Essentially, an American native could be construed as someone who is born in America and grown up there. Putting aside the general term, Native Americans are the people who were originally from America and did not migrate there during the European revolution. Today, Native Americans still prefer to live their lives separately from the migrants who established the country of USA with them. However, many have become vital members of society. It wasn’t the case in the olden days. For that, we will explore some very interesting Native American facts.

Interesting Native American Facts – Fun

9. Religion

Surprising Native American Facts

Despite their conservative ways, some of you will be shocked to know that American Indians are not very religious people. Their lifestyle before the European invasion was governed by tribal laws and regulations. Even today, most of them follow these laws.

8. Recognition as a US citizen

Amazing Native American Facts

It wasn’t until 1924 that the Native Americans received their citizenship. They served in the World War I and following their immense sacrifices; The Indian Citizenship Act was conducted in 1924.

7. Decline in Population

Native American Facts

Before the European invasion in the 15th century, the Red Indians population was estimated as a consensus to be 18 million. The invasion, genocide, lack of advanced medicinal knowledge and epidemics led to their steep decline in population. One of the most appalling Native American facts is that their population is a mere 5 million in today’s world in US and Canada combined. Also, their infant mortality rates are a whopping 60% higher than that of the Caucasians.

6. Trial of Tears

Native American

Although the decline of the Native American population was the result of massive ongoing warfare from the 15th century to the early 20th century, there was one event that is considered the darkest of them all. Hundreds of thousands of Red Indians were forced to relocate to the west of Mississippi river which ended up wiping out most of the Native American tribes. They were dismantled by the extremely cold weather and exposure to some incurable diseases.

5. Thin Population

Fascinating Native American Facts

The massive decline in the Native American population has seen the race which ruled over America for nearly 300 years to become very thinly stretched. Out of the current 51 American states, including District of Columbia, only 14 states have a population of Red Indians that reaches the six-figure mark.

4. Native the American States

Surprising Facts about Native American

Despite their status as a minority, one of the most interesting Native American facts is that they have had a stark influence on the country and states. It isn’t known if it was to make a goodwill gesture or to sound cool, but many of US states names are derived from indigenous people language. States like Missouri, Dakota, Kentucky, and Iowa et al.

3. Ancestry Connections

Amazing Facts About Native American

In today’s America, many different races like Latinos, Caucasians, Hispanic and even African Americans have a Native American ancestry. American Latinos are the ones with the most connection with 18% of them having Native American ancestry; with African Americans having the least with 0.8% ancestry.

2. Three Sisters

Interesting Native American

There are three fruits considered as vital sources of nutrition among the Native Americans. These are beans, maize and squashes. In ancient times, these important food sources were even envisioned as female spirits

1. Weird Baby Protections

Interesting Native American Facts

You might be horrified to read this, but it is one of the most interesting Native American Facts. Some of the papooses that carried infant child had extremely sharp projectiles. Now before you go all kaboom with this information; they were pointed downwards and protected the baby from falling in case a papoose fell while the baby was being carried because they would stick in the ground. Pregnant mothers would stop eating turtles, a staple of Red Indians so that the baby wouldn’t be born a sloth.

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