World War II brought its brand of violence to the world, and it saw one of the biggest genocides of a race that the history has ever seen. Adolf Hitler was the main perpetrator of the war, and he has become the most hated man on the entire planet, living or dead; and for good reason. World War II brought a plethora of facts you won’t know about. Here are some interesting World War II facts that you may know very little about.

Little Known World War II Facts – Interesting

10. Use of Animals

Surprising World War II Facts

World War II was one of those where animals were enlisted on the front line. The German specialized in that, particularly where they even trained bears. A bear would carry supplies to the front line and even learned to salute the troops.

9. Bombings

Surprising Ten World War II Facts

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not the only bombings that occurred during the World War II. One of the most interesting World War II facts is that Japan was not as innocent as people would think when remembering these two atomic. They were in fact the ones who instigated such attacks by bombing China with fleas that contained the dreaded Bubonic Plague.

8. Jewish Genocide

Amazing Ten World War II Facts

One of the appalling World War II facts is the systematic execution of Jews by the Nazi regime. Half of the world’s Jewish population in the world at that time was murdered during the World War II. A total of 12 million Jews were killed, 6 million of them in Holocaust.

7. The Failed Bombings

Amazing 10 World War II Facts

The first ever bombings on either front of the war were complete disasters, were it not for the fact that they were largely for testing purposes at first. The only casualty on the first bombing on British soil was a rabbit and the first bombing on Germans brought forth the death of a lone zoo elephant.

6. Safe Haven

Amazing World War II Facts

There were many examples in the World War II where different societies tried to save Jews from the Nazi genocide. Two Polish doctors saved over 8,000 Jews by faking a typhoid epidemic that made Nazis avoid the quarantined area. Another one of interesting World War II facts is that a Mosque in Paris aided in Jewish escape from Nazis by issuing them Muslim IDs.

5. The Bomb Factor

Surprising Five World War II Facts

The main reason that the casualties of WWII were that high was because of an efficiency of explosives and airborne bombings. U.S and New Zealand tested 3,700 ‘Tsunami Bombs’ to hit several coastal cities. If the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs had not stopped the bomb, the next target would have been Tokyo. Even now, the amount of WWII bombs diffused in Germany is 15 per day on average.

4. Hitler’s Ruthless Plans

Surprising 5 World War II Facts

Hitler’s plan for Moscow was to eradicate the entire city – with its population – and create an artificial lake in its place. He also intended to build a museum of an extinct race by collecting several Jewish artifacts to be displayed, dedicated to Jewish purge.

3. As Serious as a Heart Attack!

Surprising Three World War II Facts

Adolf Hitler became the most feared man in the world during WWII and for good reason. One of the most riveting World War II facts was when he gave Czech President a heart attack by simply informing of an impending invasion. He made the President sign the surrender papers by keeping him off anesthesia.

2. No mercy

Surprising 3 World War II Facts

Even children were not bereft of the ruthlessness that made the Nazi regime so horrifying. They killed over 1.1 million children and baby during the Jewish purge. The Nazis kidnapped 50,000 Polish babies to “Germanize” them as they looked familiar to German babies.

1. Famous Culinary inventions

Little Known World War II Facts

Some of the most famous snacks and drinks that we still consume today were invented during and because of the WWII. Fanta was invented in Germany because the syrup for Coca-Cola was nigh impossible to import during the war. During the WWII, Cocoa imports were limited in Italy so an Italian pastry maker mixed hazelnuts with chocolate to prolong his cocoa supply; inventing the Nutella spread.

There are so many outrageous and even hilarious World War II facts yet to be explored. Still, these are the most riveting of the lot.


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