Abacus is known to be the most ancient calculating device. It has been endured over the times but still used in some of the countries of the world. The entire abacus consists of the wooden frame, rod and the beads. The device was also used for the small children to teach them the basic rule of addition and subtraction. Each rod of the abacus represents the different values like hundred, thousands and so on. Each bead of the abacus represents a number, and it is moved along with the rods. The basic addition and subtraction can be easily performed by using the abacus board. The word Abacus is a Latin word taken from the Greek language, and it means “Flat Surface”. In Chin, the abacus is known to be as “Suanpan”. The rules to use this board appeared in the thirteenth century. At early times, people used to draw the lines of the sand for the purpose addition and subtraction. In Japan, the abacus is known to be the “Soroban”. In Japan still students first learn how to do the counting on the abacus. It was the general discussion about the abacus. Now we are going to discuss some of the most interesting facts about the abacus.
List of the most interesting facts about the abacus:

Most Interesting Facts about the Abacus – Amazing

10. Herodotus:

Interesting Facts about the Abacus

Herodotus was the Greek historian person who first of all introduced the use of the abacus in 460 BCE. In 1846, the oldest form of the counting board was formed. When modern people did the research, they found the abacus on the Greek Island of Salamis. Abacus board is used for the purpose of the basic addition and subtraction of the numbers. Still this board is used in some of the areas of the world.

9. Suanpan:

Amazing Facts about the Abacus

Whenever we talk about the abacus, we can never forget the people of the China because they use an abacus in their everyday life. Suanpan was the Chinese version of the abacus. Still in this modern age of highly scientific calculator Chinese people use the abacus. The rules for the use of this version of the abacus were reported in 200 BCD. It can perform addition and subtraction in an accurate way.

8. The Roman Abacus:

Most Amazing Facts about the Abacus

By the proper investigation, people cannot find the first creation of the abacus in Roman’s area. But the Archeologist suggested that the abacus was firstly created in 100 CE. The pebbles called calculi moved on the smooth table for the Roman abacus. Calculi on the Roman abacus are known to be as calculus. It was the ancient way of counting.

7. Chinese abacus and influence:

Fascinating Facts about the Abacus

China is the famous country in the use of the abacus. The Chinese abacus influenced the other Asian countries. The people of the Korea adopted the abacus of the China in 1400 CE. It was just called a jusan, supan and jupan. Soroban was the abacus of the Japan, and it was not produced in Japan but was imported from the China in 1600 CE.

6. Russian Abacus:

Surprising Facts about the Abacus

Like any other countries, Russia also started the use of the abacus. Abacus is convenient for the purpose of the calculation of the numbers such as addition, and subtraction was accurately performed on it. It was anciently used by the people. The first abacus in the country of Russia was imported from France in 1820s. Stil Some people use it.

5. Calculators:

Facts about the Abacus

Abacus was the old way of counting. In the very beginning when people realized the importance of counting they thought to make a device which will help to make the process of counting even easier. But in this modern age of technology development micro calculators are found. People began to leave the Russian abacus in 1974 and started to use the calculator.

4. Abacus teaching:

Abacus Facts

When the abacus was firstly introduced, no one knows about the use of the abacus as it was the new device of the counting for the people, so people were made well aware of it use. When the calculator was introduced, most of the people left the use of the abacus. Russian abacus was no more famous. Most of the schools left the use of the abacus in the 2000s.

3. Japanese Soroban:

Abacus the Ancient Calculating Device

Like all other countries discussed above Japan also used the abacus as the calculating device. Japanese soroban is the Japanese version of the abacus. In this modern age still the elementary schools of Japan teach the abacus to the students. Japan did not leave the use of abacus in the 2000s and abacus is still used in the country to teach the students.

2. Terms:

Abacus the Most Interesting Device

The famous terms used for the abacus are when you want to call someone who uses the abacus call him as the abacist, and the plural of the abacus is abacai. It was much used in the ancient times for the purpose of calculation and still used in some of the countries of the world like Japan.

1. Material:

Most Interesting Facts about the Abacus

Now let’s discuss the material of the abacus. The abacus is formed from the bamboo frames with the wires and beads. Beads are used for the purpose of the calculation. People invented it because they were facing the problem of solving the mathematical calculation, so they invented an easy device for the purpose of calculation. Still people prefer to use the abacus instead of the scientific calculator.

We have discussed above the ten most interesting facts about the abacus. It was considered to be the ancient device for calculating the mathematical calculations. It can perform the function of addition and subtraction in an accurate way. In some of the schools of Japan still abacus is used to teach the students. The basic concept of Mathematics can be easily clarified by using a simple device known as an abacus. China is also using abacus still even scientific calculator is amazing, but abacus is easy to use for calculation of smaller calculations.


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