This article will increase your information related to German city Aachen. Aachen is a small city of Germany and historically important. It is rich in cultural values and one of the important historical cities of Europe. According to estimation people from almost 150 countries are residing in Aachen. This is also a reason that Aachen is rich in culture because it has culture of 150 countries. It is located a in North Rhine-Westphalia and it is west most city of Germany. It, is bordered by Netherlands and Belgium; these two countries have a great impact on the culture of Aachen. Aachen’s everyday life has a great influence in Belgium and Netherlands. Aachen is small and less populated country with only 250000 residents. Aachen is famous for educational institutes and city has an influence on 40000 university students. Romans ruled the city for a long time and after Romans it is occupied by Frankish Kings. Aachen is surrounded by beautiful fountains and churches. Aachen is an industrial city and introducing rapid innovations to Germany. Its prominent industries are Information Technology and engineering. Their famous cultural festival is Karneval Fasching in which colourful dresses are worn by families. This article has top ten interesting facts about Aachen that will also increase you knowledge about this beautiful small city.

Interesting Facts about Aachen – Amazing

10. Famous Personalities

Amazing Facts about Aachen

Many great personalities of the world were born in Aachen. Aachen is the land of great legend Charlemagne, who was the king of Frankish. He made Aachen as his capital city and introduced great reforms in the city. This land is proud to have king Ethewulf from the kingdom of Wessex. Famous architecture Ladwig Mies also belong to Aachen. Aachen is also the homeland of Anne Frank’s mother, Edith Franks. Famous German band Unheiling is also from Aachen. David Garrett famous musician was also born in Aachen.

9. Charlemagne Prize

Most Amazing Facts about Aachen

Charlemagne was a hero of Aachen who transformed the fortune of Aachen. On his name, a award is introduced named Charlemagne Prize. This prize is given to the persons who give outstanding services to Europe. Many famous personalities have been awarded this Charlemagne Prize. The ceremony is arranged in City Hall on Ascension Day. Charlemagne Prize was also awarded to US President Bill Clinton for his remarkable services for peace and human rights. In 2008 German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also awarded this award for her outstanding performance in German politics.

8. Transport System

Most Interesting Facts about Aachen

Aachen has a railway system that is as old as Aachen’s own history. In 1841 Its main railway station was constructed its name is Hauptbahnhof. It is connecting Aachen to other areas of country like Brussels etc. There are also some small railway stations in Aachen. These are Aachen West, Aachen Schanz and Eilendrof. Aachen has motorways that are connected to AutobahnA4 and A544. Bi-articulated busses are also used in the city. Its famous airport is Maastricht Aachen Airport. It is located in an area of 28 km and there is also a shuttle service connecting Aachen and airport.

7. Sports

Surprising Facts about Aachen

Sports are also given special attention in Aachen. Most famous sport is Equestrian, and its annual CHIO is held in Aachen. Germany is the champion of FIFA 2014 so, football is the favourite game of Germans. Like other Germans residents of Aachen are also fond of playing Football. Their local team Alemannia Aachen used to be in first division of Germany but now its performing is decreasing and not so good. Aachen has its own first class stadium named Tivoli that was made in 1928. T.C Grun Weiss is Aachen’s biggest tennis club.

6. Education

Fascinating Facts about Aachen

Education is in developed form and city is influenced by 40000 university students. The education system in Aachen was developed by Charlemagne, who first gave importance to improve the education of the residents. RWTH Aachen University in Aachen is one of the excellent universities in Germany. This university is cited to give outstanding education in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering. It was opened in 1870. Besides this FH university is also famous for imparting education in the field of engineering. Aachen’s universities have international standards of education and having 21% foreign students. Hochschule fur Musik und Tanz Koln known as the Cologne University of Music is the most famous Music the University of the World.

5. Culture

Facts about Aachen

Aachen is rich in culture and has old cultural values. Its culture is mixed by different countries culture as almost residents from 150 countries are living in Aachen. In 1372 Aachen was the first city in the world who regulated its coin with Anno Domini date on it so Aachen became the first coin mining city. Scotch Club was opened on 19 October 1959. DJ Heinirich was the first Dj of the Aachen. Its local food is sweet bread named as Aachen Printen it is made of flat loaves and Sager syrup. Its culture is also inspired by neighbouring countries like Belgium and Netherlands. Karneval Fasching is also a cultural festival of Aachen.

4. Economy

Aachen Facts

Aachen is famous for its IT technology and engineering department, so these two departments are playing a prominent role in the growth of their economy. Coal mining is also an important industry in Aachen. Aachen has manufacturing industries like electrical goods, foodstuffs like confectionaries and rubber products. Its other important industries are chemical, plastic and cosmetics. Two major industries glassware and textile are 10% of total manufacturing industries of Aachen.

3. Famous Places

Aachen the Historical City

Aachen’s most famous place is their city hall that is located the Mark and the Katschhof. Famous Aachen artist Alfred Rethel designed its coronation hall. This coronation hall also exhibits the life of great Charlemagne. His signature is also saved in this coronation hall. The Grashaus is the oldest non religious building in Aachen and Grashaus is located in Fisch Market. St. Michael Church that was built in 1628 is now used as Greek Orthodox Church. Its most of the churches are made in baroque architecture style. There are also many parks, museums and monuments in Aachen. Its most famous museum is Suermondt-Ludwig that has famous memories of 19th and early 20th centuries.

2. Climate

Aachen Amazing Facts

Aachen has a temperate climate with warm summer season and mild winters. Aachen receives high rainfalls that are 805 mm on average. Aachen is a hilly area, so smog prevailed here that is also caused by chemical extractions of industries. It also received western weather conditions because it located on the north border of Eifel. Its weather conditions are mostly humid and high rainfalls.

1. History

Interesting Facts about Aachen

Aachen’s meaning is spring. Aachen was first ruled by Roman Empire, and it fell apart at the end of 4th century and the start of the 5th century, it vanished away from the city. After Romans Pepin, the Short built a castle in Aachen. In 742 a legend name Charlemagne born in Aachen who remained the king of Frankish. He developed the education system in Aachen and built a splendid tomb and a cathedral. This cathedral became very famous that most of the Aachen kings were crowned here. Different important decisions like treaties of ending the war of Australian succession were taken here.

This article has interesting facts related to Aachen. Aachen is a famous German city that is rich in culture and traditions. Aachen is center of excellent education and giving Germany with technological innovations. Its famous developing departments are engineering ad I.T that are accounting most of its success. This article will show you interesting facts related to Aachen to its railway system, sports and famous food item. Most of its foreign residents are students who have come to study in its international level universities.


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