Solar panels have become a great exponent for exploring the potential energy that earth receives from the sun every year. By not exploiting the energy source from the sun, we are wasting a great resource that could solve the energy crisis on the world scale for eternity. However, that also comes with costs of solar panels, batteries, and generators that could have an initial cost that many can’t afford but once you have it in place, it cuts back your energy costs astronomically. To put it in context, earth’s atmosphere absorbs enough energy from the sun per year that if all of it is harvested, the entire world’s energy requirements can be fulfilled 8,000 times over. For that reason alone, we cannot ignore the facts about solar energy.

Facts about Solar Energy – Interesting and Amazing

6. One for the Future

Future need

The greatest thing about solar energy is that it is free, once you install the solar panels and batteries of course. The fact is that even the prices for solar energies are being dropped at a rapid rate. In the US alone the price of solar panels per watt has dropped over a 100 times since they first became available in 1977. Most companies are already opting for their sustainable energy, and it won’t be long where residential areas will also be dominated by them. Their price is $0.7/watt, which is less than half of what it was in 2008.

5. Learn from Plants

Solar Energy Facts

We know that sunlight is plants’ food. If you don’t already know, plants use a process called photosynthesis to convert the sunlight into energy for them to feed on. One of the most fantastic facts about sun energy is that the amount that plants convert every day is six times more that the daily energy consumption of all the people in the world.

4. Space Stations

Solar Energy Amazing facts

Every space station that exists in the world is powered by solar panels and batteries with latest technology. NASA has been produced solar power air crafts since the turn of the 1980s. The highest any space aircraft has reached without a rocket launching them is 96,863 feet by Helios Prototype launched by NASA in 2001.

3. Kitchen Applications

Interesting Facts about Solar Energy

Solar energy can easily appeal to the chef in you as there is a myriad of kitchen related tasks that can be performed by solar charged appliances. You can disinfect you drinking water using solar energy, cook, and heat up and even cool your food depending on the solar powered appliance you are using. The important facts about solar energy are that there are three different types of solar charged cookers available: Reflector Cookers, Box Cookers, and Panel Cookers.

2. Cost Cut and Independence

Amazing Facts about Solar Energy

The greatest thing about solar energy boils down to the fact that if you go solar, you are going to save up a ton of money over a longer period. If you install solar panels in your home at the time of the birth of your child, you can fund his entire college tuition with the help of the money you save on electricity costs by the time he or she turns 18. If even that is not enough incentive for you to opt for solar panel, the fact that the system is wireless and nullifies your dependence on third party energy sources should do the trick.

1. All a Matter of Energy

Facts about Solar Energy the Way for the Future

The energy from the sun can solve the energy crisis but how much do we need to harness to achieve that goal? One of the most important solar energy facts is that according to Inventor Ray Kurzweil if we can harness even the 10,000th part of the solar energy that Earth receives each day, we will provide energy enough for the entire human civilization.

Solar energy is a great choice not only for companies but also household energy requirements. Even our regular transportation can be powered by the solar energy. That and so many other solar energy facts make the use of solar panel a future practical choice.


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