Swine flu (H1N1) is a Type A influenza that can be spread from person to person. The disease in itself is not life threatening, but its deadliness lies in it going undetected under the guise of normal flu. Because the swine flu developed mostly in people with compromised immune systems, it has a much higher death toll than other types of flu. Millions of people have developed swine flu to date and a good fraction of that have suffered from death. Let’s uncover some of the ugly and not-so-ugly truths and facts about swine flu.

Facts about Swine Flu – Interesting

6. The Spread

Facts about Swine Flu

Okay, I am not talking about what you are probably thinking. I am talking about how the disease spreads and how the part of contact with pigs spreading it was blown out of proportion. There was a theory that handling or eating contaminated pork can lead to one developing this awful illness. It is nothing but bull because swine bug disease predominantly spreads through a cough. So, you are more likely to develop the bug disease from your contaminated date’s sudden sneeze rather than from the pork chops you were enjoying were they contaminated.

5. How you develop it?

Dangerous Facts about Swine Flu

That is not something that every person can contract. Another one of facts about swine flu is that only people with weaker than normal immune systems are usually prone to this disease. Aside from the weaken immune system, pregnant women, young children, diabetics and those with heart problems are also at risk of developing swine flu.

4. Safe Vaccination

Swine Flu Dangerous Disease

Many people fear that getting a swine flu vaccination can cause the flu itself. However, there is no cause for concern as it acts predominantly like the normal flu vaccine. Moreover, there are no apparent adverse or side effects of this, even to pregnant woman or children. The only side effects that occur on some occasions are very mild, like the swelling or slight pain around the injected area. Pregnant women only need one shot of the vaccine for the dose to start working on the immune system. Young children need two shots.

3. The severity of the Flu

Swine Flu Disease

It can be fatal if left unchecked or the person is negligent, but the symptoms of swine flu outside of Mexico are usually not that severe to warrant a visit to the emergency room. The only possible explanation for that is the swine flu originated from Mexico where the cases can be much more severe. Other than that, the real cause of this predicament is largely unknown, and there is only speculation.

2. 2009 Global Pandemic

Swine Flu Facts

Swine flu caused a global pandemic in 2009 which caused disproportionate amounts of death in Asia and Africa whereas the western hemisphere was also badly hit. A CDC research team published a report in 2012 that estimated the total death toll of the pandemic. CDC influenza division has estimated the total death toll to be anywhere between 151,700 and 575,400 people worldwide. One of the most eye-opening facts about swine flu is that the estimation dwarfed the original swine flu confirmed deaths to the WHO as the estimation was 15 times bigger.

1. How to be Tackle this Virus?

Facts about Swine Flu a Menace to Society

The very first thing you could always do is to be extra cautious when the warning signs of the swine flu are there. It is important to wash your hands diligently with soap, especially after coming in contact with objects in public. Or better yet, use a hand sanitizer. After that, it is extremely important that if the symptoms of what you think are a normal flu persist and is more severe than usual, you should visit the doctor and get specifically checked out for the disease. One of the main facts about swine flu is that you cannot just diagnose it based one symptom alone as they are common to other types of flu and some other disease. So, they can only be confirmed by a laboratory test as it
looks for the antigen associated with the flu.

Swine flu is a much bigger deal than your average, run-of-the-mill flu and it is very important that you get yourself checked out if you suspect you have. Healthy paranoia, in this case, would actually be encouraged.


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