The supermodel Lily Aldridge has been one of the faces that appear in Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and catalogues since 2009. Her meteoric rise to the top of the modeling summit has not been without its challenges. With a height of 5’8”, she is one of the shortest models that have walked on the ramp for Victoria’s Secret. Popular magazines and many other catalogues usually go for girls who are over 5’10” and skinny because most of them are usually leggy, a trait that men usually desire the most. She did fit the bill for having the right kind of weight and body image but what set her apart was her attitude on the big stage and her interaction with the top guns in the field. Following are some little-known facts about Lily Aldridge, who is one of the unique and sexiest personalities out there.

Facts about Lily Aldridge – Interesting

5. She has it All

Interesting Facts about Lily Aldridge

Being a supermodel means constantly keeping up appearances and being regular on the mainstream circuit. As such, one is left with very little time to tend to personal life and family. Lily Aldridge is a handful of those super models that make having a family and an empowering career a walk in the park. She got married in 2011, has two beautiful children and still manages to look smoking hot on a magazine cover.

4. She Hates Running

Most Interesting Facts about Lily Aldridge

One of the very little known facts about Lily Aldridge is that she hates running. In a recent interview, she said, “I hate running. I can’t get in that zone that people that people talk about.” Despite that, she has a body that only people who run 4 miles a day can have. Her secret is that she does regular Ballet under the guidance of expert Mary Helen Bowers.

3. Some Personal Trivia

Lovely Facts about Lily Aldridge

A model, let alone a supermodel like Lily, has to take care of her body. But there are few guilty pleasure food items that every person has. For Aldridge, it is the Haagen Dazs milk chocolate for which she would starve for a week if she had to. Besides being a glamour model, Aldridge’s spare time favorite activities aka hobbies are acting and surprisingly playing soccer. She must have been out of her wits when another Victoria’s Secret Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio, got a chance to model with THE Cristiano Ronaldo.

2. The Model Family

Most Lovely Facts about Lily Aldridge

The reasons Aldridge managed to be so calm on the ramp when she first started in 2009 is because modeling runs in the family. Her mother Laura Lyons was Playboy Playmate of the month February in 1976. One of the little-known facts about Lily Aldridge is that Kristen McMenamy, who has modeled for brands like Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, is her sister-in-law. Apart from that, she has a half-sister named Saffron Aldridge, who has modeled for Ralph Lauren, Olay, Burberry and La Perla to name a few. She has six years younger sister named Ruby Aldridge, who has already modeled for brands like Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein and Theory. She has even been the face of Valentino and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

1. BFF with Taylor Swift

Little Known facts about Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge is married to the frontman of Kings of Leon, Caleb Followill. One of the many advantages of being married to a rock star and being a Victoria’s Secret Angel is that you get to meet and greet with leading pop singers like Taylor Swift, Arianna Grande, Selena Gomez; the works. Taylor Swift and Lily Aldridge have become so tight with each other that they now refer to each other as a best friend. Taylor Swift was named amongst the top 25 most influential people in the world by Times magazine in 2015. So, Aldridge couldn’t have done any better as far as having a best friend goes.

At 31, Lily Aldridge is still going strong as one of the elite models, and if history has told us anything, she has a good few years left of being a super model.


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