A piece of construction that took almost two millennia to complete, the Great Wall of China is built as a series of walls connected by small forts. The first of these walls were built somewhere between 7th and 8th century BC. It is officially the longest man made structure in the world with its 13,171 miles of length putting any other construct to shame; even beating the longest of Highways by a fair margin. During its construction, it gained quite a few many names although “The Longest Cemetery on Earth” is the one that is stuck with it the most. The construction may be herculean in length, but thankfully we can cover some amazing Great Wall of China facts within the bounds of this article.

Great Wall of China Facts One Must Know – Interesting

5. To Painstaking Length of Time

Interesting Facts about Great Wall of China

Now we know that it took a great many years to complete this mammoth wall, but it what we don’t know is the kind of sacrifice were made to make this creation. Five Chinese dynasties started and ended during this period. Ming Dynasty is the one that is credited with most of its construction with 5,500 miles of the wall being built during their reign. It is said that over a million people died trying to build the wall which is also attributed to the fact that the wall was mostly being built as a war deterrent at the time.

4. Jaw Dropping Length

Interesting Facts about Great Wall of China One Must Know

One of the most amazing Great Wall China facts is that it is almost two times the diameter of Earth. That is because the wall is not built in a straight line and it weaves and turns at sharp angle throughout the Chinese map.

3. See Me from Space

Most Interesting Facts about Great Wall of China

There have been a lot of claims throughout history that the Great Wall of China can be seen from space. The funny thing is the first ever claim was made by the magazine ‘The Century’ in 1983 as they claimed that the wall could be seen from the moon. That was a very ill-informed report as a man didn’t even venture into space till 1969. Since then, many astronauts who have been to the international space station and the moon have confirmed that they could not see the wall from either of those places. However, astronauts Ed Lu and Eugene Cernan claim otherwise on a technicality. Because technically space starts when Earth’s atmosphere ends which is 62 miles above sea level and if an astronaut were to look at the Earth from the space shuttle around that point, he or she could see the Great Wall of China; maybe.

2. The Falling Greatness

Surprising Facts about Great Wall of China

Like many other wonderful ancient constructs of the world like the Colosseum from Italy or the Jerash from Jordan, the Great Wall of China has also had some older parts of it ruined or destroyed. As we know that the construction of the wall started way back in 8th century BC, it is a fact that almost the entire wall that was built during that era is now forfeit. One of the most saddening Great Wall of China facts is that we could lose a considerable part of it due to erosion during the next couple of decades.

1. Highs and Lows

Great Wall of China Facts One Must Know

The amazing thing about this wall is that for being incredibly long, it is not very high or thick. In fact, it would be as thick as a human hair if the human hair was 12 feet long. At its broadest point, it is 30 feet max, and the wall’s height is no more than 12 feet. The highest point of the wall is the tower which is approximately 26 feet high. One of the most amazing Great Wall of China facts is that it is over 5000 feet at its highest point which is a higher point that most mountains of impressive heights. In fact, a part of the wall is always shrouded in clouds because they are so high from the sea level.

The Great Wall of China finished construction when last of the Ming Dynasty was overthrown in 1644. Since then the only work on it has been for preservations sake. It will need double the amount of effort on the preservation front if we want to save this part of magnificent history from being ruined like many others before it.


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