There are different facts and theories related to different countries which represent their historical background and culture there. Argentina is the country which is officially called the Argentina Republic which is located in South America. It is considered as the 8th largest country in the world. The culture there is totally according to the Spanish style. It is a very well developed nation which is also the very wealthy nation and people there are living very high standard of living. It is named as the country with 2nd largest economy located in South America and is called as the country with high-income economy. The best feature of this country is that it is named as the 4th biggest city located on earth and large population area as well for which most of the people in the world are unaware. People coming to Argentina can achieve much higher than their expectations because it is very beautiful. The facts related to Argentina are quite interesting for the readers and can provide much information about it to the readers.
The following are interesting facts related to Argentina for the readers:

Most Interesting Facts about Argentina – Amazing

10. The Tango:

Interesting Facts about Argentina

Tango is quite famous dance form which is intimate dance between two people. All the moves and music used in this form is very passionate and seductive. Argentina is the country which has first introduced this form to the whole world. It is now famous all around the world and in almost all dance halls. Tango was first spread in Europe in the 20th century, and its history is always linked to the Argentina. The common name given to this amazing dance from is Dance of Love because of its moves and music as well.

9. Friends Day:

Fascinating Facts about Argentina

Every country celebrates different occasions like mother’s day, father’s day and children day as well on different days of the year. Argentina is the country which celebrates friend’s day on 15th October. It is the day which is dedicated to the friends and their friendships. It is also official holiday there on Friends day and everyone parties it hard. In 2005, it was estimated that record number of people were caught celebrating this special day for their friendship at different hotels and places.

8. Dinosaurs:

Amazing Facts about Argentina

Dinosaurs are always associated with Argentina, and most of the big dinosaurs are discovered there. The genus dinosaurs with the name called Giganotosaurus is also found there. It is a very beautiful place and full of natural beauty which has different animals there, and dinosaurs are a major part of that. The largest dinosaurs there was found which has more than 75,000 kgs and large in 38 meters. Their skeletons and bones are also found there at different places which show their existence there at some time.

7. Fingerprinting:

Compelling Facts about Argentina

It was the story of 1892 when two children were found dead in their home in Province of Buenos Aires, and their neighbor claimed that they committed suicide. But later by the help of the fingerprints, their neighbor was found guilty for their death. He was named as the first person to found guilty with the help of his fingerprints because of their latest system which can detect that. Argentina became the first country to use a fingerprinting technique for the different criminal activities there.

6. Southernmost Inhabited City:

Argentina Facts

Argentina is the part of a Southern city of the world which is named as the biggest tourists’ attraction from all around the world, and Argentina is considered as the home for the Southern most city. Almost 57,000 people are living there and are there from the past 7000 years. It has a train with the name of End of the World Train in the national park which is a treat for the people coming there as most of the animals of the world live there.

5. Animated Film:

Facts about Argentina

Walt Disney is always associated with the animated films and Disney is inspired from the famous filmmaker of Argentina called Quirino Cristiani. He was born in Italy and was passionate about directing animated movies. The first animated film of the world was made in Argentina in 1917 and 1926 all copies of that film were burnt. Then in 1931, he created an animated movie with perfect sound effects. Animated movies are always associated with Argentina because their origin was invented there which is now seen all over the world.

4. Che Guevara:

Beautiful Argentina

Che Guevara is the face which is famous for the culture of all types and different revolutionary movements there. His image is seen printed on different posters, t-shirts and walls as well. The photo printed off this person was captured by Alberto Kordo, who is considered as the most famous photograph of the world. He traveled a lot for different movements and had inspired others a lot by his acts. He was also a medical specialist and has trained different doctors. He then died in Bolivia in 1967.

3. Same-Sex Marriage:

Amusing Facts about Argentina

Canada is named as the first country in the world to allow and made it legal of the same sex marriage in 1999 and then Argentina did it as well. It was made to change the idea and thinking of the people about their identity and freedom. In 2008, they allowed the same-sex couples marriage throughout in the whole country. Argentina is the country which has a first child having two fathers by legal means in 2012 and has two father names on his birth certificate because it is now legal there.

2. Cosmetic Surgery:

Lovely Facts about Argentina

Argentina is the country which has a very high rate in cosmetic surgeries and almost every 1 person from 30 citizens there had undergone some cosmetic surgery. It is named as the Fashion Model Syndrome there because most of the women there are going through this process. People from other countries and tourists are also going there only for these successful surgeries because they are obsessed with their looks and always wanted to have something different at different times.

1. Natural Wonders:

Most Interesting Facts about Argentina

Argentina is a very beautiful country which has very large land area and is full of beauty. It has many beautiful landscapes and waterfalls which have set many records all around the world. It is surrounded by beautiful forests and animals which enhance its beauty much more. It has the perfect climate there which is the best thing and attracts tourists and people from all over the world. The beauty of Argentina looks like a picture or drawing rather than real one because it is exceptional.


Argentina is the country which is very beautiful and attracts people from all over the world because of its beauty and views. It has different facts related to it which depict the environment and culture to the readers to know more about it. Every country has some facts among which some of them are positive and some negative as well but as a whole they made a country known in the world.


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