Potatoes are one of those jacks of all trade food items that go well with almost any other food and also have tons of methods of individual preparation. French fries are the most favorite snack in the world, and we won’t have that fried, starchy goodness if it wasn’t for the sweet, sweet potatoes. They are tuberous plants that are quite similar to vegetables like yams and sweet potatoes. Potatoes are used worldwide with fervor and it is the most common food ingredient in India as it is used in almost every other dish. Following is a list of interesting and fun facts about potatoes.

Facts about Potatoes Nutrition – Vegetables

6. Consumption of Potatoes

Interesting Facts about Potatoes

An average person in the world consumes about 33 kg of potatoes every year on average. You may think that there are only two kinds of potatoes, plain and sweet in taste. In fact, over 1000 different types of potatoes are grown and consumed throughout the world. Developed countries like Australia, USA, and the UK usually consume a whole lot more on average. Australia has the highest consumption per person with an average bloke eating over 60 kg potatoes per average. That is an awful lot.

5. Origination and Properties

Most Interesting Facts about Potatoes

They first originated in the western parts of Europe. In fact, the word potato is derived from the Spanish word ‘Batata’. One of the interesting facts about potatoes is that although Indian cuisine has a heavy emphasis on potatoes, it would have been for naught if it wasn’t for the Portuguese. They sailed to the Indian lands and brought with them tuberous potato plants which gained instant popularity among the masses.

4. Starchy Goodness

Fun Facts about Potatoes

Potatoes are categorized as a vegetable, but that is where most of the similarity ends. In actuality, potatoes are highly starch concentrated vegetables that are similar in contents to grains like rice and wheat. Their starch concentration is what allows them to be cooked in so many different ways.

3. They Are Not as Unhealthy as You Think

Facts about Potatoes Nutrition

French fries have certainly tainted the image of this vegetable as a healthy food choice. Fries are categorized as one of the unhealthiest foods that people consume today. But all of that is tantamount to how the vegetable is prepared. When baked, grilled or even roasted, potatoes are very good for the body. Potato is also one of the more nutrition-rich vegetable, and you can live on a diet of potatoes and milk alone. Potatoes only don’t have vitamins A and D, which milk contains in excess.

2. Some Nutrition Facts

Potatoes Most Interesting Facts

Around 20% of the total nutrients in potatoes are present in the skin. That is why they are often cooked with some portion of the inner peel still on the vegetable. Potatoes have a high amount of potassium that rivals a banana’s potassium concentration. They have fibrous tissues like pectin that help in digestion. A potato also contains various kinds of Vitamin B, especially Vitamin B6, which is crucial in metabolism and promoting cranial development. One potato can fulfill 45% of the daily Vitamin C recommended amount. So, if pirates even had had some potatoes in place of lime fruits, they wouldn’t have developed scurvy in the first place.

1. The Vegetable of Past and Future

Facts about Potatoes Nutrition

Potatoes have been a part of human civilization for ages and their origins date back to 200 BC. The Aztecs used to measure time in potato units. One unit was the time it took to cook a potato. Over time, hundreds of cultivation and preparation methods were invented which made potatoes one of the favorite vegetables amongst farmers. One of the most amazing facts about potatoes is that they are the first vegetables to be grown in space in 1995 on the Challenger Space Shuttle.

Potatoes are very tasty and have many ways that you can go about preparing them. Just lay off the French fries in heavy quantity and you will be good to go.


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