Acadia National Park is a Citizen Park in the United States of America. Acadia National Park was created to preserve nature and to protect this beautiful are from over development. It was created by some wealthy elites in the early nineteen hundreds. John D. Rock Feller was also a part of them. When this park gained the status of the national park, it was named Lafayette national park. It was later renamed to Acadia national park. There are some interesting facts about Acadia National Park that are lesser known, and we would dwell into those.

Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain which is located in the park is not only the highest mountain along the Atlantic Coast but is also one of the first places to see the sunrise in the United States in the morning. The height of the mountain is 1530 feet. It not only adds to the beauty of the national park but is also a great spot to see the sunrise.

20% of the area consists of water bodies

While the park has a lot of mountains and hills which make the landscape beautiful, it does not fall short of any part of the ecosystem. A significant area of the park is the wetland. The park has a network of streams and lakes which add to the beauty of the park. In Acadia national park nature can be witnessed at the finest.

Interesting facts about Acadia National Park

Land of the park was donated

Almost all of the land of the Acadia National Park was donated by private individuals. The private individuals spent decades buying this property and searching for other available space with it. In 1913, however, they reached to the government to get their work preserved by the creation of a national park. In 1916 the park became a national monument.

Park caught fire in 1947

A major blow to the park was when it caught fire in 1947. The fire was wild and spread very quickly because of the plants. When it finally extinguished it had made a massive loss of around ten thousand acres of Acadia’s land. Locals, as well as other businesses affiliated with the park, had to suffer heavy losses.

Open for public

The Acadia national park is open to the general public throughout the year. This was the primary aim behind its formation that natural landscapes should be preserved so that nature lovers could enjoy them. It attracts visitors from the entire world. Recreations have been created to keep the visitors entertained.

Facts about Acadia National Park

October is the ideal month to visit

October is the perfect month to visit the Acadia National Park. From U.S. News & World Report to the National Park Service say that October is an ideal month to visit Acadia. The weather in October is most suited for a visit to the park. It is this time of the year that it is not very crowded because there are no holidays in October. This allows you to enjoy nature and solidarity.

The park has 26 mountains

Acadia national park has a total of 26 mountains. The park is distinct because of its high peaks and the greenery. These 26 mountains include one of the highest mountains along the coast. It is very different from a national park to have this many mountains, but that is what makes Acadia more unique.

Home to 40 species of mammals

Acadia National Park combines all forms of nature. It provides a natural setting for the visitors and the animals alike. It is home to 40 different kinds of mammals. These mammals include moose, beaver, coyotes and black bears. These animals reside in the park in comfort as it is their natural habitat. These animals can be spotted by the visitors of the park.

Amazing facts about Acadia National Park

Acadia has 120 miles of hiking trails

Acadia national park has 120 miles of hiking trails. These should not be confused as being great hiking trails that are for pros. Average people can hike most of it without any trouble at all. The hiking trail with mesmerising views of nature is one incredible feature of the Acadia National Park. These trails can be travelled in a day.

Bird lovers paradise

Acadia national park is a bird lover’s paradise. They can sit on any of the mountains or near a lake and see birds going to the south for their pray. All sorts of birds can be seen from small birds to large hawks. These birds look breathtaking flying in beautiful views. A bird lover can just sit and watch them flying the entire day.
These are some interesting facts about Acadia National Park. This park is a symbol of commitment and love for nature. The private individuals who ventured on its creation were committed to their task and were finally able to create a national park.


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