Autumn, Aurora, or Fall; whatever you want to call it, is a season that signifies the disappearance of flora and fauna. Plants, trees, and green pastures start to wither away into the night sky as the grazing herbivores disappear towards warmer grounds. As the food source of meat eating carnivores move thousands of miles, the big cats, and fancy dogs also carry out their arduous journey for a chance at survival. Some just straight up prepare to go into hibernation to wait out the shortage of food resources. For people, it signals harvest festivals, festive clothing, and preparation of the cold, wet winter. Here are some of the interesting facts about autumn; the transition from summer to winter.

Interesting Facts about Autumn – Amazing Fun Facts

Autumnal Equinox

Interesting Facts about Autumn

Scientifically speaking, the autumn season starts on the autumnal equinox when the sun is perfectly aligned with the equator. Because of this, it is one of the only two times when the day and night are of equal length. The word equinox is derived from Latin words ‘aequo nox’ which mean equally night.

Difference in Hemisphere

Most Interesting Facts about Autumn

The earth’s tilt brings us four seasons, but it also means that the two hemispheres, North, and South, always enjoy opposite weather at the same time. The autumnal equinox for northern hemisphere comes on the 22nd September and at the same time the southern hemisphere enjoys the spring equinox. Autumnal equinox in the southern hemisphere is on March 20, leaving the northern hemisphere with the spring equinox at the time.


Amazing Facts about Autumn

Many scientists, especially those belonging to the field of geology, refer to the autumn season as Aurora. Aurora is a phenomenon where the polar light is on display in the night sky because of the geomagnetic storms. One of the interesting facts about autumn is that only the hemisphere that has autumn has the aurora display about 20 degrees from that particular pole.

Leaf Color

Most Amazing Facts about Autumn

Where spring is associated with life and the recurrence of lush greenery, autumn brings a genocidal beauty to the meadows. The biggest symbol of autumn are the yellow and orange leaves as the trees start to shed their energy source. These colors are actual because of pigments that are always present in the leaves. One of the interesting facts about autumn is that the iconic orange leaf color is overshadowed by the green color of the chlorophyll during spring and summer. As the sun’s ray weaken and chlorophyll depletes from the leaves, the other color pigments start to show. The red or purple color in leaves is because of the sap trapped in that leaves complex sugar behind.

Harvest Moon

Awesome Facts about Autumn

Autumn is the time of harvest as the farmers peel the fruits of their labor during spring and summer to enjoy their fall and winter. Before artificial light became readily available, the autumn moon provided crucial light during a night that aided the farmers during harvest. The full moon was thus named as the “Harvest Moon”.

Time of Festivals

Lovely Facts about Autumn

Like spring, autumn also brings about several festivals that are quite popular in many cultures. In the USA, autumn brings about the traditional Thanksgiving holiday and the cheeky Halloween tricks. The autumn harvest in the US is famous for corn and pumpkins; the latter of which are used in ubiquitous Jack-o-Lanterns. The Chinese also celebrate the arrival of autumn with the Moon Festival. The purpose of which is to thank for a successful summer harvest and many deserts, especially the famous moon cakes, are fervently served.

Poor Equatorials

Facts about Autumn

Autumn is a magical transformation from summer to winter. However, one of the interesting facts about autumn is that the people that live near or on the equator don’t get to experience autumn seasonal change. Tropical regions are usually signified with two seasons: wet and dry.

Autumn is a festive time and a chance for farm families to kick back and fully take in the benefits of sweating it out in the scorching heat.


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