Aberdeen is a city in Scotland. It is home to many foreign residents as well as locals. Aberdeen is the third most populous town in the Scotland. This is because of a huge petroleum industry it has. The city is known by many names; most arise from the city’s characteristics. After the formation of North Sea Oil, the company became famous as the Oil Capital of Europe. It has two well-reputed universities which make it the Education Centre of North East Scotland. It is located where the Dee and Don River meet in the North Sea. Now we will look into some interesting facts about Aberdeen that will help you be well acquainted with the city.

Interesting Facts about Aberdeen Scotland – Some Amazing Information

  • There are many other places named Aberdeen

Aberdeen, the city of Scotland, is not the only place with the name. It is believed that there are thirty more places throughout the world with the same name. Soo makes sure you are here for Aberdeen in Scotland. There are eighteen places called Aberdeen in America alone. Two locations called Aberdeen are in the United Kingdom, and the list goes on.

  • Aberdeen Journal is one of the oldest in Britain

Aberdeen Journal was first printed in 1748. It is not only the oldest journal of Scotland but also the oldest Journal in Britain. It is one of the large running journals in the world. The newsletter included news about Aberdeen and fellow city Inverness. Initially, Aberdeen Journal was named Aberdeen’s Journal and was published weekly. Now it is being issued daily like a newspaper.

Interesting Facts about Aberdeen Scotland
  • Rubislaw Quarry was the largest human-made hole in Europe

Rubislaw quarry was 480 inches thick which once made it the largest human-made hole in Europe. It is located west of Aberdeen. Aberdeen City Council sold it to a private businessman, and it is believed that six million tonnes of granite were dug from the quarry. Waterloo Bridge in London along with many other buildings was made of this granite.

  • Aberdeen once served as the British Centre for envelopes

Aberdeen was famous for its production of quality containers, and therefore it helped British Centre for pockets in the late 19th century. Envelopes were needed for proper work in Britain and Aberdeen was the official supplier. Aberdeen is also credited with the invention of the self-seal envelopes. The first self-seal envelope was developed in Aberdeen.

  • The Thermopylae was built in Aberdeen

The Thermopylae was the fastest sailing ship of its time. It was made by Walter Wood & Co. in Aberdeen. Thermopylae was a clipper ship that was designed for tea trade. It was popular for being fast and once had a race with Cutty Stark from Shanghai to London. The Thermopylae reached six days before the Cutty Stark.

Aberdeen, Scotland Interesting Facts
  • Aberdeen has lowest unemployment rate in Scotland

Aberdeen is one of the most populated cities in Scotland, yet it can provide jobs. One interesting fact about Aberdeen is that it has the lowest unemployment rate in Scotland. This is because of its large petroleum industry, world level universities and other offices that offer jobs. It also has granite quarry which does ample jobs.

  • Aberdeen yet has unused oil reserves in the North Sea

Despite having an enormous petroleum industry, some oil reserves in the North Sea have not been developed yet. Aberdeen is a city that is rich in resources whether it is granite or oil. Therefore Aberdeen can continue to be the money making the town of Scotland without worrying about the oil reserves running out soon.

Interesting Facts about Aberdeen Scotland
  • Aberdeen has the busiest heliport in the world

Aberdeen has the busiest civilian heliport in the world. Helicopters take off and land the entire day. Helicopters make up 39% of air traffic at the Aberdeen Airport. These helicopters are private. This is because oil tycoons are flying in and out of the city. Aberdeen Airport successfully integrates both forms of air traffic at the same airport.

  • Aberdeen hosts Scotland’s largest funfair

Aberdeen hosts Scotland’s biggest funfair. This funfair is permanent and is a source of enjoyment for many children and adults alike. This funfair is also a source or employment in the city and creates a lot of jobs because of it being permanent.

  • Union Bridge is the largest single span granite curved structure

Union Bridge which is in the middle of Aberdeen is the largest single span granite curved structure. It is made out of Aberdeen’s local granite. Most buildings in Aberdeen is made out of granite. This is why Aberdeen is informally called the Granite City.
Aberdeen is a city that has everything to offer. These interesting facts about Aberdeen will surely make you want to visit Aberdeen or at least admire its uniqueness and appreciate how much it adds to Scotland.


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