Over the past decade, Tom Hardy has improved his acting from someone who would aspire for an Oscar to someone who deserves it. The credit has to be given wherever it is due. His charm doesn’t just end with the pretty boy looks and the Sunday morning smile. It is rather is a deep and rich voice that often mesmerizes the audience. Pitch perfect dialogue delivery has become his forte over the years. Every screenwriter in Hollywood wants to write for him, and every other director wants a piece of him. Here are some of the fascinating Tom Hardy facts for hordes of his current and future fans to enjoy.

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Fascinating Tom Hardy Facts – Interesting

6. Run in with the Law

Tom Hardy Facts

Tom Hardy has featured as a venomous villain on some of his acting jobs and did things on camera that a real life ‘mad max’ would be proud of. His real life was also rocky at first. He was kicked out of Reed’s School for being involved in a theft incident. A few years later, Tom was also kicked out of Richmond Drama School. It is one of those fascinating Tom Hardy facts where he fought against the odds to become one of the most revered actors in today’s industry.

5. Early Aspirations

Interesting Tom Hardy Facts

Like so many other high profile actors, Hardy’s initial aspirations were nowhere near becoming an actor. In his early 20s and late teens, he was obsessed with becoming a rapper. But he explained that being from a nice middle class neighborhood and being ‘okay on the mic’ just wasn’t a big head turner. He even tried his hand at modeling in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Despite winning several competitions, signing lucrative model contracts, he found himself being drawn to the acting profession.

4. The Turnaround

Amazing Tom Hardy Facts

Hardy’s first ever feature film, Black Hawk Down, came in 2001. One of the fascinating Tom Hardy facts is that it wasn’t until five years ago that he started landing leading roles for potential blockbuster. The kick starter to his fame-campaign was his role as Eames for the 2009 thriller, Inception. He was one of the standout performers in a movie packed with the star power of Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard and Michael Caine.

3. Addiction

Surprising Tom Hardy Facts

The blame for Tom Hardy not blossoming sooner into the actor we know today is probably on his addiction problems during his mid and early 20s. It is another one of enthralling Tom Hardy facts that he battled with alcoholism on top of being a crack addict. He didn’t drown in the horrors of addiction. He fought against it and now he is enjoying over 10 years of sobriety. His goal in life now is to help others using his struggles and experiences.
“I’m an addict and an alcoholic, so I have my ups and downs…I want to help other people, and I’m grateful for the things that happened in my life. It could have gone the wrong way.”

2. Mad Max

Interesting Three Tom Hardy Facts

That is one of the most mind-blowing Tom Hardy facts. Even before his movie indulgence and life as a struggling actor, Hardy was given a dog in his late teens named ‘Mad Max’. He never liked the name as he believed that the dog was misunderstood. That is when irony comes into play. Hardy played the role of Max in the movie ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ in 2015 which became one of the highest-grossing movies of all time.

1. Edward Hardy

Fascinating Tom Hardy Facts

The world might know him as the charming ‘Tom Hardy’ but it is not a well-known fact that Tom is his middle name. His full name is Edward Thomas Hardy. It is hard to picture him as an Edward Hardy, so it turned out to be a great career move.

Tom Hardy is one of the most revered talents from Britain. If he carries on towards the same path he is heading, his name will soon be latched together with his idol and legend, Gary Old man.


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