Accenture Plc is one of the biggest companies in the world. It is based in Dublin, Ireland. It provides professional services. Its services include providing strategy, consulting, digital technology, operational services, and outsourcing. It is a multi-national company operating in several countries worldwide. Accenture is a part of Fortune Global 500 companies. Accenture Plc is a public limited company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. There are some interesting facts about Accenture Plc, and we will look into them here.

Revenue Reflects it as Biggest Consulting Company

If income earned by the corporation is to be believed, it is the most major consulting company in the world. It is included in Fortune Global 500 Company as in 2015 it earned revenue of $32.9 billion. Therefore it is commonly believed to be the largest consulting company as it generates the highest revenue.

Accenture India has Most Employees

Accenture India has the most employees. Easily double more than in other countries from where it operates. Accenture Plc has approximately 300,000 workers. 40,000 of them are in The U.S. India, however, has 130,000 employees. This could be because of the low labor costs in India. Labour is very cheap in India as compared to the U.S.

Interesting facts about Accenture Plc

Most liked Information Technology Company

Accenture was named as the most admired Information technology service company in the world by Fortune Magazine. This is because it is the most successful Information technology services company with the highest revenue and a lot of clients. Fortune Magazine named it is the most admired in 2016.

Formed by Arthur Anderson

Accenture Plc was created by Arthur Anderson. It was created as a consulting business and technology division of accounting firm Arthur Andersen. Arthur Anderson’s first job in the field was in the early 1950’s when he was selected to conduct a feasibility study for mega-corporation General Electric for installing a computer at Appliance Park in Kentucky.

Huge Clientele

Accenture Plc has a Huge Clientele. It operates in over 90 countries and 200 cities worldwide. Its vast Clientele is the reason for the significant revenue. Its clients are usually businesses. Its current clients include 94 out of the Fortune Global 100 company. Almost 75 percent of the Fortune Global 5oo companies are also clients of Accenture.

Acronym of Accent

An interesting fact about Accenture Plc is that its name Accenture is a common acronym derived from the word Accent. The name was suggested by a Danish worker named Kim Peterson. It was a modern take on a company name and the name Accenture proved to be very lucky for the corporation.

Facts about Accenture Plc

Initially a private company

Accenture was originally a private business. It stayed so for quite a long time. It was in 2001 that for the first time the company had an Initial public offering in New York Stock Exchange. The decision was an internal decision of the enterprise. It was suggested by Accenture in 2001 and came into effect on 19 May 2001.


The Initial Public Offering or IPO was very successful. The share price was set at $14.50. The response was much more than the anticipation of the company. Accenture was able to make $1.7 billion on the first day of its stocking. It was able to make a huge sum of investments for the company which was then used for various new projects.

Accenture was not always Called by this Name

Accenture was not always called by this name. It was initially called Anderson Consulting. The name was changed after the split between Arthur Anderson and Anderson Consulting. It was first only a division of Arthur Anderson accounting firm. The split happened in 1989. The company continued to function under the previous name. It was called Accenture on 1st January 2001.

Amazing facts about Accenture Plc

Joe Glickauf

Joe Glickauf is commonly believed to be the first computer consultant. He was a part of Arthur Anderson consulting firm. He was part of the business for twelve years. He was one of the top employees in Arthur Anderson Consulting firm. He kept the position of head of the administrative division. Joe Glickauf was a big asset of Accenture who lent his expertise to the company.
These are some interesting facts about Accenture Plc. Accenture Plc is a pioneer in its field and is the most sought-after company. Information technology students prefer Accenture over all other firms when applying for a job. Accenture Plc not only is a well-reputed company in its field but also has the great working environment.


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