mites living in and around the eyelashes.

8. Body Symmetry

Human Body Facts

The human body is not only great because of our intellect; it is because of the physical appearance. Our bodies are symmetrical in a way that it makes them look good and appealing. For example, your height is exactly the distance between the ends of your arms when you stretch them sideways. Amazing facts about the anthropoid body are that our thumbs are exactly the size of the bridge of our noses, and our feet are same in length from our wrist to the inside of our elbow.

7. The Thing about Eyes is…

Eyes Facts

Human eyes are capable of distinguishing between 10 million different colors. Apart from that, human eyes have vision equivalent to 576 megapixels cameras. Your eyes never grow for the most of your life as they stop growing after the age of five. An infant’s eye is 70% the size of an adult eye, which is the reason babies seem to like the have giant emotive eyeballs. The rarest of the two eye colors are blue and green; the latter of which is 2 percent only.

6. Sheer size packed in bodies

Facts About the Human Body

There is 9 feet length of the gastrointestinal tract in our digestive system. On top of that, if our lungs are cut in a way that they spread, they can cover an entire tennis court. The skin of an average human being is 18.5 square feet. Your stomach has the capability of infinite elasticity which means it never bursts by eating too much. One of the most mind-blowing facts about the human body is that if all of the DNA in our body were to be uncoiled and joined in length, it could go to Pluto and then back. Our blood vessels alone are 100,000 miles in length; which means they can coil around the earth a total of four times and still have enough left for a nice tidy bow.

5. The Thing about Skin is…

Interesting Human Body Facts

The skin that covers your entire body that we so callously treat is one of the organs, same as kidneys, heart of lungs. Human skin weighs around about 12% of your body weight. The skin sheds and replaces over 50,000 cells in just a matter of second and around 600,000 particles of skin are shed every hour. Remember the dust that is omnipresent under your bed despite your best efforts to clean; most of it is your dead skin. One of the most amazing facts about the human body is that one square inch of human skin has 625 sweat glands.

4. The Thing about Nose is…

Amazing Human Body Facts

A human nose never stops growing no matter you die at the age of 50 or 110. Human nose acts as the body’s air conditioner as it filters bad air cools the hot air and warms the cold air. The human nasal passage has very small hairs that are capable of tasting bitter and spice. That is why it stings if spicy food somehow comes back up your nose. Happened to me a week ago and trusted me, it was the worst.

3. Muscle Power

Mind Blowing Facts about Human Body

The biggest muscle in the human body is where we sit, called the gluteus maximus. The smallest muscle resides in the middle ear which is 0.2 inches. One of the fascinating facts about the human body is that the strongest muscles in our body are neither the biceps nor the thigh muscles. There are 22 muscles on each side of our face and jaw muscle is the strongest muscle in the body.

2. Tongue and Finger connection

Amazing Human Body

Ever wondered why your taste changes over the period? That is because our taste buds are replaced by new ones every 10 days. Also, a human tongue has a unique print similar to how our fingers have unique prints. An interesting tidbit of information is that if you lose your pinky finger, you lose 50% of the strength of your punch.

1. The Thing about Heart is…

Mind Blowing Facts about Human Body

Human heart pumps enough blood during their average life span to fill over 200 train car tankers. The iron that your heart pumps along with the blood can collectively form a three-inch nail. Our heart can beat even if it is taken out of the body as it has its electrical impulses.

One of the lesser known facts is that human heart is not located on the left side of the chest. It is smack dab in the middle and just leans towards the left side.
Tell you what, if I was to cover each and every one of the amazing facts about the human body and health it would take me God knows how many words. So stay in touch and we will uncover more in future editions.


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