Abdul Kalam was born on 15th October 1931 and died on 27th July 2015 at the age of 83 years. Abdul Kalam’s death was the greatest loss for India. He was a scientist and also served as president of India. He is known as People’s President because of his humble attitude. He is the most honest man in the Indian state who always gave priority to his nation than any other thing. He was a proud son of India, who worked hard for the missile technologies of India. Abdul Kalam was the 11th President of India, and he was from a Muslim family. Abdul Kalam was a man with extraordinary capabilities he never stopped working until his death. This article will explain you most interesting facts about Abdul Kalam. You will come to know about his family and personal life. He was an honest man who never thought to make money but to serve truly his nation. He was a pioneer among Indian space technology programme. Abdul Kalam is largely liked for his humble deeds like visiting his old friends and meeting Indian people’s warmly. Abdul Kalam will always be alive remain in the memories and facts list of India for his simple lifestyle and inspiring words. Here are the some of the most interesting facts about APJ Abdul Kalam.

Interesting Facts about APJ Abdul Kalam

10. Death

Most Interesting Facts about APJ Abdul Kalam

AJP Abdul Kalam died at the age of 83 years on 27th July 2015. He was a great leader and will remain an inspiring leader till the world ends. Until his death he remained busy and never tired of doing work even at the time of death, he was delivering a speech. Kalam didn’t make any will, so his all property went to his brother. He was not focused on making money rather his purpose was to make India a developed country. Indeed, Leaders like Abdul Kalam never die.

9. Personal Life

Interesting Facts about APJ Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam was unmarried, so he is only unmarried president of India. He didn’t marry because according to him he wanted to serve his nation so he couldn’t get time to be married. At a conference in a Singapore university, a student asked him why he could find the best partner. Abdul Kalam replied I wanted to serve my nation, so I didn’t have anything else to a wife, children and property. On another occasion, he told how he could get married when his mother (country) is facing diseases, and many people are unemployed with uneducated girls.

8. Awards and Prizes

Amazing Facts about APJ Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam was a man with great honour no award and prize could be equally measured to his charismatic personality. He got 40 honorary Doctorate degrees from different universities of the world. He got all superior awards of his country like Padma Bhushan in 1981. He was given this award by the Government of India. He also got Padma Vibhushan in 1990 for his services in ISRO and DRDO. Through this Abdul Kalam was recognized as a great scientist. He was also honoured with Indian Highest civil award Bharat Ratna. He was given this award for giving Indian Army with modernized defence technology.

7. Kalam Faced Harassment at New York Airport

Surprising Facts about APJ Abdul Kalam

In the year 2012, Abdul Kalam faced a very insulting situation at New York airport. He was forced to take off his jacket and shoes for security checking and officials twice forced him to go through from security check. Abdul Kalam was returning home after attending events in America. This insult was faced by all Indians, and they reacted badly to this insulting situation. But Kalam remained calm during this and gracefully allowed officials to complete their security procedure. It was also because Kalam was a Muslim.

6. Abdul Kalam’s Inspiring Words

Most Amazing Facts about APJ Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam is an inspiration of many. On many public occasions, his spoken words became a real inspiration of listeners. Abdul Kalam’s books like Wings of Fire, India 2020, Ignited Minds, Guiding Souls and Dialogues on the Purpose of Life are inspirational books. He is a mentor of many and still after his death a guiding light for Indian people. AJP Abdul Kalam‘s words like you have to dream before your dream come truly inspired millions.

5. Kalam as Youth Icon

Fascinating Facts about APJ Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam is among world most simple presidents. He was from a poor family and never forgot this fact. He never liked the luxurious lifestyle. He was a most honest man in the India, who just focused on his country’s success. Kalam’s tireless efforts made him a youth icon. He is an inspiration of young generation. He proved that hard work was always rewarded. A film named I Am Kalam was made on the life of APJ Abdul Kalam. This movie shows how a poor little Muslim boy made efforts to get a name in the world.

4. Kalam as President

Facts about APJ Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam became first Muslim president of India. He was the 11th president of India, who remained president from 2002 to 2007. In his reign, he won the hearts of people by his simple and humble lifestyle. He used to meet with people and never demanded any presidential protocol. He was called as People’s President. During his presidency, India got huge success in the field of technology and science. Kalam was Indian’s most educated and intelligent president.

3. Kalam as Scientist

APJ Abdul Kalam Interesting Facts

Abdul Kalam was a great scientist. He had worked for space programme of India. APJ Abdul Kalam was also a member of Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). He worked hard for missile technology for which he is largely termed as Missile Man. He was also part of Indian First Nuclear programme Smile Buddha. Kalam never liked his job at DRDO. Kalam was a passionate scientist and pioneer of many prestigious Indian space programmes. Kalam also designed weapons for the Indian Army. His first remarkable achievement was a helicopter design for the Indian Army.

2. Early Childhood

APJ Abdul Kalam Most Interesting Facts

Abdul Kalam was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His childhood was not an easy period of his life. Abdul Kalam used to sell newspapers after his school to raise money for his family. He was hard working and stayed awake to study hard. Abdul Kalam was youngest among his family member but so much responsible for his family. He got early education from a local school named Ramanathapuram Schwartz Matriculation School after then he went to Saint Joseph College. He did his BSc in physics from the University of Madras. Abdul Kalam was a student of Madras Institute of Technology in aerospace engineering department.

1. Early Life

APJ Abdul Kalam Facts

Abdul Kalam’s full name was Avul Pakir Jainullabdin Abdul Kalam shortly known as APJ Abdul Kalam. He was born in a poor family of a boat owner. His father had boats which he used to give fishermen on rent. Abdul Kalam birth place is Ramanathapuram. His mother name was Ashiamma and father name was Jainulabdin. Abdul Kalam was born in a Tamil Muslim family. His father was a religious man and was an imam at the local mosque. Although his wife used to stay at home and look after the kids. Abdul Kalam had 3 brothers and one sister.

This article is also a biography of Abdul Kalam. You will come across through many interesting facts about Abdul Kalam like he was unmarried until his death. He was passionate towards his work and also said to aim high and dream big. According to him dream before your dream come true so never stop dreaming was his motto. Leaders like Abdul Kalam remain alive through their deeds. This article has interesting facts about his early life that was not easy. Abdul Kalam worked hard to survive in his childhood that is inspiring. This article will tell you about APJ Abdul Kalam family, biography and quotes.


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