Peacocks are arguably the most magnificent birds on the face of the planet with their beautiful tail feathers called train reflecting amazing wavelengths of light. Peacocks are usually found in South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka; however they are also abundant in Central Africa. These birds were revered in the ancient Greek mythology which even describes this bird as the physical representation of the Queen of the Gods; Hera. Following is a list of some Unknown Facts about Peacocks.

Unknown Facts about Peacocks – Interesting

6. Height and Length

Unknown Facts about Peacocks

Peacocks can grow a very decent height from 30 to 44 inches, and they can range anywhere around 27 to 50 inches in length without feathers depending on their species. Their feathers can be as long as 72 inches as they comprise of 60% of the bird’s total length. Despite being that big and disproportionate in size, peacocks have a very decent flight pattern and can fly over short distances. In fact, they are the biggest birds that can fly.

5. Their Real Name Isn’t Peacocks

Unknown Facts about Peacocks You Must Know

One of the unknown facts about peacocks is that they the all the birds, male and female, are incorrectly referred as peacocks. They are called peafowls with peacock being the name of the male and peahen the name of the female bird. The misconception has carried out from years and embedded in the popular culture. Their babies are called peachicks. Their naming system resembles that of a chicken with pea used as a prefix.

4. The Species of Peacocks

Interesting Facts about Peacocks

There is a total of three species of peacocks. One is the green peafowl which is considered the prettiest. Then there is the Indian peafowl, and lastly, there is the Congo peafowl. The Indian peafowl is the largest peacock species but that they are of a more drab brownish color and lack the snazziness of other species. The vibrant colors are important for peacocks because the male uses them to attract the females and female use the green feather color to hide from predators in the wild to lay eggs.

3. The Almost Albino Peacocks

Most Interesting Facts about Peacocks

One of the unknown facts about peacocks is that through selective breeding, a trend of all-white peacocks has started in the domesticated fowls. It occurs due to a genetic mutation called leucism which causes a loss of the pigments called melanin. These birds are mistaken for being albinos, but they are not. Albinos have a key feature where the lack of color in the eyes causes the blood vessels to show making the eyes appear red or pink. These all-white peacocks retain their normal eye color.

2. The Show-Offs

Surprising Facts about Peacocks

One of the reasons that these birds caught the name of Peacock as the norm is because the male birds are the one that spread their feathers to show their vivid and colorful feather patterns. They raise their feathers and strut around to attract females for copulating. Several male peacocks can end up competing by excessively prancing and doing vain struts. To mate with peahens, peacocks can even make fake copulatory calls to attract more females. By faking these calls which are usually made during real mating, they can pretend that they are sexually active and fitter than other males; consequently gaining the attention of peahens.

1. They are Technically the Largest Birds

Facts about Peacocks

Most people think that ostriches are the biggest birds in the world, and they are partly right. That is the way if you are only figuring in the body. However, one of the unknown facts about peacocks is that if you count their body train, feather’s wing span, and the body together, they can be bigger in size. Ostrich still beats them in total body mass.

Peacocks were used in ancient times as a delicacy because of their beauty even though they tasted terrible. These days they are mostly used for their feathers as adornment as peacocks shed their feathers after mating season.


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