Roses have been ubiquitous not only in these modern times, as they were a part of many significant historical events of the past human civilizations. When the name ‘rose’ is mentioned, your mind instantaneously jumps towards the thought of affection, attraction and allure. It is a fact that a bouquet – May it be of the luxurious or casual variety – is incomplete without some assortment of roses in the mix. The delicate flower has such deep rooted meaning in our lives that we forget where it all generated or what else it meant in the past lives. We are going to submerge our heads in some fascinating facts about roses. The goal is to fascinate you with these tidbits of information.

Fascinating Facts about Roses – Interesting

6. Longevity of Roses

Interesting Facts about Roses You Will Be Surprised to Find OutAs mentioned above, roses have been found throughout the historical, even the medieval, era. The reason for this is their propensity for survival and longevity. Roses in a bunch can survive for very long periods, and many of the wild variety don’t even need any special care to flourish. The Cathedral of Hildesheim’s wall in Germany is utterly covered with a rose bush that has been recorded to be a part of the wall for over 1000 years.

5. Roses don’t have “Thorns.”

Amazing Facts about Roses You Will Be Surprised to Find OutIf you ask anyone about the sharp talons on the rose, stem they would immediately answer that they are thorns that every rose comes with. One of the most interesting facts about roses is that they don’t have thorns. Botanically, a thorn is rooted deep inside the stem and as the rose’s sharp attachments are on the surface of the stem; they technically become prickles.

4. American Connection

Surprising Facts about Roses You Will Be Surprised to Find OutRoses are native to the USA and the northern America. Scientific research on roses proved that the oldest fossils of the plant rose were found in Colorado some 35 million years ago. Every year, billions of roses are purchased in U.S alone. They are especially the norm during Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day; the most popular rose holidays. Over 900 acres of greenhouse in the USA is devoted to the cultivation of fresh cut red roses which is a billion US dollar industry. One of the fascinating facts about roses is that 60% of the total US rose production comes from a state of California.

3. Illusion of the Black Rose

Facts about Roses You Will Be Surprised to Find OutMany of you may have heard of the black rose. Many of you may have seen instances in movies or TV shows. Many of you might even have laid witness to the black rose, but it is all a trick of the mind; specifically the eye. There are no true black roses, but some species of rose are so deeply crimson that they seem black from a little distance. The only rose that even comes close to the true black shade is the Turkish Halfeti. The rarely rose breed that is known as ‘The Black Rose of Turkey’ is dark crimson.

2. The Five Million Dollar Rose

Facts about RosesWe have already gone over the fact that roses are some of the most deluxe flowers in the world. That fact is proven by the most expensive flower to be ever bred, The Juliet Rose. This rose was bred in 2006 by David Austin, and one of the craziest facts about roses is that it cost 15 years of his life’s work along with $5 million to make it happen. The apricot-colored rose has a very neat array of petals, and it is notable for its alluring fragrance.

1. The Most Expensive Rose

Fascinating Facts about Roses You Will Be Surprised to Find OutEven though the Juliet Rose was produced at first for $5 million, it has been mass-produced enough that it is not very costly now. The most expensive rose is the ‘Rainbow Rose’ which is a multicolored species of rose. A bouquet of rainbow roses will cost you a pretty penny as a lone polychromatic rose costs around $40.

Roses are the sign of love, passion, desire, affection and even peace. They also symbolize royalty and their regal appearance are the reason that there are so many fascinating facts about roses.


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