Spain is a constitutional monarchy much like the United Kingdom. It is because of that fact that the official name of Spain is ‘Kingdom of Spain’ instead of a republic or some other superlative. It is one of the most powerful and one of the larger countries that reside in Europe. Although there are many countries with bigger population and landmass, Spain is still 13th in worldwide GDP standing and has a high human development index. Their rich history and important location by the Mediterranean means that there are loads of fascinating facts about Spain.

Fascinating Facts about Spain – Interesting

10. It’s Weird

Astonishing Facts about Spain

Although Spain has been the center of Europe’s culture for centuries, it still has some pretty weird cultural or otherwise things that don’t keep up with the norm. For example, the national anthem of Spain is just a composition, no words or lyrics at all. In most countries tooth fairy is a standard concept but in Spain, a mouse called ‘Ratoncito Perez’ gives children the gift instead. The Christmas gifts are “pooped” out on a log instead of arranging them under the Christmas tree. One of the craziest facts about Spain is that there is a 47 story skyscraper that has no elevators. Having an office on the top floor must totally suck.

9. Will You Marry Me?

Interesting Facts about Spain

The legal age for marriage in Spain used to be 14 for the most of its history. Only recently was the age limit lifted by the authorities to 16 years of age. Despite lower age limit for marriage, Spain has the lowest rate of marriage amongst the OECD European countries. However, the low rate of marriage may be attributed to the unemployment rate in the country which is highest of any European nation.

8. Craziness Personified

Amazing Facts about Spain

In Spain, there is an annual festival called the “La Tomatina” aka ‘World’s biggest food fight’ where there is a free-for-all tomato fight between people. It is one step above monkeys throwing crap at each other. Another one of absurd facts about Spain is that there are no laws against nudity in place. The Even USA, arguably the most sex-celebrating country, has laws against such profanity. There is all sort of crazy things associated with many countries, European or otherwise, but some of the stuff in Spain win the lotto.

7. Joyous Lotteries

Interesting Facts about Spain You Ought to Know

Speaking of the Lotto, Spain has the biggest lotto payout in the world with €2.24 billion the total winning pool. One of the fascinating facts about Spain is that a town in Spain that was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2011 placed a bet on the biggest lotto in the world… and won; pulling the town out of inevitable financial ruin.

6. Home of No Worries

Amazing Facts about Spain You Ought to Know

There is an OECD report in 2013 which states Spain with the people that devote most of their time to relaxation on average. Over 16 hours are dedicated to activities that have nothing to do with work. Maybe that is the reason Spain has the highest cocaine consumption rate per capita. Those people are going to be chill no matter what.

5. The Olive Country

Interesting Spain Facts

Most people who have an inkling about this particular fact think that Italy is the center of olive production. Correction, Spain is the largest olive oil producing country in the world with 45% of the world’s olive coming from the country alone. However, Italy is still known as the largest consumer of olives with 30% of the world’s total olive consumption; followed by Spanish people at 20%.

4. A World of Firsts

Amazing Spain Facts

Spain has had a vital hand in shaping the modern literature, directly or indirectly. Directly speaking, the very first novel of the modern era is attributed to the Spanish author Miguel Cervantes. It was voted in 2002 as the ‘Most Meaningful Book of All-Time’ by a panel of 100 elite authors. Indirectly speaking, Spanish people invented the stapler to be used by King Louis XV of France in the 18th century. Spain also became the very first country whose biggest energy source was through windmills.

3. The Extravagant Church

Spain Facts You Ought to Know

Spain is a hub of architecture and in the past, there were many extravagant Mosques built by the Muslim empire that reigned for over seven centuries. Not to be left behind, the catholic government of Spain started to build the most grandiose church ever over 13 decades ago. One of the most interesting facts about Spain is that the church Sagrada Familia is still under construction, and the estimated deadline for completion is 2026. Fingers crossed.

2. Responsible Hookers

Fascinating Facts about Spain

Like any other non-Islamic country, Spain also has hookers or prostitutes that roam the streets to pick customers. Only they have to wear reflective west like traffic workers on a highway to avoid any accidents. The government must have contemplated that if they can’t stop their profession, they might as well make them responsible citizens.

1. The Most Popular Sport

Fascinating Facts about Spain You Ought to Know

Football (Soccer) is hands down the most popular sport in Spain. The most valuable team or club in the world is from the Spanish capital called Real Madrid. The football match between Real Madrid and their Catalonian rival Barcelona is called the ‘El Classico’ because of the highest quality of football and its prestige. Marca is a football exclusive news issue which is the highest selling newspaper in Spain. The Spanish National Football team remained the No. 1 team FIFA rankings for five successive years; 2008 to 2013.

Spain is a very important part of a modern and western culture. Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world after Chinese with more than half a billion people speaking the language as their mother tongue.


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