McDonald’s is the second largest fast food chain behind Subway, and it used to be the largest till 2010. It is still the biggest restaurant chain that specializes in junk food, and the company’s astronomical numbers have created many fascinating McDonald’s facts. McDonald’s main focus is hamburgers but since their early days; they have improved their repertoire to salads, ice creams, milkshakes, pies and many other varieties that are served by local. Here are some of those fascinating McDonald’s facts compiled for you.

Fascinating McDonald’s Facts – Interesting

6. Chained Reaction

Interesting McDonald’s Facts You Must Know

McDonald’s first started in 1954, more than a decade after their traditional rivals, KFC, started franchising. Their growth, however, has been nothing short of spectacular. Only for the past half, a decade has they slowed the growth curve of their chain of restaurants due to health concerns among the people.It’s opens an average of 12 new restaurants across the world in a week, which is a new restaurant every 14 hours.

5. The Shut Down

Amazing Interesting McDonald’s Facts You Must Know

Despite being the most rapidly expanding restaurant chain for the past several decades, McDonalds have slowed down in recent times. It is mainly because of the Subway boom, which has seen the restaurant with healthier choices surpass McDonalds as the biggest restaurant chain in the world. One of the fascinating It facts is that for the first time in 2016, McDonalds will have fewer restaurants than the past year as they have shut down nearly 400 restaurants in the past year.

4. Massive Employment

Amazing McDonald’s Facts You Must Know

McDonald’s is a source of livelihood of over hundreds of thousand people in the USA alone. Their number of employees (1.8 million) is more than the entire population of Manhattan (1.6 million). To put that into perspective, if the entire population of the state of Alaska and Montana (1.75 million) were to work at McDonald’s; the company would still have 50,000 more people to employ. To put that into an even broader perspective, 1 out of 8 adult Americans have worked at a McDonald’s restaurant at some point.

3. The Hamburger Facts

Surprising McDonald’s Facts You Must Know

There are so many fascinating McDonald facts that are related to their hamburgers alone. Did you know that it takes over 25 million cows every year for McDonald’s to feed their hamburgers around the world. In fact, they sell 75 hamburgers each ticking second. That is one burger per every 0.013 seconds. One of the fascinating McDonalds’s facts is that their initial menu had hotdogs instead of their famed hamburger. They even have a Hamburger University which trains McDonald’s employs and offers Bachelor’s degree in ‘Hamburgerology’. Yes, it wasn’t a typo.

2. Astronomical Sales

Interesting McDonald’s Facts

McDonald’s sales in a 24 hour period alone are approximate $75 million. That is attributed to the massive amount of people that eat their every day; over 70 million people to be exact. Now let’s put this particular fact in perspective. The amount of people that eat at McDonald’s every day is more than the population of New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, UAE, Belgium and Australia combined (69.9 million).

1. The Mainstream Factor

Fascinating McDonald’s Facts You Must Know

McDonald’s spends over $0.8 billion in advertisement alone. Because of their massive chain of restaurants, commercial success and the ubiquitous nature of the society, their Iconic ‘M’ sign is more recognized that the Cross (Christianity) around the world. Considering that nearly one-third of the world’s population (2.2 billion) is Christian; that is a pretty amazing feat. One of the main reasons for that is the popularity of their kiddy meals and toys which make them very popular among kids. In fact, despite being a restaurant Brand chain, It is the largest distributor of toys in the world as 15% of their sales come from toy-related meals.

In spite of these many fascinating McDonald’s facts, to the dismay or delight of many people, McDonald’s sales are in decline for the past few years. It is because of the massive amount of studies that have deemed McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurant extremely unhealthy and the major cause of obesity. Most people are now beginning to come around to the idea of avoiding fast food.


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