Sharjah is the 3rd biggest Emirate of UAE with 1,000 sq. Miles at its disposal. It also comprises of the 1.5 million out of nearly 10 million total population of the UAE. The capital of Tourism in UAE has a very rich architectural and cultural significance in UAE, which has recently also segued into the technological aspects of the UAE infrastructure. Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi is the ruler of Sharjah and also one of the members of the Supreme Council of UAE. We are going to reveal some of the unknown and very interesting facts about Sharjah.

Interesting Facts about Sharjah – Amazing

6. The Emirate of Both Sides

Interesting Facts about Sharjah

The City of Sharjah is situated on the shore of Arabian Gulf because of which the emirate also has a total of three regions that are on the east coast of the Gulf of Oman. Its geographical importance in the UAE comes from the fact that it is the only emirate state that has land on both east and west coasts of the UAE.

5. It’s Not That Big

Most Interesting Facts about Sharjah

For being the third biggest emirate out of the total seven, Sharjah is not that big. The city of Sharjah is only 90 square miles, and it houses 75% of the total Sharjah population. Abu Dhabi, relatively speaking, is so huge, as an emirate that the emirate comprises of 87% of the total UAE area. One of the interesting facts about Sharjah is that the Emirate is just 3% of total UAE area. It is not that much bigger than Tokyo city.

4. Advanced Healthcare

Amazing Facts about Sharjah

The city of Sharjah is well known for its advanced healthcare that specializes in emergency care. The emphasis on emergency aid is because of the fact that more than 50% of total hospital visits are related to some roadside accident or injury. Healthcare in Sharjah is a billion dollar industry and with the population estimated to be 2 million by 2020, improvements on it are paramount.

3. The Tourism Capital

Most Amazing Facts about Sharjah

If someone were to be asked which city is UAE’s tourism capital, most of them would answer either Dubai or Abu Dhabi. They would be utterly wrong because as of 2015, Sharjah is named the Tourism capital of United Arab Emirates. That is because Sharjah provides the perfect blend of modern infrastructure with the right amount of cultural heritage to woo the visitors. Dubai has become nothing more than a shell of ultramodern technology that masquerades as a shopping center which has lost most of what made it ‘Dubai’. Not Sharjah However. One of the interesting facts about Sharjah is that it represents a diversity of culture, tradition, archeological sites with great hospitality in ways of leisure and shopping.

2. The Tourist Guide

Facts about Sharjah

When you travel to Sharjah, you are not there just to shop your way out. You get to see some amazing things. Start off with the Sharjah Archeology Museum where ancient artifacts, jewelry, and even weapons of an era gone by are on full display. Then move your way the Sharjah Museum of Calligraphy, Sharjah Art Museum and then end the museum tour with Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization. Cap off your stay with a visit to the King Faisal Mosque, Sharjah Desert Park and finally Al-Qasba; the center of entertainment and culture also known as the “Eye of the Emirates.”

1. Prosperity

Surprising Facts about Sharjah

Like other Emirates and Middle Eastern countries, Sharjah also has decent oil reserve that has contributed heavily to its economy. Despite that, one of the most interesting facts about Sharjah is that its prosperity in the last few decades is mainly fueled by the discovery of natural gas in the Arabian Gulf.

Sharjah is a compact and beautiful place with wonderful sites and entertainments which won’t be as harsh on your wallet as visiting Dubai might be.


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