Michael Jordan is etched in The National Basketball Association (NBA) history as the greatest player of all time; literally because it says so, on the official NBA website. He is remembered such way because he revolutionized US basketball into so much more. Jordan’s on-court abilities and flair went a long way in making basketball such a mainstream sport in the US and even worldwide. Even if you count the greatest athletes of all time from every sport that exists on the planet, not a single sane person would argue against putting Jordan in the top 10. Considering his iconic status, it is only natural that there will be hordes of interesting Michael Jordan facts.

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Interesting Michael Jordan Facts – Interesting

5. Major Animation Influence

Michael Jordan Facts You Should Know

It is without a doubt one of the most interesting Michael Jordan facts is his involvement with TV animation and even with Hollywood. During the early 90’s after he led Chicago Bulls towards the NBA title, his very first, he became an instant hit throughout the country. There was a cartoon series made that involved him playing a superhero athlete who fought against bad guys with two other super athletes. Apart from that, he also portrayed himself in the hit animated movie called ‘Space Jam’. The only difference being that his character was an iconic baseball player.

4. Professional Baseball

Amazing Michael Jordan Facts You Should Know

That is perhaps one of Jordan’s biggest achievements till date which automatically makes it one of the most interesting Michael Jordan facts. He signed a one-year contract with Chicago White Sox in 1994 and was rightly assigned to the minor AA league affiliate of White Sox, The Birmingham Barons. Considering the fact that those playing professional baseball even in the AA league were better than 99.99 percent people who know how to play baseball, he had a decent average of .202/.289/.266 in his total of 497 appearances. No other athlete in the entire would say that they were a legend in one sport and had a decent stint in an entirely other sport which they haven’t played properly in over a decade.

3. Big Money

Surprising Michael Jordan Facts You Should Know

The status of being the greatest player of all time brings great money. Michael Jordan became the first ever athlete who became a billionaire. The Nike launched Air Jordan brand of shoes based on his ‘Air Jordan’ persona which came from his outstanding leaps. The Jordan brand alone nets Nike over $1 billion every year and Jordan gets a sizeable chunk out of that. It is one of the main reasons why he still makes more than almost every other athlete in the world despite being retired for over a decade.

2. The Charitable Soul

Surprising Michael Jordan Facts You Should Know

Michael Jordan has had a knack for charity ever since his early days. He has been involved in countless charity functions in order to help raise money for various different causes. His most significant charitable action was when he donated his entire salary for his first year with Washington Wizard when he came out of retirement for them. The charity was aimed at the recovery effort for families affected by the events of 9/11.  In a charity raising function, one of his earliest pair Air Jordan shoes was sold for a whopping $71,000.

1. The Number 23 Jersey

Interesting Michael Jordan Facts You Should Know

Michael Jordan was famous for wearing his number 23 jersey. When footballing legend David Beckham moved to Real Madrid from Manchester United, Raul wore the No. 7 shirt. He picked the number 23 because Michael Jordan wore the same number. One of the most interesting Michael Jordan facts is that Miami Heat retired the No 23 jersey in the utmost show of respect for him.

Michael Jordan still holds the record for the highest points per game average in NBA, and it is because of these herculean feats that his name will be remembered forever.


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