First of all Aardvarks are found in the Africa mostly in the south of the Sahara desert of Africa. The meaning of the word Aardvark is the “Earth Pig”. The most interesting thing about the Aardvark is that it is the first word in the English dictionary. Aardvark is such a huge animal with a lot of capacity for eating. It is estimated that one Aardvark can eat 50000 termites in one sitting. The claws of the Aardvark are as strong as the pick axe. The teeth of the Aardvark grow continuously. The speed of the animal is considered to be the amazing one it can almost travel 16km in one night. The length of the Aardvark is almost 2 meters long. In all the wild animals the life of the Aardvark cannot be estimated means that the life of the animal is unknown. They are considered to be the solitary animals. In the rituals of Africa most of the body parts of the Aardvark are, being used. When this animal is disturbed it squeals like a pig. These were few of the general and informative points about the animal Aardvark. Now we are going to discuss about few of the very interesting fact about the animal. List of most interesting facts about the Aardvark:

Interesting Facts about the Aardvark – Amazing

8. Life span of the animal:

Interesting Facts about the Aardvark

People have many estimates about the life span of the animals but the life span of the animal like Aardvark is unknown. It means that people can get no idea about the span of life on earth of this animal. Simply they cannot estimate the life of Aardvark.

7. Food of the animal:

Nourishment of the Aardvark

The favorite food of the animal is ants. They can eat almost 50000 of the ants at a time. Aardvark starts the search of its food at night. The nose of the Aardvark has the ability to scent the smell of the ants in the darkness of the night. They fulfill their food requirement by eating ants. Ants are considered the basic food for the Aardvark on which he lives.

6. Breeding of the animal:

Interesting Facts about the Aardvark

Main Burrows of the animal are used for the purpose of the breeding of the animal. Main Burrows of the Aardvark are deep and extensive. It has several entrances and can be as long as 13 meters. 13 meters is considered so long for the animal. The animal change its home borrow and time to time Aardvark make its new borrow. The old burrow of the animal is then used by the smaller animal such as by the African wild dogs. They can live in it and have no need to build a new one.

5. Hearing power of the animal:

Amazing Facts about the Aardvark

The hearing power of the animal is amazing. It can listen to the voices like the lions, leopards or hunting dogs listen to the voices. If they need to escape from some place they have the ability to dig fast or the can run in the zigzag position. They have fast claws they can attack on the other animal with the help of the claw. They can hear to the very minute voices also and give sudden response on them.

4. Unusual habit of the animal:

Aardvark Amazing Facts

It is very beneficial and the unusual habit of the animal that it can seal its nostrils to keep the dust and the insects from invading in the snout. It is the amazing ability of the animal. The animal move in the darkness of the night for the search of the food and any of the insect can harm the animal. It is the great Got gifted ability that Aardvark can close its nostrils to protect him from the insects. Aardvark can survive for much time without breathing.

3. Power of the animal:

Facts about the Aardvark

The Aardvarks use their powerful feet and claws, which resembles spades. The feet and claws of the Aardvark are used for digging of the underground burrows and digging up large earthen termite mounds to feast on infect within. The tongue of the animal is about 30.5 cm long, and sticky Aardvark can pick almost 50000 termites in one night through its sticky and a long tongue. The skin of the Aardvark is tough and save the animal from many of the harms.

2. Habits of the animal:

Aardvark Facts

The habits of the animal are nocturnal. After the sunset, they leave their cool burrows and forage and go far away over many kilometers in the grasslands and forests in the search of the food. The nose scent of the animal is considered to be very fast. The animal scents the smell of the termites. When the termites are found, they eat them. The eating capacity of the animal is very good the animal can eat about 50000 of the termites at one time. It’s the habit of the animal that the animal goes into the search of the food at night.

1. Name of the Animal:

Most Interesting Facts about the Aardvark

The name of the animal has come from the South African’s Afrikaans language. The meaning of the word is very clear “Earth pig” or “ground pig”. There are many names for the animal in Africa. People living in the different areas of the Africa call the animal with their different name. The most famous names of the Animal in the Africa are antbears, anteaters, and Cape anteater and earth hog. This animal is considered as the famous animal of the South Africa.


We have discussed above the top most interesting facts about the Aardvark. It is the very popular animal of Africa, and people want to know about the features of the animal. In Africa, people have the interest in reading and research of different things. People are much interested in the life of the animal they go into the forests to study about the life of the animals for the sake of their interest. We have discussed above almost all the top most interesting facts about the animal.


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